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The Samsung Galaxy S III is one Android phone that is susceptible to the USSD security flaw. A security flaw has been discovered on various Android smartphones that allows a USSD code to perform a factory reset without any confirmation prompt. To fix this security flaw until your carrier or manufacturer issues a patch for the problem, you can download an app called TelStop. Our Back to Business guide highlights the best products for you to boost your productivity at home, on the road, at the office, or in the classroom. Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews and previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. First impression on unpacking the Q702 test unit was the solid feel and clean, minimalist styling. For work use, Microsoft Word and Excel programs pre-installed on the device are adequate for preparing short documents. The Fujitsu LifeBook UH574 allowed for great mobility without being obnoxiously heavy or clunky. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited. With over 25 years of brand awareness and credibility, Good Gear Guide (formerly PC World Australia), consistently delivers editorial excellence through award-winning content and trusted product reviews. If you use call diverting often but don't want to go through the Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone 2002 menu, you can also use the USSD short codes. All your incoming calls will be forwarded, doesn't matter if your phone is switched on or not.
All the incoming calls will be forwarded if the phone is switched off or out of network coverage. Please note that using the unconditional "Divert all Calls (21)" overwrites all conditional call forwarding! Related Articles HOW TO Diverting Voice Calls by using USSD CodesNo related articles found. Microsoft is launching Windows 10 as the new face of both Windows and eventually Windows Phone.
That said, we can still point to various features that embody the new Windows 10 experience, and will almost certainly make the cut.
On the right, the Live Tiles reproduce the functionality of the Windows 8 Start screen, with resizeable tiles that can dynamically show you how much unread mail is left.
As some leaked videos foreshadowed, you can revert to the Windows 8 Start page, if you so choose.
One of the Microsoft executives I talked to referred to the new “task view” as a “poor man’s multimonitor setup.” I can understand why. The Windows 10 taskbar includes the Windows button, which launches the Start menu, the new Task View button, and the Search button.
But if you have one monitor, tapping the task view button—or more usefully, Windows+TAB—swaps between desktops, which are displayed on the bottom of the display.
There’s also a feature that may or may not make it to final release: On your taskbar, you’re probably used to instances of multiple browser windows stacked on one another. For now, virtual desktops are a convenience, but they could also emerge as a security feature, allowing users to assign permissions to different ones.
In Windows 8, apps can be snapped by clicking the Windows key and the left or right arrow, snapping them to the left or right of the screen. What’s neat, though, is that once you snap an app, Windows 10 suggests another, similar app that you might want to snap next to it, from a small collection of windows. You can see, however, that a number of different features—Snap Assist, windowed apps, virtual desktops—all flow somewhat organically into one another.
Windows 10 also adds a search button to the taskbar, moving the other major functionality of the Windows 8 Start page to the desktop environment.
Granted, Microsoft’s Windows 10 demonstration was somewhat orchestrated to put its best face forward. We care deeply about protecting our data from hackers and take extensive measures to protect our privacy, so why should the government be any different.

Over the weekend, I received several legitimate Facebook notifications informing me that my name (and names of others from this friend’s network) were included in spammy posts, claiming that I must try to activate my profile because an impending deactivation of accounts will take place two weeks from now. The source post originated from an obviously fake profile called Facebook Announcement 2K14, which was created as a community page some time last month.
If you accept its description, “All posts here are true!”, as truth without batting an eye, then it’s highly likely that you’ll fall for whatever this account posts. Today, while writing this, a close friend and I continue to receive Facebook notifications telling me that several of our contacts have been duped. It is bright and visible from most angles, however heat is an issue, particularly around the Windows button on the front, and on the back where the battery housing is located. This feature is available since the first GSM networks were launched and the phone menu doesn't do anything different than sending these codes. At one point during Microsoft’s Tuesday press event, Terry Myerson, the executive vice president in charge of Microsoft’s OS group, called the new OS “our most open, collaborative OS project ever.” Collaborative, indeed. Aesthetically, it looks like someone surgically conjoined the Windows 7 and Windows 8 experience. It appears that you should think of Live Tiles more like notifications rather than app shortcuts, although you can use them either way. But that option wasn’t checked off, leading me to believe that most people would prefer the desktop experience. So if you choose, you could fill a secondary monitor with an Outlook pane and a PowerPoint file that you’re referencing in an email to the colleague. So if you have a “project screen” with PowerPoint, a browser window, and OneNote all contained within it, you can swap to an entirely different virtual desktop, or workspace, perhaps with Facebook and Xbox Music.
But in Windows 10, you may also see that app “underlined” by a horizontal bar, showing that it’s in a virtual desktop. Microsoft officials wouldn’t tell me if they’ll be isolated from one another or “sandboxed” over time. The feature is intended to save you the hassle of hunting about through menus to actually construct a virtual desktop. If you’re like me, you really don’t click icons on the Start page any more (or use bookmarks when searching the Web). Microsoft officials say that Search and File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders, making finding files you’ve worked on faster and easier. But with potentially millions of eager Windows users prepared to bang away on it beginning Wednesday, any flaws will be quickly exposed. Security professionals and hackers are permanently trying to one-up each other, trying to out-think the opposite side.
While this was never true in the strictest sense, there was a period of time were the Android platform was mostly ignored, as hackers didn’t really have an idea on how best to monetize it.
This particular virus is among the first pieces of ransomware to hit the Android platform, and shows a growing refinement in the attacks being targeted at mobile users. You’ll notice that the message claims to be from a law enforcement division, and it accuses you of an embarassing and illegal act. Keep yourself one step ahead of the hackers by installing a good antivirus on your phone, and keep it updated. Tinypaste, the service hosting the pages where the scripts are, was also informed about this scam.
Here's how to find out.The USSD flaw was highlighted overnight at a Security Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Ravi Borganokar, a researcher in the telecommunications department at the Technical University of Berlin. The tablet part, once detached, has a nice weight, and no buttons or switches are located in awkward or intrusive positions. Microsoft is looking for user feedback, and what I demo’d on Tuesday may not be the same OS that customers receive next year. Microsoft’s demo station had a large oversize tile showing the current calendar appointment, which seemed appropriate. You’ll also notice the apps themselves are shown above the desktops themselves, so if you can’t remember what virtual desktop actually owned that app, you can just jump into it regardless. Every app in Windows 10 can be dynamically resized in a window, although it remains to be see how well this works in practice.

This behavior completely bypasses the normal need for call permissions to be granted to an app before phone services can be used.
If hackers are ahead of the security companies, they can exploit new vulnerabilities for financial gain and renown.
Over time though, they realized that the platform was becoming more popular, users were storing more personal data on their devices, and that focusing their efforts on Android could net them some money.
Interestingly, this malware employs a very strong social engineering element to try to get you to part with your ransom money. In general, they are viruses that will prevent normal PC operations until you pay the hackers a small fee, in other words, holding your PC for ransom. Even if you are able to close it or make it disappear briefly, it will become active again after a few seconds.
We’re going to keep a close eye on how this progresses, and keep users informed of any developments.
It was first said to occur only on various Samsung smartphones running the TouchWIZ UI overlay, but it has since been discovered that the problem can affect various other Android phones, too.The USSD codes themselves aren't a problem, but on some Android phones these can be executed without a confirmation prompt. Please remember that this information is stored on the GSM network, not on your GSM device. But I quite liked what I saw, and if you sign up for the new Windows Insider program, you’ll have a chance to form your own impressions beginning on Wednesday.
On the left, there’s a list of frequently used apps, along with shortcuts to PC settings, as well as your documents and pictures folders. If security companies are ahead, they can proactively defend their users, gain their trust, and get more sales for their products. In the olden days, they might simply be an annoyance – constantly generating pop-ups for example until you paid up.
This makes it difficult to use Android’s uninstall functions to remove it, or to start up an antivirus app which might be able to help.
Regardless, with the frequency and intensity of attacks increasing month by month, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before such an attack hits users. Some of these codes, typed into the phones keypad, are harmless (such as the one used to display a phone's IMEI number) but other codes can factory reset the phone.
They’re accused of comitting a potentially very serious crime, and they understandably want this accusation to go away as soon as possible.
USSD codes typically start with an asterisk (*) followed by numbers and almost always end with a hash (#).On Android phones that don't require a confirmation prompt, a factory reset USSD code can be dialled automatically by the phone.
You should now see a prompt that asks if you'd like to complete this action using your stock dialler or TelStop, as shown below:3. In particular, there have been viruses which will encrypt the files on your PC, making them useless, and they will only be decrypted in return for money. While it's almost impossible to dial the code into the dialler accidentally, this code could be embedded into a URL link, a QR code, or an SMS by a hacker. Second, it causes the user a great deal of embarassment (It’s worth noting that so far, this malware has only been found on pornographic websites). You will then receive a warning that this is likely a malicious code, as shown below:From now on, if you click a link on your phone or scan a QR code and you see the above screen, it is likely to be hidden code that could wipe your phone.Is your Android phone affected by the USSD security flaw?
The user is less likely to seek help from friends or family members when they’re accused of these acts, especially if they actually were viewing pornography when they became infected. If your phone's dialler pops up and shows a number, your phone isn't affected and there's no need to worry.
This is shown below on a Sony Xperia go:However, if your phones dialler pops up and immediately displays a pop up menu with your IMEI number, your phone is vulnerable to this security flaw.

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