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Through chiropractic adjustments, muscle stimulation and release, as well as rehabilitation stretches and exercises, a sports chiropractor can help you relieve acute or chronic upper back pain effectively. Seeking The Self Through Meditation (E-book)Seeking The Self Through Meditation (E-book)The most worthwhile quest you will ever begin. MEDISTIK is a unique and highly effective topical pain reliever specifically formulated for the rapid relief of pain. Rehabilitation specialists use MEDISTIK clinically because it rapidly controls acute and chronic pain and quickly moves patients into early and active involvement in their treatment regimes.
MEDISTIK is a dry semi-solid product that is applied directly from an easy to handle container. All MEDISTIK products are manufactured in Canada under the most stringent quality standards and meet or exceed all required government regulations. Keep up-to-date with performance related information as well as deals, sales and performance opportunities. It brings fast, long lasting relief of occasional minor arthritis pain and stiffness, backaches and sore aching muscles.

From sitting hours in front of a computer to your favorite reading book, many of our daily postures cause sore, aching upper backs. In my Beverly Hills, Los Angles and West Hollywood chiropractic office, we provide safe, and comfortable chiropractic adjustments to the spine, while treating the muscles to remove pain. It contains the highest level of active ingredients allowed without a prescription and it really works. These ingredients help with rebuilding of joint cartilage, reducing inflammation, stimulating nervous and muscular systems and reduce overall pain. It is favoured by clinicians because it avoids the many side effects associated with other forms of analgesics. Application is mess free, and requires no rubbing in or post-application hand-washing, as with other cream or gel-based products. MEDISTIK’s active and inactive ingredients also meet the rigid requirements for use by professional athletes and is free of banned substances as defined by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports and the World Anti-Doping Association. A little heat or ice to relax the muscles and break inflammation and your upper back pain will be a thing of the past.

MEDISTIK is also widely used by high-performance athletes, people suffering from chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and by consumers with general or non-specific aches and pains.
A stinging or burning sensation will be experienced during the first few minutes as the formula begins working. Stop use and consult a physician if condition worsens, rash or irritation develops, or if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or clear up and recur in a few days. The active ingredients immediately cool the affected area, provide long-lasting heat to soothe and relax, and deeply penetrates the affected area to reduce inflammation.

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