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Lymphedema : When there is excess of fluid accumulation in the lymph vessels it may cause swelling. Finally, it can be due to side effects of any drugs of calcium channel blockers and antidepressant medicines. Apart from swelling in the ankles or legs, there may be moderate to severe pain while walking or moving the legs. You can keep your legs in the elevated position (above the heart) for facilitating easy blood flow. In case of minor foot injury and sprain, you can use ice packs or wrap the foot with compressions.
Your doctor will first identify the underlying cause of swelling in the feet before giving treatment. Doing exercise and physiotherapy can help the person to overcome various causes of swelling. Charles Spurgeon was only nineteen years old when he was called to be the pastor of the New Park Street Chapel, the church Susannah Thompson attended occasionally with friends. As Susannah listened to Spurgeon's preaching in the following weeks, she gradually turned her attention away from the dress of the messenger and toward the message he delivered.
So instead of vying to be the focus of Charles' attention, she became a true partner in his ministry.
In the summer of 1875, Charles completed the first volume of his book, Lectures to My Students.
Susannah often worked from her sick bed, keeping track of the finances and corresponding with pastors.
2Spurgeon, Susannah, Morning Devotions included in the book Free Grace and Dying Love, Banner of Truth, 2006, pg. 3Ray, Charles, The Life of Susannah Spurgeon, included in the book Free Grace and Dying Love, Banner of Truth, 2006, pg. This happens when there is inadequate supply of blood that is moving upwards from the legs to the heart.

For some people, swelling happens in the evening indicating retention of salt and heart failure. Some people will be comfortable while sitting but feel intense pain while walking or moving their legs. She came to church more often as the Holy Spirit used Spurgeon's preaching to expose her shallowness and indifference to the things of God. Thompson was not as sympathetic to the perceived slight as her daughter expected her to be. For long seasons, she was unable to accompany her husband to church and was often confined to bed. You need to consult your doctor if there is excess of swelling with headaches, abdominal pain and nausea. Sometimes, there may be injury in the ligaments which is holding the ankle when it is stretched beyond limit.
Certain allergic reactions, varicose veins and using contraceptive pills may also cause swollen feet.
He will suggest you to wear support stockings if your problem is due to venous insufficiency. She sought counsel from Charles and others, and after struggling for a few months, came to a full assurance of faith in Jesus Christ. One of their regular dates consisted of Susannah quietly minding her own business while Charles edited his weekly sermon for publication. Wisely, she urged Susannah never to try to make herself an idol in her fiancée's heart.
When she counted them out, there were exactly enough coins to buy 100 copies of the new book. As long as Susannah was well enough, volunteers would come in once every two weeks to help pack books for shipping. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedyLaugh at yourself and at life.

Venous insufficiency occurs when there is any problem in the valves thus leaking the blood down into the vessels of the lower legs.
Inadequate secretion of albumin can cause liver disease which can create swelling in the ankles. If swelling is due to edema, you will be put on diuretic drugs for increasing the output of urine. Charles and Susannah's new friendship deepened to something more over the next year, and when he proposed marriage, she joyfully accepted. Charles was God's servant first and foremost, and she warned Susannah that she must never hinder his ministry.
Charles announced in his magazine that 100 copies of Lectures to my Students would be mailed to poor pastors at no charge. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedy, a miracle drug, that will ease your pain, cure your depression, and help you to put in perspective that seemingly terrible defeat and worry with laughter at your predicaments, thus freeing your mind to think clearly toward the solution that is certain to come. When he was discouraged, she read to him from Baxter's Reformed Pastor or from the poetry of George Herbert. Orders flooded in for the books from English ministers, many of whom were so strapped for money that they hadn't bought a new book in years. He turned into a side door, completely forgetting about Susannah, who found herself abandoned in the crushing crowd to find her own way to a seat. She managed their household wisely, uncomplainingly endured separations as Charles traveled, and welcomed him home when he returned. Spurgeon announced the results in the next issue of his magazine and asked his readers to help continue the work.
Though they never again asked for funds, enough money continued to trickle in over the years to distribute hundreds of thousands of theological books.

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