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Once a most fashionable, on the go treat, the muffin has become the ugly stepsister to the flashier, sweeter, more complex cupcake. The muffin has been around for centuries with only a few key pivots in its culinary transformation, despite its colorful cultural As seen in Women's Lifestyle Magazine's March 2013 editionreferences. Modern food allergies present new culinary challenges for the muffin, but I predict a muffin comeback. The English muffin dates back to the 10th century in Wales, and is a small, flat, yeast-raised bread that is cooked on a hot griddle.
With over 20 million people developing gluten sensitivity and cross-reacting to different grains, people aren’t just going gluten-free, they are going GRAIN-free! She started this blog and The Tender Palate, to help those food allergies and sensitivities.

Then use this site as a guide, do your own research and choose your ingredients, physicians and products wisely. This throwback to hunter-gatherer style eating is forcing yet another chapter in muffin history. The American muffin appears closer to the 18th century, and is more of a quick bread made from a batter, rather than dough like the English version.
Now what could be sexier than a muffin in a loincloth?One of the most popular flours to use in this Paleo diet is coconut flour. American muffins were also a way to turn leftover bread, fruits, even meats into a tasty treat.So, what is the difference between a muffin and a cupcake?
Here are a few tips on using coconut flour, and try this recipe for some yummy, grain-free muffins.

Gluten-free Pastry Chef Kyra Bussanich says that cupcakes get their flash from the higher ratio of sugar to flour, and because of the creaming method of whipping the butter (or fat) until its light, and then adding in the sugar, and then the eggs, and then finally adding the flour.
This method creates a tender cake crumb after baking.On the other hand, muffin batter usually starts with the dry ingredients mixed in one bowl, and then the wet ingredients mixed together in a separate bowl before combining with the hands or spoon.

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