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Since January, Samsung has been pushing out Android 4.4 KitKat, the Android update that Google introduced last September and released last November.
As we pointed out, Vodafone Australia continues to list the Galaxy S3 Android 4.4 KitKat update amongst its Android update plans though it has not provided any concrete information regarding its release date or its testing.
So despite being MIA, these comments seem to imply that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.4 KitKat update is not dead in the water and that it could potentially roll out for devices outside of the United States and Canada at some point in the future. Sadly, we may not see this confusion get cleared up until September or perhaps, even later than that. Um informante da SamMobile informou que a companhia estaria preparando um suposto Galaxy Note 3 Lite.
La comunidad no deja de sorprendernos y hoy nos trae un nuevo modulo para Xposed Framework que hara las delicias de algunos usuarios. Actualmente, con pantallas que cada vez estan mas cerca de las 6 pulgadas es virtualmente imposible llegar a la parte superior de la pantalla sujetando el terminal con una postura normal.
Como siempre la comunidad ha venido a solucionar estos problemas y ya tenemos entre nosotros un modulo de Xposed que facilita la tarea de utilizar un terminal con pantalla grande con una sola mano. El funcionamiento de este modulo es muy sencillo, ya que se limita a reducir el alto de la aplicacion que estemos utilizando, dejando cierto espacio libre en la parte superior que por desgracia desperdiciaremos. Si quereis aprovechar ese espacio superior podeis utilizar alguna aplicacion que active el soporte para multiples ventanas y ventanas flotantes, de las que ya hemos hablado en Andro4all. Como siempre en estos casos, si quereis probar este modulo de Xposed lo mejor es que os paseis por el hilo oficial y sigais las instrucciones del desarrollador. Aficionado a la tecnologia en general, tengo 22 anos y soy estudiante del Grado en Ingenieria Informatica en la Universidad de Extremadura.
Nose exactamente como funciona esta aplicacion pero en mi Samsung galaxy note 3 se puede activar una opcion para manejar con una mano, y se reduce el tamano de la pantalla a la medida q quieras dentro de unos topes y puedes acceder a todo ademas activarla es muy sencillo, y segun el movimiento aparecera en la derecha o izquierda segun necesidad.
El iphone es un gran telefono al que he abandonado hace mas de un ano por su pequena pantalla.
El iPhone puede tener una pantalla pequena, pero es una autentica gozada el poder manejarlo con una sola mano.
IntroductionEver since the launch of Samsunga€™s first phablet, the original Galaxy Note, released in 2010, two smartphones have defined the fortunes of Samsung - the Galaxy S series and the Note lineup. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. In terms of color accuracy, wea€™re happy to report that Samsung has done an excellent job with the AMOLED screen of the Note 4, as ita€™s not only the best AMOLED display on a smartphone so far, but also can rival and beat some of the best LCD screens. Unlike some companies, Samsung has remained relatively quiet about these two updates for its older devices. Aussie carriers Optus, Telstra and Vodafone still have their Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.4 roll outs listed for release in August or September. Other carriers haven’t been as forthcoming and key players remain silent about their Galaxy S3 LTE upgrades.

Vodafone Spain, another carrier that keeps its customers in the loop as far as Android updates are concerned, explained that it still hasn’t received word from Samsung in regards to the Galaxy S3 Android 4.4 KitKat update. With Android L out in the open, we could finally see Samsung announce some details at the Galaxy Note 4 launch event though that too remains unconfirmed.
Ele estaria aparecendo na Mobile World Congress, onde estaremos presentes, em 2014 e chegando no mercado em fevereiro ou março. Os registros apontam que a Samsung estaria testando um aparelho com telas de 5,49 e 5,7 polegadas. Click on the links below to download the best suitable size images for your smartphone, and download the appropriate Shingeki no Kyojin wallpaper.
Con el imparable crecimiento del tamano de las pantallas de los smartphones Android, sobre todo en la gama alta, cada vez es mas dificil poder manejar el terminal correctamente con una sola mano. No sere yo el que discuta que estas pantallas son de gran utilidad para consumir contenido multimedia, pero estan haciendo cada vez mas dificil la vida a usuarios que utilizan su smartphone principalmente como una herramienta de comunicacion.
Otro problema de este modulo es que no actua sobre la barra de notificaciones, que se mantiene en la parte superior de la pantalla, siendo inaccesible con una mano. Todo el resto de mis productos son Apple: imac, macbook air, ipad mini, pero telefono no, tengo un simple y cumplidor moto G dual sim que me soluciona toda mi actividad personal y profesional. No tiene sentido comprarse un smartphone grande o phablet y querer reducir el tamano de pantalla para poder usarlo con una mano. That is if you switch from the default a€?Adaptivea€™ screen mode to the more color-accurate a€?Basica€™ mode. We’ve also seen the update push out for the international version of the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Android 4.4 KitKat update remains missing for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 mini variants in Canada. Si queremos usarlo con una mano debemos escoger un smartphone con una pantalla mas reducida antes de comprarlo. While both are very sharp, the Note 4 is the one that really stands out: pixel density on it is 515ppi, way above the 432ppi on the S5. In this mode, the greyscale balance is excellent all across, the white point is almost exactly at the reference 6500K value (indicating the right white balance - not warmer, nor colder), and colors in the default Basic mode fit right in the industry reference sRGB color gamut. Ita€™s also got a brilliant-looking display, an improved camera with optical stabilization, a renewed focus on health with a richer S Health app, a bunch of new sensors, as well as an improved version of its unique feature - the S Pen.All this calls for a detailed comparison between the Galaxy S5 and the Note 4.
In real life usage, the difference is not all that evident - you have to hold your phone very close to your eyes to see any pixelazation on the S5, and ita€™s mostly noticeable when you look at text presented in tiny fonts.
Color saturations are no longer overblown, and the display is very accurately calibrated across the spectrum.
Lo logico es disfrutar de lo que se compra con sus caracteristicas y si no se van a aprovechar igual es que no escogimos bien la compra.
Leta€™s get right to it.DesignThe Note 4 features a sturdy metallic frame with a premium feel, but ita€™s not all that thin and is a very large device.

Notice that both displays use Samsunga€™s PenTile Diamond pixel arrangement rather than a traditional RGB.
The S5 is smaller, but uses less inspiring plastic.The Galaxy Note 4 bids farewell to plastic and ushers Samsung into the era of premium materials with its sturdy metal frame. Color aberrations in the diamond pixel arrangement are lower compared to earlier PenTile matrices, but still higher than on a traditional RGB screen and in real life they result in a slight moire-like pattern visible when youa€™re looking at large areas of one color.
We can see why Samsung has also included the a€?Photoa€™ screen mode where colors are modified to approach the wider Adobe RGB color gamut (that is also used by a limited number of professionals), but unfortunately ita€™s effort in this screen mode is off the reference values, so we cana€™t really recommend using it.
The back is still plastic, styled as faux-leather similar to the Galaxy S5, but this time around with a rougher feel and a more rigit texture. The other a€?Cinemaa€™ screen mode has the colors wildly oversaturated, for that WOW look, but it comes with a very cold white point, and a non-linear gamma.You can see various opinions about AMOLED displays on the web, and the Galaxy S5 in particular has been a subject of quite the dispute. Gone is the perforated pattern of the S5 and we have a slight, naturalistic texture on the new Note.Size, however, remains the elephant in the room when comparing the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5. While it was an improvement over previous generations of Samsung displays, truth remains that the Galaxy S5 does not fare well in terms of greyscale accuracy in any one of its screen modes.
Samsung shrunk down screen bezels in the Note 3, and those improvements carry on to the Note 4, but ita€™s still a very large device in comparison with the S5. Put simply, it has a very noticeable green-ish tint and even in its most accurate color modes, tones are not accurate. The default screen mode in the Galaxy S5 is wildly inaccurate, featuring crazy colors that might look eye-popping at first, but have very little in common with the realities of color accuracy. As we mentioned, you can get similar look on the Note 4, but you can't get the S5 to show accurate colors.Taking the two outdoors, you can see brightness shoot up, especially on a sunny day, and screen readability is excellent. The keys are a bit too recessed, but very clicky and fairly comfortable to press on the Note 4, while on the S5 they are a bit mushier but still fairly comfortable to use. Both deal well with filtering out reflections, but brightness is a bit higher on the Note 4, which makes it a bit easier on the eyes.
In the dark part of the day, when you look at your screen at night, Samsung has further improved the minimum brightness threshold to the impressive 1 nit on the Note 4, down from a 2 nit minimum on the S5.
Getting those low brightness levels, puts less strain on the eyes if you read on your smartphone in the dark.
Speaking of protection, we should warn you that the Note 4 is not water or dust-protected like the Galaxy S5, so dona€™t be fooled by the somewhat similar looks and definitely dona€™t try to immerse it in water.
The S5, on its part, boasts IP67 protection rating meaning that it can withstand exposure to dust and submersion in water up to 3 feet deep for as long as half an hour.

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