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All stock photos are provided by Dreamstime and are copyrighted by their respective owners. Overview Atypical pneumonia refers to pneumonia (a long infection) that is not caused by the bacteria that cause the a€?typical pneumonia.a€? Typical pneumonia tends to be more serious than atypical pneumonia.
A stained thin section of human lung tissue exhibiting damage from bronchial pneumonia is illustrated below. Bronchopneumonia, or bronchial pneumonia, is a contagious infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms. Before antibiotic drugs were developed in the 1940's, pneumonia killed about one-third of its victims.

Influenza viruses and streptococcal bacteria are common causes of pneumonia, although they usually have the greatest affect on those who are already ill. Some virulent forms of pneumonia-causing pathogens, such as Legionnaire's Disease, can affect otherwise healthy people.
It is responsible for 15 to 50 percent of diagnosed pneumonia in school-aged children and adults. Risk factors for this type of pneumonia include: smoking older age a weak immune system other chronic illness It is usually caused by breathing air exhaled by an infected individual.
Scientists estimate that half the adults in the United States have had this pneumonia by age 20.

They may include: confusion (legionella) chills cough diarrhea (legionella) headache fever muscle aches muscle stiffness loss of appetite rash (mycoplasma) shortness of breath rapid breathing How Is Atypical Pneumonia Diagnosed? A chest X-ray can distinguish between pneumonia and other respiratory illness, such as acute bronchitis. Some tests use to diagnose pneumonia include: sputum culture throat swab complete blood count (CBC) blood tests for specific antibodies blood cultures How Is Atypical Pneumonia Treated?

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