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This map represents the 3 main upper respiratory tract infections which are: otitis media, rhinosinusitis, and pharyngitis. This map starts by risk factors and associated conditions of rhinosinusitis that lead to inflammation of the nasal and sinus mucosa and finally to acute rhinosinusitis.
This part concentrates on acute pharyngitis, the main etiology is infectious, including mainly viral infection and to a smaller extent infection by Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS). The maps is printed out on ordinary A1 size paper and it is folded to be nearly sized as A4 paper. A .pdf file for the whole map will be available for download immediately after payment received. A .pdf file for the printable version of the map will be available for download immediately after payment received. We are a team of pharmacists who are interested in the science of pharmacotherapy, which is represented through this site. Any information provided is not intended to serve as a substitute for clinical judgement and should not be relied upon solely for final treatment decisions.
But if you want to order it as a folded map, whole map  or a printable version, then you can order below.
Zoom out - Pharmacotherapy makes no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of information provided. This goes for both men and women dealing with acne. Using the wrong cleanser or soap can destroy any results you may be getting from medical treatment or home remedies for pimples.
Since a face wash is rinsed off with water, any acne-fighting ingredients in it do not get to stay long enough on the skin to create a big improvement. Instead of a strong face wash that dries the skin like crazy, use a mild face wash that cleans well and suits your skin. But they are rinsed off, so they may not be as effective in clearing up acne as stay-on acne treatment creams.
Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash with Aloe-Sensitive Skin says it’s 100% soap free, oil free, and dermatologist tested. It contains no oil and will remove any dirt, makeup and oil that are on your skin by using foam action.

It’s good for controlling breakouts and ensuring they stay as far away from your face as possible.
It’s made with 100% naturally derived grapefruit extract and it will surely clear your breakouts. It is highly recommended to help clear your skin, not just oil but from acne and other blemishes.
Made by Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmetique France, Keracnyl is marketed in India by Abbott Healthcare. It has a sharp smell (did they say hypoallergenic?) which you can feel arise as soon as you get some of the gel out. This face wash is not really gentle no matter what the package says, but sometimes your skin needs heavy duty treatment. If you are already using strong acne treatments such as Retino-A, Benzoyl Peroxide or Accutane (Sotret), Keracnyl may irritate the skin even further. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash (gel form) cleans the face thoroughly and gets rid of excess oil. Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash provides some anti-bacterial protection with Triclosan. This face wash can be used by normal skin as well asoily skin people but dry skin ones may not like it so much. This face wash properties – No SLS and Paraben present, It cleans the dirt and oil in a single wash from skin, It leaves a beautiful glow on the face after washing like a face pack, It does not leave behind a film like some other face washes and makes face squeaky-clean, It produces good foam so leathers well and makes it easy to spread it on face and neck in less time and It is very concentrated so very little product is needed at a time to wash face and neck. The Khadi orange gel face wash is an orange and honey based face wash which cleanses the skin and gives nourishment to the skin.The properties of this face wash are It is suitable for oily and all types of skin, It can also be use daily, It does not dries the skin or make it feel stretchy, It lathers well and cleanses the skin deeply and removes oil and dirt and It comes with a squeeze bottle with flip-top cap and have an energizing orange color. Lakme sun expert face wash is specially formulated with ultraviolet filters and anti-tan, skin-soothing ingredients. It is advised to use this face wash immediately after sun exposure for maximum benefits.The best properties of Lakme face wash isIt is best for sun protection, It cools down the skin instantly, It is good for all skin type but best for oily skin, It does not dry out the skin and keeps the skin moisturized, It comes with a hygienic packaging and a relaxing fragrance and It is perfect for sensitive skin and good for removing a light tan.
It contains a special essence called Dove skin care essence that balances skin’s moisture and oiliness and gives a refreshing orange fragrance. The properties of Dove Go Skin Face Wash is It lathers well and rinses off without any residue left in the skin, It removes oil and dirt from the skin and leaves skin almost powdery matte, It does not dries the skin or make it feel stretchy, Its main function is to remove all the traces of grease, It can be used throughout the year in any season and It does not contain any parabens or sulphates.

All face washes have their own special directions on them, so it’s important that you follow the directions to a T!
Spend extra time on the problem areas of your face which may be the T-zone, your cheeks, chin, etc. Wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week to wash away oil and other residue off of them that will be touching your skin while you sleep.
This can be a major cause of skin problems including oil and acne so be sure you don’t use the same ones for longer than 3 months.
Also rosewater is something that I use on my skin too, it feels refreshing in summer and is a great toner. For my dry skin I know coconut milk is an absolute remedy as it is known for its deep skin conditioning.
Thanks a lots, i hope u enjoy reading my articles and let me know if any improvements need in my posts. All u have to do is just make regular oatmeal and mix it with water and make a thick paste of it.
And apply on your face , keep it in for 15- 20 min, and wash your face with cold water, repeat it twice in a day early in the morning and night before going to bed.
U cn also try this, You may use an ice bag, cloth dipped in cold water or a frozen spoon and simply dab any of these onto the skin around your eyes. Fair & Lovely Max Fairness face wash is good for men and u cn use it before going out and once u come from outside. U cn use pure coconut oil after bath apply very little and gently, don’t apply more or else ur hairs will become sticky.

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