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Selecting a cell phone service for your child is a bit more complicated than choosing one for yourself. Do you want to ensure your child can reach you even if he or she has gone over the allotted number of minutes? Your first instinct may be to go pre-paid—it is the best way to ensure your extra-chatty teenager doesn't give you a nasty surprise at the end of the month by going over their minutes.
Even most basic phones can send and receive email and photos, browse the web, stream music and run a limited number of apps. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile treat data the same for basic phones and smartphones, letting you choose a 200MB plan for either. A huge benefit of adding a second line for your child on your account is that you can take control of how and when your child uses his or her phone; helping cut down on costs while keeping your child focused on schoolwork. While text messaging is all the rage with kids (as well as adults), there are a few good reasons for restricting this kind of communication. Entertainment on a mobile phone can be anything from games to music to ring tones to video. My team and I are working on a new kind of service - an app that takes over any Android phone and turns it into a kid-friendly smartphone with GPS location and full parental control from the web.
We purchased a phone from Kajeet for our son on a recommendation from friends who love the service, plus we liked the plans, price and parental controls. Sprint unveils a cheaper unlimited talk, text and data plan to lure customers away from other carriers. There is an olden expression when elephants fight it's the grass that suffers but this morning some corporate behemoths are doing battle and us little guys we're the grass in this analogy are benefiting. Supreme Court rules that authorities will need a warrant to conduct searches on cell phone data.
These are the best in AT&T basic phones or non-smartphones that don't require a data plan today. Cost is still important, of course, and both prepaid plans and adding a second line can work out to be a cost effective way of keeping your kids in touch.
However, it may cost less to add a line to your existing account, depending on how your child will use the phone.

So if you plan on letting your child use these services, you'll need a data plan for your child's phone too.
Verizon has a 75MB data plan for $10 per month that's only available for basic phones, while its entry level smartphone plan costs $30 for 2GB. Monthly prepaid plans offer little savings over a family plan and don't provide parental controls, so aren't the best option for kids. Most of these parental control features come at a price of $5 per month and an additional fee for location tracking.
For starters, it can be a terrific time waster and, if you don't get a plan with unlimited text messaging or a message plan, the costs can really add up. Downloading new content to a phone can cost extra on a pay-as-you-go service plan, so again, you need to put a cap on things or establish limits with your child. I didn’t even consider any of the big carriers for service for him because they were still high priced than the prepaid ones and I felt more limited.
Our kids know that their phones (both tracfones) are conditional to us being able to look at their phones at any time. The most important part is how to select the best prepaid cell phone plans available today. But parents should strongly consider what parental controls are available with each type of service before making a decision. Even if you don't subscribe initially, it's good to know what options are available should the need arise. Of course, your child can still make 911 calls to emergency services at any time, and T-Mobile lets you add up to ten always allowed numbers that your child can dial, even if he or she is over the limit on minutes. While Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile make a big deal out of their entertainment offerings, they will let you set a spending cap.
Having four teens ourselves, all with tracfones, and most likely the same conditions, I haven’t had any problems either. Kajeet customer service was VERY responsive and helpful, especially Augustine who worked extensively with us. You can manage all of these things with parental controls when you set up a second line on your account, but not with a prepaid phone.

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon let you put a cap on the number of messages and Sprint lets you block the messaging feature.
I think the article should be expanded to include aircard based companies like Tracfone that offer service for 3 motnhs with one card rather than day-to-pay. As I’ve always said putting an aftermarket autopilot button on your parenting is a dangerously bad idea.
Reporter: Sprint ditching the so-called family plan and now in place of that talking hamster. That’s quite expensive compared to a $40 postpaid plan that offers unlimited nights and weekends.
However, if you purchase more minutes at once you will get some discount – this general rule applies to most of the Go Phone carriers. You will find cheap Metro PCS cell phone plan that starts at just $40 that offers you unlimited local and nationwide calling days and nights. That's 20 bucks cheaper than the same plan at T-Mobile plus this extra sweetener from sprint, dump the competition and get up to $350 back.
No matter which MetroPCS plan you are choosing you rest assured that all fees are already covered by the plan price, including tax and Federal communication fees. But now that they offer more phone selection I can’t help but thinking to take advantage of the great plan price they current offer.
You're sending messages and checking Facebook and streaming video and that eats up a lot of data so people are trying to find the best data plan and the best value.
Reporter: The best news about this battle for your business, the winner may actually be you. If you live in an area with a good connection from sprint or T-Mobile, go with whatever is cheaper and you're going to win out.

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