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One of things we enjoy doing is opening the presents we sent each other while we’re on the phone and of course chatting about the other things we may have gotten. Whether a little unusual or traditional, what are some of your favorite shared family traditions?
Earlier in the year we started a garden for school – actually Little Man decided on his own to start a garden and we decided to use it as a teaching opportunity.
As homeschoolers we tend to skip some of the back to school activities, but back to school pictures are a must! Our Walmart Family Mobile plan gave us a fun way to create back to school memories and share them with loved ones, without breaking the bank and saving us enough money to buy a zoo pass for our homeschool field trips! How would the Walmart Family Mobile plan help you and your family during the new school year? Apparently, Walmart got the idea in getting into postpaid service by taking into consideration the common perception of most people that prepaid services doesn’t offer access to the best phones as well as the best network quality. This new brand of postpaid service was especially made to help families to stay connected and save money as well. Since Walmart Family Mobile was designed bearing loyal customers in mind, it was customized to offer the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy a high-quality post-paid service.

In addition to that, Walmart Family Mobile will be coming out with the most amazing line-up of phone for the family coming from Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola. It seems that Walmart Family Mobile being an affordable postpaid service will surely build closer ties between families and friends. Another tradition we have, is exchanging recipe ideas – my sister usually cooks up a huge holiday breakfast, often her dishes have a wild twist on the original like, stuffed French toast or some other delicious treat! Together with our ZTE ZMax in hand, Little Man and I, headed out in to the wilds of our garden.
Using our back to school harvest photo shoot as a way to share our fruit and veggies with family, was a great way to teach Little Man how to make things work, even when there seems to be no other way! They have been known for offering various handset models and services via Common Scents (Sprint) and Straight Talk (Verizon Wireless). The first line of service will be offered at $ 45 per month and additional lines will be offered at $25 per month each line. These include the latest smartphones featuring Android OS, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and other features as well.
This plan is quite impressive as it comes with the flexibility to connect with each other without the worry of having any hidden charges.

Sadly all the people that Little Man would like to share his garden goodies with, live much too far away!
It was amazing as we walked through the garden to see how much everything had grown and how the persistence of an 8 year old had created something so amazing! But just recently Walmart has announced that it will also be launching a new post paid service called Walmart Family Mobile and this will be powered by T-mobile.
And with the amazing line-up of phones offering this postpaid service, surely lots of families as well as smartphone lovers out there will surely look forward to availing this new post-paid service. Instead of being disappointed, we realized we could share our harvest with back to school pictures via text with our Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plan!
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