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Chances are, you’ve heard about the Listerine Vinegar foot bath formula for softer feet and smoother soles free of dead skin build-up.
My older daughter, Shannon, was home from grad school over the weekend, and we spent some time catching up, de-stressing, and pampering ourselves a little. We kept our feet in the soak for 30 minutes while we chatted and watched TV, but we could feel the tingly effects in about 10 minutes.
As a result, these baths soaks can be used to tackle various skin problems like fungal infections, eczema and sunburns. Her many hats include writer, publisher, contract negotiator, mom, ordained minister, and life coach. The properties of vinegar will also provide you considerable relief from many physical ailments like muscle stress, joint pain and inflammations.

Vinegar flushes out the excess uric acid from the body, thereby acting as a natural detox agent.This detoxing will help to improve the functioning of the internal organs like kidneys and the liver. A vinegar bath will also help to attain relief from the symptoms of a urinary tract infection.
Vinegar will make the urethral entrance devoid of bacteria, thus alleviating symptoms like pain in the lower abdomen and a burning sensation while urinating. Addition of lavender oil along with vinegar will give the bath the goodness of an aromatherapy session.
Soak in the water bath for around half an hour and dry yourself with a clean towel later on.
As this bath will tend to increase your rate of sweating, you should drink lots of water to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated.Vinegar Warts - Effective Home RemedyWarts, which are non cancerous growths on the surface of the skin can be cured by using vinegar.

Compared to the conventional medications, vinegar warts treatment is a cost effective and easy method to deal with the condition. To perform vinegar warts treatment, you can have a warm vinegar water bath on a daily basis.You can also dip a cotton ball in vinegar solution, plaster it over your warts and leave it overnight.

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