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Follow these links and soak up the free information to gain a happier, healthier dog who thinks you are the best person on the planet! Removing plaque from your dog's teeth on a daily basis is the key to maintaining a proper oral hygiene program for your pet. Protecting our pets from the agony of decaying and infected teeth and gums is one of the most kindest and important things we can do to keep our dogs happy, healthy, comfortable and above all pain free. And lastly, to be on the safe side of this subject, don't play "tug-of-war" games with young dogs. Most breeders are of the opinion that prolonged tug-of-war games can cause growing teeth to move out of alignment and disrupt dogs' natural bites. This is a mute point, and is often disputed by dog orthodontist who say genetics is the only reason dogs teeth erupt out of alignment.
As soon as you adopted your puppy is the correct time to start worrying about its dental care and to introduce a daily brushing routine.
Periodontal disease happens when the structures supporting teeth are affected by bacterial infection. Poor oral hygiene at home - owners who fail to brush their dogs teeth, and ignore the onset of signs and symptoms of periodontal disease along with loss of teeth and other health problems.
You can reduce the risk of oral disease in your dog by treating your dog's mouth in the same way as you treat your own mouth. Occasionally pet owners think their dog is too old or too sick for anesthesia and dentistry, but most times the benefits of relieving the pain and treating the infections of oral disease far outweigh the risks of the procedure. This condition is most common in small breed dogs (Daschunds, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Poodles). Chipped or fractured teeth happen when dogs are chewing something which is harder than the enamel on their own teeth, e.g.
If you pick up on any of these signs and or symptoms, please seek veterinary advice immediately.

If your dog breaks its tooth, take it to your vet immediately - time is of essence, please don't delay because your dog will be in excruciating pain. Chipped or fractured teeth happen when dogs are chewing something which is harder than the enamel on their own teeth besides resulting from a major accident or serious trauma to their face. If you notice any of these signs and or symptoms, please seek veterinary advice immediately. I have tried many natural remedies in the past, but nothing compares to DentaSure (shown below). There are many studies in place which show dogs experience pain just like humans, but intentionally hide their pain from us. Many veterinarians offer free oral examination appointments and estimates, so don't delay, call your vet for an appointment today.
We offer a huge range of treats, chews, biscuits and bones in out Dog Dental Care Products page. Chewing on toys that are harder than the enamel on their teeth can and does lead to dogs having dental fractures.
An oral examination under anesthesia to include using a periodontal probe is used to evaluate bone loss around each tooth and the grade of the periodontal disease present. In the beginning stages, cleaning below and above the gum line as well as removal of calculus attached to the teeth will help restore periodontal health. As we have discussed many times throughout this site, with proper oral care, dental disease is both preventable and treatable. It happens when the bacteria in plaque destroy the periodontal attachment and bone of an upper tooth until it reaches the nasal cavity.
It is usually due to loss on the palatal (or inside of the mouth) aspect of the canine teeth.
The pain of a broken tooth is unbearable, this is because the pulp canal which houses the nerve and blood supply is exposed.

Since dogs like to hide their pain, owners may not pick up on their pets' discomfort immediately.
DentaSure was recommended to me by a facebook friend and after only three months, Poppie has pearly white teeth again. If left untreated plaque progresses to form calculus, which irritates the gums and infection takes over.
The main goal of veterinary orthodontic therapy is to provide functional and comfortable occlusions (bites) for their patients.
In advanced cases, either extractions or periodontal surgery are performed together with a course of antibiotics. The reason for this is the root of the tooth runs up alongside the nasal cavity, and is separated from it by only a thin sheet of bone. Apart from the horrendous pain factor, if left untreated, bacterial infection can and will enter the pulp canal and travel to and infect other major organs.
Give it a go, you won't regret it (I usually spray Poppie's toothbrush and brush her teeth immediately after she has eaten).
Contains only Grapefruit seed extract, Grapeseed extract, Propolis, Xanthan gum & Stevia - 4 oz. Eventually teeth begin to loosen and infection from the gumline can go on to spread to your pet's major organs - brain, liver, kidneys, heart and lings.
In some cases vets may advise that antibiotics be given monthly, to help control the progression of periodontal disease. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from a naso oral fistula, for more detailed information, treatment options and an image please go to the website of the >American Veterinary Dental Society.

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