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This post is aimed at Mobile Apps developers and Software developers (Desktop apps) who wish to implement Usage Tracking & Analytics of their apps using the leading Free Web Analytics platform Piwik.
You would also access the power of the Piwik platform: Automatic Email reports (PDF, HTML), Analytics API, Historical analysis and much more.
Implementing tracking in an App requires technical knowledge and will take a minimum of 2 hours to implement and can take up to 2 days for a complex software. Once you deploy your app or software with Piwik tracking, statistics about your software will be available in Real time. In this section we will showcase how we have used Software Analytics in our Piwik Mobile App to provide relevant and useful reports on our Mobile App usage. In Piwik Mobile, we decided to differentiate three types of pageviews: Window, Event and Exceptions.
Custom Variables are extremely powerful as they let you track any custom name and value for your visitor or page views.
Note: You only need to create the goals in the Piwik interface, tracking goals does not require code changes in your App tracking source code.
Goal reports will show the conversions, conversion rate and revenue per visit for each Country, Custom Variable, etc. Our official Piwik Mobile application offers an opt-in feature to let users send us anonymously their clicks and usage data. The Visitor Log will let you easily visualize the full set of actions for each visitor on your website. In this section we will describe at a high level how to implement the source code changes required to make Tracking your app possible.
Note: If you want to use Piwik to track a mobile web app running in a web browser, you would probably want to use Javascript Tracking. Creating such a class is just a suggestion (there might be better ways to do it in your environment). To make sure that all requests from a given user are sent to the right visitor in Piwik, it is highly recommended to set a unique ID to the user using your app. For performance reasons, it is very important that you send the Tracking requests only after all the content is loaded in your application. If you do not provide such a setting to disable User Tracking, your app wouldn’t follow industry best practises and might be considered a spyware. It is important to choose your URLs wisely, with useful names (the button being clicked, the menu label, etc.). To record more information than the URL and Page Title, you could also use Custom Variables. In this post we have explained how Piwik can be used to track Mobile App user interactions or desktop software usage.
We hope that you will consider using Piwik to track usage data in your next Mobile app or Desktop software. We could not have reached our goals without the generous support of our incredible sponsors.

How To Download Best Free Phone Tracking Online ExactSpy-Free Phone Tracking Online is a very useful and powerful mobile phone monitoring program. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Disclaimer: ExactSpy is designed for monitoring your children, employees or others on a smartphone or mobile device that you own or have proper consent to monitor.
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On of mobile number you focus lets you can come to blacklist the primary uses of imei number worldwide. The last section of this tutorial explains how to implementat Tracking in your existing app. Implementation depends on how much data should be tracked and how easy it is to add the tracking calls in your software source code. For example in the statistics window, we track which report the user is currently viewing and which period is being used.
You can also easily visualize how popular a specific part of your app is over time by analyzing the evolution graphs at the top of the Goal report. We store this value in the user session on the phone.  The visit counter is incremented if the user starts the app again but not if the user resumes the application from background. Other areas of your code (Window manager, Click manager, etc.) would then instantiate an instance of this class, set the parameters, and then trigger the request.
We highly recommend to have a setting that will let users disable this tracking if they wish.
We have highlighted a few examples of useful usage statistics using the example of our own mobile application usage data.
We believe Piwik is now a reliable and effective Open Source Software Analytics Platform and we are looking forward to seeing how this technique helps you!
He created and maintains our Piwik Mobile app used by dozens of thousands users every week.
And iphone 3g, lg, you have the imei tracking is lost how can come in imei number, how to blacklist the imei number tracking. Luckily you can also track user interactions from non Javascript devices using the Piwik Tracking API. When the users are not opt-in (which is the default) no data is sent to the Piwik server at all. While implementing Mobile App Analytics might take a few hours of coding work, the value of aggregated usage data presented in a clean User Interface (Piwik!) is certainly worth it. Thomas has a passion for making Piwik mobile better and improving the Piwik platform by providing simple APIs and clean code.

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