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It gives you lubrication during sex, restores the vagina’s natural moisture and helps balance the PH in the vagina. Not only had I never heard of this but nobody was able to tell me what caused it and how I could avoid this infection in the future. With clean hands, unwrap the package and shake the applicator a few times to help get the RepHresh heading towards the end of the tube. I happened to be on my period during that week, so I had no idea if the discharge was actually getting any better as I took the antibiotics. However, once I was done with both my period and the antibiotics, I quickly realized that nothing had really changed. Then you grasp the applicator by the thick end and either lie on your back with your legs up or stand and slightly squat. But then I remembered what life was like before I noticed that discharge; before I had to wear a pantyliner everyday. Insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it is comfortable and squeeze the thick end of the applicator to release the RepHresh in to the vagina. Then you thrown the applicator away and go about your business, whether it be sleeping or starting your day.I swear by this product. I looked up Bacterial Vaginosis on every medical website I could find trying to pinpoint a cause or more symptoms that maybe I hadn’t noticed. It claimed to be a natural product to get rid of BV without the use of antibiotics and without the shame of going back to your doctor to get a new prescription. I decided that I simply had to give it a try and started looking up local drugstores to see who carried that product. Although I think that is just a habit from all the yeast medicines I’ve been on because they always say use them at night. This wasn’t an easy feat – most stores stated that it was possible to order it through the website, but I wanted to have the product right now and try it out right away.
Others prefer to use it when they wake up, or just before a shower, so it’s really just personal preference. I wouldn’t recommend doing your application of RepHresh right before your getting ready to have sex. Right after sex is OK, but I prefer to wait a few hours after sex if my husband has ejaculated inside of me.
You need to use one insert, preferably before bed since you’ll be in a horizontal position, every day for 6 days or until symptoms disappear (according to the instructions, you can go over 6 days or stop before all your inserts are gone). It works great with other lubricants as well, if you need additional lubrication during sex.
For the first month or so, you may experience some residue from the RepHresh in your underwear and during sex. First of all, once you use the first insert you’ll want to make sure that you have a good reserve of liners or pads close by.
Even though I inserted the first caplet before going to bed and was laying down horizontally, I could still feel something “leaking” and had to use a liner while using this product.

After a few days, I started noticing white clumps, similarly to what happens when you use any kind of inserts (may it be RePhresh, or anything to fight yeast infections) so I mistakingly thought that the product was working and the white clumps were just the infection leaving my body.I used VH Essentials BV Treatment for the whole 6 days – no more, no less. Once I got on a regular schedule of using it every three days for about a month, I didn’t have the residue anymore.
I was stuck with white clumps a few days beyond those 6 days of treatment, which certainly wasn’t pleasant, but I thought the clumps meant it was working. RepHresh recommends that if it still continues after a month or so, then maybe try going longer between each application.I would not recommend using RepHresh Gel during your period.
I tried it, used it exactly as stated in the instructions during the exact amount of days suggested and nothing seemed to do it.
I usually use RepHresh a few days before the start of my period and a day or two after my period has completely stopped. The main selling point for me with RepHresh is the fact that if I feel slightly itchy down there like there may possibly be a yeast infection coming on, RepHresh seems to take care of it. This is especially helpful for me right after my period when I am most prone to yeast infections.
It also seems to help when my bladder feels irritated like I might be getting a urinary tract infection.
I had a reaction after a couple of days, discontinued use, and did a sits bath in diluted betadine to relieve the discomfort from the reaction if had. It can be purchased at most drugstores as well as places like Wal-Mart and Target and is usually in the section with pads, tampons, yeast creams, pregnancy tests, etc. The reason I started using it was because I was suffering from very bad BV for so long and the odor was embarrassing.
Nothing seemed to help and I heard about this on a BV forum, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. I used it every 3 days for about 2 weeks and the odor and discharge magically disappeared and stayed gone after I stopped using it, still is gone to this day. I haven’t had sex with my husband cause every time I do I get BV A I have recurring BV and was looking for reviews on this product. I’m trying to determine if the reason I am having discharge everyday is because of PH imbalance. The first day I used a dose, it seemed the itchiness got worse not better and now I also had a burning sensation?!!! So I went to the doctor and they said i wascompletely normal young no yeast infection or bv.
I can honestly say that after taking for applications which now I’m on my fifth applications that I do feel much better down there. I believe that anyone who is struggling with bv or yeast infection should definitely use this product. Oh you do you feel normal but if you ever decide to have sex it would be very embarrassed to have a white discharge during sexual intercourse. I will keep checking to see how long the white discharge last in if it goes away after 2 more weeks.

I will make an update on the discharge but I do suggest anyone who suffering to use this product I can tell the differance already.
I saw the commercial for Rephresh a few months ago and finally decided to purchase it today. What the doctor prescribes doesn’t help with the discharge which is really noticeable during sex. I thought by using the cream prescribed by doctor would take care of it, but I am noticing the odor again.
I shaked it like it was a thermometer but I dont think all the rephresh went down into the bottom because I still had a slight oder on day 3. For a moment I thought maybe I started my period and I didnt know it because it was that wet feeling in my undies. I was so embarrassed when my husband wanted to have sex with me because I was self councious of the horrible odor but since I found Rephresh it has helped me and I do not have any discharge or fishy odor. I am so pleased with it and would recommend to anyone suffering from that fishy nasty discharge.
I’ve been really struggling with a combination of BV and Yeast Infections over and over again.
I finally had a 6 week treatment from my dr, one pill a week, of diflucan (I think) and creams, and inserts…I finally found that 1) I needed to change my soap to a more gentle brand. I don’t use it all the time because I hate to be dependent on anything but changing my soap has really contributed.
Just wanted to share that in case anyone was using a harsh body wash that may be counter effective to Refresh’s efforts. I was able to get it for $12 and there’s also a $1 coupon included in the box for your next purchase. In the past, I had an infection that Diflucan did not clear up and I needed something stronger.
I understand its the dead cells from the vagina walls, but there should put a warning label or info in the instructions to warn you. LOL I’ve dealt with this for so long and felt alone Im so glad Im not and maybe now I can walk comfortably and and not have to always carry feminine wipes! When I’m feeling like I have an odor it normally takes until the 2nd dose before it goes away. Normally I feel the need to use Rephresh after my period but since I discovered the Rephresh tampons I rarely feel the need to use the traditional kind.

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