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A fantastic GPS Tracker and Mobile Phone for the elderly – with FM radio and flashlight. Carers or relatives of the elderly – under the guise of a user-friendly big-buttoned phone, you can also track their location or listen in remotely for extra reassurance.
Our GPS Trackers use the excellent SiRFstarIII or ublox GPS chipsets - allowing incredibly accurate positioning (within a meter when outdoors) using overhead satellites. When you text the tracker's phone number, it will reply back immediately with a location text. Send a text message to this Mobile Phone GPS Tracker and it will automatically reply with the coordinates of its location.
When you log in, you can view the last 30 days of the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker’s history. Most other GPS Tracker companies charge for online tracking – up to ?30 per month subscription.
By holding down the SOS button on the back of the GPS Tracker, an automatic text message with location information will be sent out to up to three programmed phone numbers. Program the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker via simple text messages to warn a carer if it strays too far from a set location. The large-keypad GPS tracker phone can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS texts, and holds a 200 capacity phone book.
A useful and bright LED flashlight can be easily switched on and off via a switch on the right side of the GPS tracker phone. A simple switch on the side of the GPS tracker phone locks the keypad, preventing any accidental call-outs.
How exactly would this work - if my granddad had the mobile phone, and I wanted to know where he was, what would I do? You could text 4440000 to the GPS Tracker, and it would reply automatically with the location coordinates. Both Google Maps and Google Earth can easily translate the data into usable visual information. There’s a sophisticated GPS microchip embedded into the heart of this tracker which continually reads its own location from low orbiting global satellites and then utilizes the GSM infrastructure operated by major mobile network providers via the SIM card to transmit its current location to you. If you have any more questions about the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker, please just ask – click here.
Hi guy’s, thanks so much for the prompt dispatch and delivery of the GPS Tracker I ordered for my Mum.
I recently bought a tracker for my mother with dementia, it’s a great piece of kit and am delighted with it. The tracker makes me feel that mum has a little friend in her pocket who is keeping an eye on her for me! Hi, The Personal tracker is still doing a great job, we are able to locate the Dad when he wanders due to his dementia which has helped us so much and ensured his safety.
After visiting Venice and the Isle of Murano, we immediately fell in love with the exquisite Murano Jewellery.
There are now an estimated 80 million mobiles in the UK, and because of TV and radio broadcasting, Wi-Fi, and other technological developments, the study said exposure to low-level radio frequency fields was almost universal and continuous.A group of experts working for the HPA looked at all significant research into the effects of low-level radio frequency. Police in rural areas fear they would be "sitting ducks" in the event of a terrorist gun attack in the UK, a Police Federation leader says.
A recent survey of 1,000 people in employment, conducted using OnePoll, discovered two thirds of respondents fear losing their mobile phone.

Another interesting revelation from this study is that, with 49% of people getting upset if their messages and texts were viewed by a partner, they’re still lax at securing these devices. Free and confidential advice given about selling a story to a newspaper, magazine or TV - or getting published on this site. According to a new report by the Health Protection Agency's independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR), there is no hard evidence that using a mobile phone could harm your health. Instant location tracking, live online tracking, SOS panic button – see below for further details. They are not locked to any network, so you are free to use your own SIM if you have one spare. Our user-friendly manuals and helpful online guides should make things easy - but if not, we're here to help.
You can use your own SIM (our trackers are "unlocked") or add a free GiffGaff one to your order at Checkout.
You may be interested in purchasing the Personal GPS Tracker instead, a smaller tracker with excellent tracking functionality.
Input the coordinates into Google Maps and within seconds you’ll be able to see the accurate location of the person carrying the GPS Tracker. The Mobile Phone GPS Tracker can continually upload its location to a website that you log into. These numbers will also be called sequentially until someone answers – and can be landlines or mobiles. Full user-friendly instructions are given in the manual for adding phone numbers and using the various functions. You will also receive a handy reminder card of the main text commands, for your purse or wallet. If you have a smart phone (IPhone, Android, Blackberry etc), then you could text 9660000 and get an automatic text back with a link to Google Maps. If you have a smart phone, a link in the reply location text will take you automatically to Google Maps to see the location. The only costs are for the SIM card that you need to put inside the tracker (as you would a mobile phone handset). From the contact page, you can also read answers to more general Frequently Asked Questions. The study, sponsored by SecurEnvoy, reveals that 41% of people interviewed, in an effort to stay connected, have two phones or more.
When split by age it is the younger age group (18 – 24) that are more nomophobic at 77%, with the 25 – 34 age group second at 68%. A psychology graduate, he has a special interest in real life stories, human emotions and how we perceive the world around us. The research examined hundreds of previous studies covering a range of potential health risks posed by mobile phones. You can also see the tracker moving in real-time by using online tracking, which is free to set up. We offer a free pre-installed SIM, with no contracts, really cheap texts (6p each on pay as you go), and ?5 of free credit when activated - click on the link for more details. By the way, as per the law, every single one of our testimonials is 100% genuine and verifiable. GiffGaff use the o2 network, cost 6p per location text, have no ongoing contracts or hidden costs.

We provide a step-by-step guide with the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker on how to get set up for online tracking, and it takes just a few minutes.
Each point on the map carries a date and time, so you can see exactly when and where it went.
Depending on whether you opt for pay as you go, or a contract deal, the costs of texts and calls from the GPS tracker will vary. I think its a fantastic bit of potentially life saving equipment and would encourage anyone with a relative in a similar situation to get one. We’re currently away with our Dad staying in a hotel and its worked and helped us twice already. When asked if they’d be upset if a partner looked at the messages and texts on their phone almost half said that they would.
Even though there a large number of studies published on cancer risks in relation to mobile phone use the Agency felt that overall those results have not showed mobile phone use causes brain tumours or any other form of cancer. There are many other excellent functions such as text alerts if the person strays too far, SOS button and remote listening - see the individual product page to see the full list of functions. Most customers just use locations by text and spend less than ?5 per month - which gives over 80 location texts. IPhone, Blackberry, Android) then you can also click on a link in the text to go straight to Google Maps direct, and see the location of the Mobile Phone GPS Tracker immediately. The only health risk the report acknowledged was the risks associated with driving while using a mobile phone. Our SIM partners give this for just ?10pm (unlimited texts and data, 250 minutes call time, no ongoing contract). 2 in UKMarch 18, 2008 by Will Park - 6 Comments Share on Twitter Share on Facebook ( 0 shares ) Browsing the web on the iPhone is a dream. However the report did make clear that it is important to continue to monitor all the evidence as there is little information on the risks beyond 15 years from first exposure to mobile frequencies.
All of the functions are set up by sending specific text messages, so you can configure the device from your own mobile phone wherever you are. With other text commands, you can program the phone to tell you if it strays too far from home, or set up live tracking so you can see the phones location live via a website. The study also found that due to the 80 million mobiles in the UK, TV and radio broadcasting, Wi-Fi, and other technologies, exposure to low-level radio frequency fields was almost universal and continuous in the UK.The Health Protection Agency's independent Advisory Group, Professor Anthony Swerdlow, stated that "There has now been a very large amount of research conducted, which wasn't true 10 years ago, and we have much firmer information than we had on several areas, for instance symptoms, cognitive effects, brain tumours, than we had then, and "There is no convincing evidence that radiofrequency exposure causes health effects in adults or in children but beyond 15 years for mobile phones, we have to say we have little or no information. As a result the Health Protection Agency has advised a "precautionary" approach and will keep the science under close review.Despite the report finding no potential health risks posed by mobile phones they continue to advise against excessive use of mobile phones by children. The HPA conducted a previous review in 2003, which also concluded that there was no evidence of harm. In addition some have cast doubts on the findings, such as Professor Denis Henshaw, emeritus professor of human radiation effects at Bristol University.
Professor Henshaw is calling for more caution, after highlighting the fact that a report from the Office for National Statistics shows the number of brain tumours has doubled since 1999. The professor told Sky News: "It is a bit of an experiment, mobile phones are being let loose on five billion people on our planet without any proper checks as to their potential effects".
But, combined with the iPod Touch, the Mobile Safari browser accounts for 0.10% of the UK browser market, considerably closing the gap to the top spot.

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