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More often than not, the answer to that question has to do with the midsection—the ever-dreaded stomach pudge.
So many people try to diet and be healthy, yet they can’t get that rid of that stubborn belly fat.
But first, it’s important to understand the fundamental reason behind why belly fat is so difficult to abolish. But really, the biggest problem is one that so many people all over the world deal with today: stress. Fitness and personal development expert Debi Silber further explains, “One of the things cortisol will do is drive fat storage-particularly around the middle. In other words, even if you’re eating well and exercising, if you’re living a high-stress lifestyle, that belly fat will be much more difficult to shake. The fat around your stomach isn’t just something to make you self-conscious—it’s something that can threaten your life. If you’re male, 40 inches or above is dangerous; if you’re female, 35 inches or above is the deadly number, according to Pearson. You’ve gotta get up and moving to get rid of that belly fat, but don’t think you have to run a marathon…in fact, quite the contrary! In fact, doing this high-intensity interval training for just minutes a week can produce results.
If that seems like a lot of work, consider this: interval training burns way more calories and up to 36% more body fat than going on that elliptical for an hour, according to Evans.
Fitness minimalist expert Pat Flynn, founder of Chronicles Of Strength, certainly knows a thing or two about working out efficiently and quickly.
Flynn recommends picking a good, solid number, then “collecting” exercises to get up to that number by the end of the day. Try putting a dumbbell in your briefcase, purse, or backpack to make it a little heavier—perhaps on those morning walks! One way to accumulate exercise is to park or get off the bus farther away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. Pearson warns against living a sedentary lifestyle, even if your job requires you to sit at your desk. Trainer Mike Chang has one of the top fitness YouTube channels, with over three million subscribers…so he knows a thing or two about getting rid of belly fat. Doing cardio first will just exhaust you, making it more difficult for you to lift those weights!
According to health and life coach Allison Hagendorf, “Owning a jumprope is the single most useful and portable piece of equipment you can own.
It’s great to do your exercises earlier in the day, but save a little bit of your more relaxed exercise before bed.

Fitness expert Jennifer Galardi agrees, adding to do it every morning and waiting to eat until half an hour afterwards. And that’s not just because of overeating: “When you eat too fast and gulp down your food, you swallow an excess amount of air, which results in abdominal bloating,” says Levy. For a super easy addition to your routine, start taking magnesium supplements, or eating foods high in magnesium. Chang recommends making it the night before, so that you just have to heat it up when you wake—making it less tempting to skip.
If you find yourself bloating often, consider the very real possibility that you have a food sensitivity. Rowley agrees, and adds, “Understanding your body and how it reacts to certain foods is key.” If you think you may have a food sensitivity, start writing down what you eat and noting when you start feeling bloated and sick—then see your doctor. Try eating gut-friendly foods, like probiotic yogurt (unless you have a dairy sensitivity, of course!). The reason for this is because high-glycemic foods are quicker to raise our blood sugar levels, making belly fat more likely.
Whole grain will also “increase fiber [intake] and stabilize blood sugar,” according to Susan Farkas from Om’echaye Wellness and Fitness Center. We know they sound like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie, but flavonoids are no joke. Pearson suggests getting plenty of servings of fruits and veggies a day, while drinking green tea and (occasionally) enjoying red wine and dark chocolate.
Farkas recommends using sterculic oil, which comes from “a tree that grows in and around India. We mentioned earlier that one of the most essential elements of a flat belly is lowering your stress levels.
We mentioned magnesium earlier, but we’re gonna say it again, because it helps you lower your stress levels as well.
Try magnesium citrate powder mixed with hot or cold water, which is more easily absorbed, says Dean. To increase these levels (and decrease your stress), try subjecting yourself to bright light (a lack of which is the cause of seasonal affective disorder). Meditation and yoga are both great tools to lower your stress levels and help you center yourself.
Studies show that although light smokers tend to have lower body weight, heavy smokers have the opposite quality—a heavy midsection. If you haven’t noticed, there are so many reasons behind belly fat…which means there are so many ways to burn it off.
This flooding of hormones also suppresses the thyroid which is in charge of our metabolism.

Fitness expert Rob Miller suggests sprinting as fast as you possibly can for 30 seconds, followed by two minutes of walking at your normal pace.
But there’s lots of little factors within nutrition and eating that can keep that stubborn belly fat around…or make it melt off. Find a stylish water bottle that will hold a whole gallon, and there’s no way you’ll be dehydrated. Sounds like a minor thing, but it will “reduce the amount of swallowed air,” according to Levy—a quick-and-dirty method to preventing bloat before it starts.
Breakfast is essential, according to Chang: “Your body needs food in the morning because your blood sugar is low.
Food sensitivities, often to dairy, eggs, or gluten, can also lead to excess belly fat, according to Silber. According to Pearson, “researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina found a proven way to reduce belly fat is to eat more soluble fiber from vegetables, fruit and beans.
According to Tessmer, beans, lentils, whole grains, and non-starchy vegetables are some great examples of low-glycemic foods. That doesn’t mean you should count every calorie based purely on numbers (200 calories of avocado is better than 100 calories of candy!), but when you’re looking at two similar options, stick to the lower calorie option. It is sometimes referred to as the wild almond tree.” According to Farkas, studies have suggested that the acid within the oil can reduce belly fat.
That’s because laughing will make you bust your gut in more ways than one, according to some studies.
Spending quality time with your pet can actually lower your stress levels and calm you down! It’s biologically active, producing hormones and other substances that promote chronic inflammation and negatively impact the way your body handles sugars and fats.
Hunting game, raising livestock, growing food, building fences, constructing homes, fixing wagons…and walking. The study found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day, abdominal fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over five years. Being exhausted is like taking away one of your most important tools—and that doesn’t lead to a relaxed week.

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