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Protect Your Immune SystemAny weakening of the immune system gives the herpes virus the chance to attack. Common TriggersThere are tons of things that could trigger an outbreak so in order to prevent them you have to be proactive and avoid them, or take precautionary measures to protect yourself.
Sun Exposure: Always carry the highest SPF chapstick sunblock for your lips when you are planning on getting a lot of sun.
Lack of Sleep: This can also weaken the immune system or indicate an underlying trigger of a different nature--like stress.
Colds and Fever: This is almost a no-brainer, but since the immune system is the main thing keeping the herpes virus from resurfacing it makes sense that when you are sick, it is likely that you could develop a cold sore. Alcohol Consumption: I'm not talking about knocking back a few beers or having a few shots at the bar.
Anticipating an OutbreakIf you can learn when to anticipate an outbreak, there are things you can do to prevent the outbreak from happening.
1TexasFun Things to See and Do in Downtown Dallas, TexasThere are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in downtown Dallas. EKing, DDS 12 days ago When I feel the beginning of an outbreak, usually soreness in lip, I immediately take 1000mg. Remember, the virus is always present in your body, so it jumps at the chance to surface when your immune system is compromised in any way.

Your lips are already damaged at this point so it is best to leave them alone and not to irritate or lick them. It is important not to go without sleep for too long because once the body gets fatigued, the immune system is again in a weakened state. Your immune system is already compromised so the herpes virus has the perfect conditions to resurface.
For instance, if you are stressed out, drink a gallon of orange juice or take some immune system boosters to keep your defenses up.
It was horrible and now I never leave home to go swimming or rafting without sunblock for my lips.
It's best to use chapstick or ointment on your lips to prevent them from drying out even further and weakening your defenses even more. I know from personal experience that I can't stay awake more than 72 hours without expecting to get a cold sore. Colds may or may not trigger an outbreak depending on how well your immune system can fight them off. When I was in college I went to Mardi Gras for 2 days with barely any sleep (literally like 2 hours of sleep) and drank a few frozen drinks with Everclear (90 proof) alcohol in them and the next day I had fever blisters covering both lips. Make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C and other immune system boosters, and not only will you promote overall good health but also prevent the virus from having a chance to attack.

For me it is a double-edged sword because then I stress out MORE over the fact that I might be getting a fever blister. Fever, on the other hand, is much more of a risk due to the fact that your immune system is working twice as hard already.
It was so bad I had to go to the doctor about it and he told me it was from the alcohol being so strong and lowering my immune system. Of course, this isn't always possible and eventually you will have another outbreak but knowing what to avoid and how to protect yourself will lessen the chances. Taking some form of immune supplement when you are around sick people can help, like Echinacea. I only get a fever blister once every couple of years now that I know what triggers them for me.
If by chance I do get one though, I don't stress out about it and make it worse because I know that I can get rid of it in 3 days by using a technique covered in my hub Getting Rid of Cold Sores.

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