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Biofeedback is a system that allows your body to talk to you, and tell you what it wants and needs. Remember, stress is the foundation of 87% of all illnesses.  Biofeedback gives you the tools to decrease the negative impact of stressors in your life. The INDIGO™ System is a biofeedback device designed for stress reduction, muscle re-education and pain management. Biofeedback techniques enable you to harness the power of your mind combined with technology to reduce stress.
There are two reasons why biofeedback is important for your stress management.Not all forms of stress are noticeable.
Have you ever noticed increased tightness in your shoulders and neck after a hard day's work? I have used electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback with students at university to highlight the power of relaxation techniques to alter brain waves. When stressed, your body secretes more sweat in anticipation of fighting or fleeing from the stressful situation. This increased sweat gland activity (usually invisible to the eye) increases your body's skin conductance and electrical activity.Galvanic skin response (GSR) biofeedback detects these changes in electrical current and is recorded digitally or by an auditory signal.
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Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. Biofeedback therapy involves training patients to control physiological processes such as muscle tension, blood pressure, or heart rate. These processes usually occur involuntarily, however, patients who receive help from a biofeedback therapist can learn how to completely manipulate them at will. Biofeedback is typically used to treat chronic pain, urinary incontinence, high blood pressure, tension headache, and migraine headache. Therapists can measure a patient's performance by attaching electrodes to their skin and displaying the processes on a monitor. During a biofeedback session electrodes will be attached to the patient's skin, which sends information to a monitoring box. Sessions are typically less than an hour long - most people will begin to see positive results after 8 sessions. There is a whole range of health conditions that experts believe can be treated with biofeedback therapy.
Other benefits of biofeedback therapy are that it is noninvasive and can be an alternative to medications, which is particularly useful for pregnant women. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research currently recommends biofeedback therapy as an effective form of treatment for urinary incontinence, based on very promising findings in clinical studies.
Researchers at the Narayana Dental College and Hospital in India set out to determine whether biofeedback therapy might help control children's anxiety when receiving dental restorations. Raynaud's disease is a condition that causes some parts of the body to feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or emotional stress.
Some studies also indicate that thermal biofeedback can help alleviate symptoms of Raynaud's disease, with reports revealing that 80-90% of patients experienced improved circulation and a reduced frequency of symptoms after therapy. Findings published in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, found that biofeedback treatment can successfully retrain muscles which cause chronic constipation. Scientists at the University of Lubeck in Germany found that electrical stimulation combined with biofeedback therapy helped patients with fecal incontinence. They reported in the International Journal of Colorectal Disease that "There is sufficient evidence for the efficacy of BF (biofeedback) plus ES (electrical stimulation) combined in treating fecal incontinence.

Biofeedback is also more effective than two other treatments for a type of chronic rectal pain called levator ani syndrome, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Nocturnal bruxism is the clenching, bracing, grinding or gnashing of the teeth and jaws during sleep. A team at The Turner Dental Hospital, Manchester, UK, explained in the British Dental Journal that a range of treatment strategies have been used to control nocturnal bruxism, including hypnosis, splint therapy, acupuncture, occlusal equilibration and physical therapy. Out of the 19 patients in the study, eleven (58%) reported a significant reduction in the occurrence of headaches and jaw-muscle discomfort on waking up in the morning. The study authors concluded "The use of biofeedback could reduce the level of parafunctional activity and bring about meaningful symptomatic improvement.
Researchers at Haskins Laboratories, Connecticut, USA, carried out a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment program that included ultrasound biofeedback for children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) with persisting speech sound errors.
In addition to treating certain health conditions, biofeedback therapy can be an integral part of performance optimization at the highest level.
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Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:MLANordqvist, Joseph. For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page. Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. How Biofeedback Can Improve Your Health Improved health without medication Experience more calm and peaceful feelings Improved ability to overcome addictions More awareness of positive lifestyle choices Age gracefully, look younger Improved clarity and mental acuity Pain management and relief More energy and zest Increased ability to balance a busy life Better relationships at home and work Improved sleep patterns More ability to pursue your life's purpose Relaxation Leads to Self-Healing The ability to relax is crucial in allowing yourself to activate your self-healing capabilities. We are surrounded by so many sources of stress, like a noisy, or cold or hot or polluted environment, or poor sleep or diet or the BIG one…our own stressful thinking… that it can start to feel like the consequences of stress are just part of a normal busy life. And while there may be many causes of stress, most of us follow a predictable pattern for dealing with stress-no matter what the stressor. In fact, relieving stress in your daily life begins with the simple technique of observation. In this series I’ll be giving you a selection of tips for understanding stress and how it affects you as well as simple stress relieving techniques. It may sound strange but how we breathe has a lot to do with how well we are managing stress. If you have children in your life, you will likely observe them taking breaths that begin with their belly moving out. Now observe how the adults in your life are breathing…does their breath start in the belly or chest? Notice when their breath one way or another…for instance when more stressed, you may notice a different breathing pattern than when they are relaxed. Notice how you breathe when you are calm and feeling safe and also when you are dealing with stress; like feeling rushed, overloaded, tired, hungry, in pain, angry or frustrated.
Brucker Biofeedback is a subtle and innovative training technique used to enhance mind-body control.
Through exercises patients will work on activating the muscles in the right way and to the right extent. Dr Brucker (1946 – 2008) was a charismatic professional with great love and respect for his patients, young and old. Biofeedback machines provide you with real-time feedback of your biological processes that you use to train the mind-body connection. Over time we adapt to everyday stressors - work pressure, daily hassles, relationship stress, or overwhelming responsibilities. Temperature or thermal biofeedback has been found to be useful in treating migraine headaches and Raynaud's phenomenon.

Students are often amazed at how they can train themselves to influence their brain waves and achieve alpha state.EEG biofeedback (nuerofeedback) involves placing electrodes on your head and monitoring your brain waves.
GSR biofeedback has been helpful in monitoring and controlling stress, hypertension, anxiety, and stuttering.If you liked biofeedback techniques then you may be interested in the definition of stress. When a person is stressed, their internal processes such as blood pressure can become irregular. The biofeedback therapist reads the measurements and through trial and error singles out mental activities that help regulate the patient's bodily processes.
A team at East Carolina University is working toward a portable biofeedback training program that could prevent or reduce PTSD.
In fact, it is a very popular choice over drugs, because it does not have any significant risks or cause undesirable side effects. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry, said biofeedback may open new avenues for cognitive and behavioral therapies; he was referring to a study that found people can control the activity of certain regions of the brain when they receive feedback signals by functional magnetic resonance brain imaging (fMRI). Sport psychologist Timothy Harkness used biofeedback training to help Abhinav Bindra win the gold medal in the 10 metres air rifle event at the Beijing Olympics. By providing subjects with external audio or visual feedback of finest nervous signals that reach the muscles and using electrodes to sense the signals, biofeedback provides a means for identifying, strengthening, and using these signals. This feedback provides a very powerful stimulus for patients to persevere and reach their goals. Aiming to improve the lives of those with neurological motor impairment, his innovative Brucker Biofeedback Method bridged the gap between neuroscience and rehabilitation and demonstrated many significant and surprising results.
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An EMG biofeedback machine provides feedback on the tension in your muscles via electrodes placed on your skin over the particular muscle group. This tension can manifest itself in tight shoulders and neck, back pain, TMG syndrome, or digestion problems.One successful stress management technique to ease muscular tension is progressive muscle relaxation.
You learn to change your brain waves to alpha waves, characterized by increased relaxation and calmness, with various relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques.When I use EEG biofeedback I place two electrodes on either side of the forehead and one on the inion (back of the head). Biofeedback therapy teaches these patients certain relaxation and mental exercises which can alleviate their symptoms.
This method employs precise techniques to restore lost functions in individuals with neural impairment. Through software and biofeedback games it is possible to monitor and train yourself to achieve a relaxed and calm state.EEG biofeedback is used for anxiety disorders, stress, depression, insomnia and chronic pain. Stress creates wear and tear on your body with the subtle changes in your body going unheeded. You are able to recognize muscular tension early by the use of EMG biofeedback on a regular basis.
Biofeedback raises our awareness to make changes to reduce stress.You learn to harness the power of your mind to control your biological processes in response to stress. Trial participants were given the Grindcare device, a biofeedback device made by Medotech, and told to wear it every night for five weeks. Using advances in technology, psychology, and physiology allows you to observe and then master subtle body changes to cope with stress.

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