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A little over 40 years ago, it was still the stuff of science fiction to pluck a phone out of your pocket or briefcase, turn it on and place a call.
The first mobile call on April 3, 1973 -- the space age version of Alexander Graham Bell's famous "Mr. The DynaTac was about the size of a walkie-talkie, and that design would be virtually unchanged for some years: Check out 1990's Pretty Woman and you'll catch millionaire mogul Richard Gere in one scene whip out a model that's roughly the size of his forearm, with a retractable antenna. These days a mobile phone is no particular status symbol -- though certain models can be -- and most of the world has at least one.

Cell phones have surely saved untold numbers of lives in four decades by increasing quick access to emergency services, added personal convenience and made it easier to do business, but like every other advancement in technology, it's not without its drawbacks. But, he added, "it's enabled opportunities for individuals and countries to join the upper echelons of technologically advanced societies and to bootstrap themselves into new economies.
Watson, come here, I need to see you," spoken on the very first landline on March 10, 1876 -- came through on a Motorola DynaTac, placed by designer William Cooper.
According to the Ericsson Mobility report of 2012, global mobile penetration reached 6.4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, though the number of people using mobile phones is smaller since many people have both work and personal phones.

Its award-winning CRM solution helps 82,400 customers worldwide manage and share business information over the Internet. Kirk did on Star Trek in the 1960s, advances in wireless technology since the first mobile phone was tested four decades ago have drastically changed the way human beings keep in touch.

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