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Popular natural remedies that you can use at home to stop vaginal itching are yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar.
Aloe vera juice (extracted from the aloe vera gel) has been used to treat minor skin injuries, such as minor burns, sunburn, rashes, and insect bites. If you have fresh aloe vera juice, you may try to apply it to the affected area by either using your fingers or a piece of cotton wool pre-soaked with the juice.
All of these home remedies have worked for many women to stop vaginal itching due to bacterial vaginosis or other types of vaginal infections, but results may vary from one person to another.
One in four women will experience bacterial vaginosis (BV) during pregnancy, with a high chance of recurring infection. There are only two commonly prescribed antibiotics used to treat BV: Metronidazole and Clindamycin.
Gardnerella vaginalis was the first bacterium implicated in the pathogenesis of BV and continues to be associated with the infection.
There has been a long association between BV and premature birth, as well as other birth injuries. Prompt, appropriate treatment of BV to prevent or minimize damage to the uterus caused by G.
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Every woman will experience vaginal irritation several times at any given points of their live.
These ingredients have been successfully used by many BV sufferers to relieve their vaginal itching and burning symptoms. Yogurt contains the lactobacilli bacteria, and it is able to replenish the missing lactobacilli in the vaginal flora. You can use tea tree oil (such as Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential Oil – 10 ml) on a tampon.

If you feel the need, please consult your doctor before begin to use any of these remedies. Sometimes, a commonly prescribed antibiotic for BV won’t work to cure the condition because the bacteria causing the BV are resistant. Yet, the high rate of recurrence indicates that something pertaining to the treatment is not working. Call our highly skilled attorneys for a free case review at (888) 812-6009 or use our live chat at the left side of your screen. You may want to choose a cream that has added vitamins A, E and D to sooth the irritated vaginal skin. You can do this by first placing a damp flannel in the freezer for several minutes, and then place the cold flannel on the vaginal area. First, cover the top half of the tampon with a lubricant, next add a few drops of tea tree oil onto it, then insert the tampon into the vagina.
It is also believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to its healing effects.
The mistreatment and high rate of recurrence of BV is important because BV during pregnancy can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, premature rupture of the membranes, preterm birth and resultant cerebral palsy, and low birth weight. Indeed, there are heated debates in the scientific community over which bacteria actually cause BV and its complications. Researchers and physicians were never certain of the mechanisms by which BV contributes to premature birth.
Specifically, the mucus plug that protects the pregnant uterus from vaginal bacteria can become degraded. However, if the itching or irritation continue, or becomes severe, then a visit to the doctor is necessary to find out what is the cause behind the problem, before it can be treated accordingly. Vagisil, for example, is safe to use at the vaginal area and contains an anesthetic to suppress the itch, to save you from the desperate desire to scratch.

Using anti-itch creams may only provide temporary relief to your symptoms, but do not cure BV if no other treatment is used to target the cause of the problem. You can also add ? cup of salt to the apple cider vinegar warm bath, but you must add add water up to the level at least three quarters of the tub.
Dozens of bacterial species have been linked with BV, and BV in a particular woman may involve more than one type of bacterium. You still need to seek appropriate medical treatment or use natural remedies to treat bacterial vaginosis at its root causes. Insert it into the vagina like a regular tampon, with the string outside to remove the garlic a couple of hours later. The acidic nature of vinegar will help to neutralize the alkaline condition that causes vaginal itching.
The research further shows that Clindamycin has a better clinical efficacy than Metronidazole in cases of recurrent BV. Adding 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to a warm bath is also a good way to relieve BV-related vaginal symptoms. The bacteria present during BV cause the vaginal lining to shed, which exposes sensitive underlying tissue. There is an increase in the presence of shed cells during BV, and the recent research suggests that G.

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