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Only one single cup of strawberries provide you with about 160% of your daily required intake of vitamin C! Bananas are the ideal fruit if you have been hit with stomach flu, or if your flu is accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting (meaning that you are losing fluids). If there is one thing that will always come up when discussing effective natural remedies against the flu, it’s certainly honey. Important notification about information and brand names used in this slideshow!Photo courtesy of shankar s. Mushrooms are essentially rich foods and abound of vitamins and minerals that are crucial to proper body functioning. Sweet potato is quite a heavy starchy nutrient, and maybe this is why it is so good when it comes to dealing with the flu. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! Its multiple health benefits truly make it be the “spice to go” for anyone wishing to achieve optimal health. Another important point is that bananas are particularly essential for children who suffer from the flu. It is now established - in the medical world, in our kitchens and even in our families - that honey is a must have in every household, be it in your kitchen counter or in your medicine cabinet! One of the main vitamins that mushrooms possess is vitamin D, essential to stimulate the immune system and strenghten our leukocytes. Even when we do not know what to take, our first reflex is always to prepare a cup of green tea, in hope that it would help.

First of all, sweet potato is rich in starch (broken down in carbohydrates) that boost your energy levels and make you feel more active; which is one step towards betterment. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial and even anti-viral properties; and the later makes it very efficient when it comes to making the flu fly away. Oranges and other citrus fruits are commonly known as a great source of vitamin C, and so are berries, especially strawberries.
It is a natural sweetener with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that have been demonstrated over and over again.
This is why the main strategy to get better and quicker from the flu is to be as hot as possible!
The secret of how chicken soup works magic to help us to get rid of the flu comes from several factors. Additionally, garlic can boost the immune system, rendering it more effective in fighting infections.
However, it inhibits the growth of viral cells, which could decrease the duration of your flu.
When you add it to your tea concoction (with some garlic, ginger and onion) to ward off the flu, the drink becomes a “super-drink”.
Additionally, they are rich in selenium which is a mineral that stimulates white blood cells to produce inflammatory chemicals. First, and probably the most ovbious, is the fact that chicken soup (just like any other common soup) is served hot, and this helps in weakening the flu virus which does not survive very well in hot temperatures.
Beta-carotene is a naturally occurring chemical commonly found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin, cantaloupe, carrots, sweet potato, squash, egg yolk, etc.

Research has shown that fresh garlic is much better than the other alternatives to benefit from the full effects of garlic. Mushrooms are also rich in “beta-glucans” which activate white blood cells to fight infections. Secondly, the heat also helos in breaking down the thick mucus that might be obstructing our airways; and so it eases the work of breathing. In fact, green tea is well known for being a natural herbal drink rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage and help our body to fight off infections. So do not hesitate to add it to your stews, salads and salads dressings, or to use it in any other creative ways you might think of. Lastly, chicken soup is rich in carbohydrates that boost our energy levels and make us feel better.
And when it is served hot, it works as a double weapon against the flu viruses: the heat weakens the viruses and prevent them from multiplying, and the antioxidants prevent further cell damage. Beta-carotene is known to improve vision, but also to boost the immune system by stimulating white blood cells to rapidly divide in order to fight the infection. They contain a naturally occurring chemical, “capsaicin”; which is responsible for their hot taste. Consuming peppers produce a natural reaction of heat and tears; which can wash away the virus and break down the mucus, thus making you feel better.

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