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Assertive behaviour respects other people’s rights and feelings, as well as your own rights and feelings.
This Good Practice Case Study on Assertiveness gives trainers and facilitators a compact and self-contained case study of 250 words that can be used with groups of people to develop their skills. This case study on Assertiveness is designed to be shown on a slide or overhead projector or copied and handed out to participants (the page can be freely copied for each participant). A debriefing discussion of 10-15 minutes is always one of the most valuable parts of the process and helps to reinforce people’s learning. The Good Practice Case Study series aims to give trainers and facilitators a compact and self-contained case study on a particular topic (communication, goal-setting, problem solving, etc.) that can be used with groups of people to develop their overall skills.
The Good Practice Case Study series is aimed mainly at trainers and facilitators but can also be utilized by any individual that manages people and wants to explore a particular topic through the vehicle of a case study. The EQ-i 2.0™, a leading self-report measure of emotional intelligence, based upon the original research of Dr. As just noted, some lawyers do not protect themselves at all.  Assertiveness involves a person standing up for his or her own rights, causes, and beliefs and doing it without aggression or abuse.
Know that clearly asking for what you want greatly increases your chances to getting your needs met. Do not automatically say “yes”.  Make a goal to respond to questionable requests by giving yourself time to consider this new demand for your time, attention, energy, or resources. Know the very important difference between assertiveness and aggression  —  always strive to make your points in a constructive, non-hostile way which honors the rights and interests of others, but does not “give in”.
Always remember that by becoming a lawyer, and whether you work for yourself, or practice in a firm or department, or for the government, when it comes to issues about your work and workload, avoiding and managing stress, getting what you want in life, and obtaining and maintaining your health and well-being, emotionally intelligent assertiveness, not aggression or passiveness, will carry you farthest both personally and professionally.  Why? Upcoming CLE OpportunitiesI periodically offer state approved CLE programs that provide a high level, functional introduction to emotional intelligence (EI), the law, and professionalism.

Assertiveness training may be able to offer you direction in how to handle these situations with greater confidence. Assertiveness Courses – If your company is considering conducting in-house corporate assertiveness training , then have a look at the website Performance Development which offers a detailed assertiveness course overview. If it is just yourself and you are seeking a short public training course to attend, then you might consider some of the local TAFE colleges that offer assertiveness training courses, as does the Council of Adult Education. The 30-page e-workbook explains in a simple, clear manner what it means to be assertive – and how you can achieve greater self-empowerment over time. The e-workbook is written by a psychologist who has over twenty years of counselling and coaching experience, in guiding people to achieve their potential and to develop their assertive skills.  The personal development e-workbook comprises a personal journal with a series of self-reflective exercises, that encourage you to actively embrace assertive principles into your life. Brian is a qualified psychologist who works in the field of management training, leadership development, interview coaching and assertiveness skills training. Assertiveness requires the ability to be forceful, in a respectful way, as well as the ability to listen. There are times when it may be appropriate to be passive, or other times when you must take a more aggressive stance. But conversations that include thoughts and feelings are more powerful, more rewarding, and more likely to have a positive effect on all concerned. Typically individuals are formed into teams of 2, 3 or 4 people depending upon overall class size and then given 10-20 minutes to read the case study and to answer the 3 questions asked. In addition, on the back page is a simple topic specific application template than can be copied and handed out for future use by individuals. By purchasing this product, you are entitled to print one copy of the entire booklet for your personal use. The EQi 2.0 Handbook describes these as “buckets” for organization the subscales, which provide finer detail about the results.

Instead, it involves personal and professional development aided by normal personality and emotional intelligence assessments and other valid psychometric tools and coaching. I provide normal personality and emotional intelligence assessments, assessment interpretation and feedback, and professional development planning and training activities for lawyers, judges, other legal services providers, and their organizations.
Although assertiveness training might not be a solution to all of your interpersonal problems, you should however gain a deeper insight into the type of assertive skills you need to apply, enabling you to regain some control over your life. The one day assertiveness training  is delivered in-house for organisations within Melbourne in a highly interactive and engaging way.
Do your research however, so that you can have some confidence that the course content is in line with what you are wanting to learm, and that the course presenter is well-experienced in delivering assertiveness training As a guide, the cost of attending a one day assertiveness training course can range from between $250 to $450. Strategies you can start using immediately to help boost your self-esteem, develop your self confidence and take control of your thinking. However, assertiveness is the only behaviour that’s designed to promote win-win outcomes.
They can do this individually or as a group and if desired, at the end of the allotted time each team can present its findings back to the whole group. David Caruso, of Yale University, one of the co-authors of that leading ability-based EI assessment.  Dr.

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