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While Apple’s reported development of heart rate-monitoring Earpods turned out to be a hoax, that doesn’t mean you have to wait for the Cupertino cult to turn fiction into fact if you want fitness feedback from your headphones.
Developed by Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, Eric Hensen, FreeWavz are fitted with “medical-grade pulse oximeters and accelerometers” which track a variety of stats to help you stay healthy.
They also offer dual sets of onboard microphones, one of which is dedicated to filter in ambient noise from your surroundings to keep you safe and environmentally aware.
FreeWavz still has about $240,000 of its$300k Kickstarter goal to raise in the next 28 days. To raise awareness, the company has enlisted some minor fitness celebrities, including tennis pro Adrian Menendez, two-time Olympian runner Ryan Hall, and Pan American Gold Medalist runner, Sara Hall. If you’d like to get onboard, there were still around 200 early adopter FreeWavz left available at the time of publication, priced at $179. While we obviously have no idea what kind of audio performance the FreeWavz will offer, they do provide some seriously enticing features for the fitness inclined – the fully wireless connectivity and environmental awareness features alone might make it worth checking them out. Consider a general search of the Web using a variety of search engines.  While Google is probably the most popular search engine, you should try others like Bing and Yahoo to achieve comprehensive search because top results from search engines don't always overlap. Keep in mind that searching on the Web means that you will want to take a little extra time to evaluate sources (websites) for quality, authority, and accuracy. Good luck with your grey literature search and be sure to ask our librarians if you have any other questions. The right of reproduction grants the copyright owner the right to exclude others from reproducing (for example, photocopying) the copyright protected work, while the right to prepare derivative works gives the copyright owner the right to exclude others from creating works based on the protected work. The right of distribution gives the copyright owner the exclusive right to distribute their work to the public by sale, rent, lease, or lending. Available in both English and Spanish, the NIH Toolbox resources are available for use at no-cost to the researcher.
Judy wrote in her Director’s column last issue about her retirement, but I want to share some specifics of her influence on the library, the university and the medical library profession.
Judy began her medical library career as a hospital librarian at the University of South Alabama Medical Center 25 years ago. Judy’s influence on our profession is evidenced by the many awards she has received from library associations to which she has been a member, including being named a Fellow of the Medical Library Association (MLA) and most recently, the T.
Judy’s influence on The University of South Alabama community, because of her active membership, and in many instances, leadership roles while serving on numerous committees in the libraries, the College of Medicine, campus and at the hospitals, has been great--helping to bring the university to where it is today.
I would suggest that Judy’s influence on each person she meets is possibly her biggest accomplishment. To reduce crowding in our popular lobby area and provide better research assistance, the Baugh Biomedical Library has moved to a single service desk located at the building entrance way. In other words, grey literature is created by researchers and practitioners in various fields, but is not controlled by commercial publishing.
Grey literature in the health sciences is crucial for developing a comprehensive view of research on a particular topic and is often used for rigorous approaches to evidence synthesis, like systematic reviews.

Stay tuned for Part II in our grey literature series, which will contain some great links to grey literature sources. Developed by a group of physicians, theNNT is a free online resource that strives to evaluate therapies based on their patient-important benefits and harms as well as a system to evaluate diagnostics by patient sign, symptom, lab test or study. More information on theNNT, which is now linked from the Biomedical Library's Databases page, can be found in this recent segment from the PBS Newshour, "How one doctor is prescribing data to improve healthcare".
In 2015, three nursing journals have been added to the Biomedical Library's collection.
Clinical Pharmacology is updating the Drug-Drug Interaction Report function in the Clinical Pharmacology electronic reference tool. As new drugs and combination drug products become more prevalent and sophisticated, Clinical Pharmacology's drug interaction reporting is evolving to reflect this complexity and to ensure accurate and relevant alerting.
Issue alerts when at least one ingredient administered via a dosage form that is not traditionally considered systemic, but is known to have a systemic effect. Clinical Pharmacology Drug-Drug Interaction Report is expected to be available by the end of January 2015. Kaltura is an open source online video platform providing both enterprise level commercial software and services, fully supported and maintained by Kaltura, as well as free open-source community supported solutions for video publishing, management, syndication and monetization.
Monitoring includes heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and even oxygen saturation, all of which is delivered to an app on your phone, and transmitted audibly.
The earpieces also claim to offer a superior fit with a 4-point system that’s ergonomically designed and layered with a rubberized shell that’s sweat and water resistant.
Users can adjust the sound mix on each earpiece independently from 100 percent environmental isolation, to 100 percent listen-through, to filter out music entirely. Still, it will be a daunting task to crowdfund nearly a quarter million dollars in less than a month. From there, the next level is $199 with 5,000 pairs left available, stretching all the way up to the $10,000 level, which awards you with four sets of FreeWavz, lunch with the development team, and, for some reason, a trip to Disney World. Less than 10% of the web is indexed by search engines, with the remaining 90% of web content called the Deep Web. You can also limit your search to pdf documents (the format many of these reports are stored in). However, there is an exception to the right of distribution called the first sale doctrine: after the first sale or distribution of the work, the copyright owner no longer has the distribution right.
She progressed to a site coordinator position and then on to an assistant director, interim director and to the director’s chair, where she has served since 2007. You can always reach the USA Biomedical Library reference service during our open hours through any means listed on the Ask-A-Librarian page. Groups that produce grey literature may include government, industry, advocacy or other organizations that disseminate information in the form of reports or working papers, rather than by publishing scholarly articles in commercial journals.  Grey literature is usually not indexed in databases and so can be a puzzle to find.

Grey literature is particularly important in the area of health policy where health technology assessments, economic evaluations, health systems impact assessments and comparative effectiveness research are of special interest. High quality, evidence-based studies and systematic reviews form the basis of theNNT, and link outs to the primary articles via PubMed are provided.
You may access them from the Journal Search link on our homepage or directly from the following links.
In response to user questions and following an editorial review, Clinical Pharmacology is developing more detailed and granular responses for both single and multi-ingredient drug products.
For example, Erythromycin Oral Tablets and Ketoconazole Topical Shampoo will not result in a response on the report, but Erythromycin Oral Tablets and Ketonazole Oral Capsules will. But that’s really just the start of the wide feature set FreeWavz hopes to deliver to its backers. Additional features include onboard volume control, a multi-function button for receiving phone calls and controlling music playback, and a max eight hour battery runtime. Government document resources at the University of South AlabamaDocuTicker collects abstracts from 'grey literature': PDF reports published by government agencies, think tanks, NGOs, research institutes and other public interest groups. It works like this: I write a book, and copyright in the book attaches from the time I first put the book in a tangible medium of expression. As before, the staff there will be able to assist you with room reservations, printing, and book checkouts.
They are linked to the database searches, so faculty and students are able to get the full text articles from these journals while searching on CINAHL and other databases. I hold the right of distribution and can forbid others from distributing it without my permission. She has served in leadership positions in the Medical Library Association, Association of Academic Health Science Libraries, Consortium of Southern Biomedical Libraries, Southern Chapter, Medical Library Association, Alabama Health Libraries Association, Alabama Library Association, and the Bay Area Library Association. They will also be able to connect you with a medical librarian for more in depth help with questions for your research, classwork, or clinical practice. Judy currently holds a distinguished level membership in the Academy of Health Information Professionals. Reference librarians and library assistants are now empowered to meet users in the many quiet meeting spaces in the library, including the study rooms where they are already working and offices with meeting spaces that allow for in depth coversation, searches, and instruction.
After a book has been purchased (the first sale of a copy), “the copyright holder has no say over how that copy is further distributed.

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