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It’s a pretty obvious known fact that cell phones are not good for the brain or the human body, they emit dangerous levels of radiation directly into your brain causing cancer, fuzzy thinking and many other types of cognitive disruption.
Probably the worst consequence of having a cell phone directly next to your brain is that it does cause cancer cells to grow and spread throughout your brain. Keep your phone directly away from your body it is completely unnecessary to have it on you at all times. The McNamara Terminal cell phone lot is located on the south side of Eureka Road between I-275 and the airport entrance ramp. The North Terminal cell phone lot is located near I-94 at Middlebelt Rd exit  near the airport car rentals.

You are able to actually feel the harmful radiation penetrating into your ear canal and directly into your precious and delicate brain.
This is a real and serious situation that is affecting many people around the planet as almost everyone has one of these radiation generating cell death boxes planted near the body for a large part of the day. Park, Airlines Parking).  Motorcycles can be parked in a separate covered area from cars at the McNamara Terminal Parking Structure and Motorcycle parking is free at Detroit airport.
To me its more of a regress in human capacity to connect with themselves and the planet that we were born on to, to be connected to as God created us. But anyway cell phones are such a huge part of our modern day life that we all basically need to have one to be connected to other humans.

For many people it is a lifeline for work and ways to make a living, so having a cell phone is a necessary requirement.

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