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The Creator’s Calendar website is often asked our thoughts on the Book of Enoch as it relates to some particular Scriptural point of view.
For thousands of years the entire world has been spoon-fed artificial time measuring methods that are 180 degrees opposite of the ordained WAY OF THE MOST HIGH, as borne out in Scripture.
It is only as the shamayim (heavens) have been taken captive by the supplanting of pagan time-measuring principles that usurp the original plan of the Creator, that the Mazzaroth (Job 38:32), referring to the Zodiac has become paganized. Lunar-Astro-Line Time is the Creator’s standard for marking time that is confirmed by Scripture in multiple places and ways. Three Scriptural witnesses identify that the Eternal Yahuah ordained the passage of time was to be marked by the movement of the full moon against the backdrop of the twelve starry constellations during the night, while the sun rules alone by day. Then Alahim made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night with the stars.
Thus says Yahuah, Who gives the sun for a light by day, the ordinances [laws] of the moon and the stars for a light by night, who disturbs the sea, and its waves roar. Not surprisingly, the Lunar-Astro-Line Time is the exact opposite of Solar-Line Time, as shown below. Also, note that it is impossible to accurately depict the spiral lunar orbit as it changes length from year to year.
Stunning historical evidence has accurately documented that indeed when the ancient Israelites were obedient to Yahuah they followed the lunar phases for their New Moon day, and counted each lunar civil calendar date from the New Moon to arrive at each specific qodesh Feast Day. This astroplot below illustrates the ever-growing in popularity, Enoch solar calendar with its Solar-Line Time entirely independent of the moon. While this calendar entirely disregards any New Moon of Scripture, it is surprising how many folks claiming solo Scriptura continue choosing to support and teach this form of time-keeping, if for no other reason than the fact that Scripture refers to the New Moon over 300 times. So it is that any method that falls short of the Creators template for time-keeping is unlawful within His Kingdom. To the Torah and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no LIGHT in them. The Torah refers to the first five books of the Tanakh (OT), or it can include the entire Tanakh. Although, there are many intriguing arguments supported by the proponents of the Flat Earth theory, there remains ONE UNANSWERABLE OBJECTION that appears to be the unconquerable SWORD OF TRUTH.  So what is it?  The one unanswerable objection to the flat earth theory is a full moon LUNAR ECLIPSE! A lunar eclipse is the visible manifestation that all may behold, both young and old alike. In contrast to this physical and visible phenomena of the sun, the Flat Earth Theory folks must deny their own eyes.  They teach that the sun glides along relatively low and just above the clouds.

This idea of a flat earth is no laughing matter as the folks jumping on this track are dead serious. There are other problems with the Book of Enoch, which directly attack the truths of Scripture.
For these reasons alone, in order to remain a consistent follower of Yahuah, one must choose between the Scriptures or the Book of Enoch (and the other fictional works) that have been passed down that remain in conflict. It is our firm belief that if we say we are Scripture followers, then we must remain true to Scripture. So you can see that even before the time of the Messiah there were those teaching the merits of the Book of Enoch. Here is a short list of reasons why this website continues not to utilize the Book of Enoch for calendation principles, or any other foundational belief.  This article discusses three points. This is further driven by the egregious changes made in all the translations of Scripture that serve to cover-up the full moon as the original New Moon of Creation and support whatever is fashionable among the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, and even the modern Jews. Add this to the pagan view that the date of one’s birth among the twelve signs determines personality or events, and this becomes cause enough for Scripture believers to throw the whole thing out.
What this means is that the sun is not visibly in the scenario, although it is in perfect alignment of by night of sun, earth, full moon, and starry constellations.  This is the perspective as viewed from earth by night by an imaginary straight line drawn from earth through the full moon to mark a ruling starry constellation, or vice versa. This means that a changing of the guard, so to speak, for the New Year’s Day, New Moon day, and new calendar date was designed to be announced in the night to begin at the next sunrise. As a result, the New Moon lunar phase utilized to depict the Scriptural Lunar-Astro-Line Time is strikingly contrasted to all the forms of solar reckoning whether they utilize a New Moon or not, as with the Gregorian and Enoch calendar.
In fact it was an abomination to follow the solar calendar of the neighboring pagan nations. This is twice the number of times that reference is made to the Sabbath.  In this model, the sun is the primary time indicator, which continues to mark the ruling constellation of stars on the opposite side of the universe by day, when they are neither visible nor ruling according to Scripture’s standards.
Anyone continuing to follow a Solar-Line-Time system once they have been shown ample evidence, remains in rebellion to their Creator. The Testimony denotes the seven prophetic qodesh Feast Days ordained to tell the Messiah’s salvation story every year from beginning to end, and from full New Moon to full New Moon. Continuously, and without interruption, the sun shines on this spherical shaped earth, which acts like an umbrella, casting a round shadow into space. Many good hearted folks are being deceived by this issue at a time when the focus should be on the real conspiracy of the changes in Scripture relating to the Names of Yahuah and Yahusha and the entire calendar set forth at creation. This includes the teaching that Satan and His demonic host of fallen messengers can procreate (with seed) by having relations with the women of earth to produce giants, a unique group of people who have no hope of salvation even if they desired it.

In spite of this, Yahuah’s true followers, those who seek for truth with all their hearts and obey, will be restored and come forth triumphant from earth’s dark pit of deception into His Kingdom and marvelous FULL LIGHT OF TRUTH. From earth’s perspective on the first night of each lunar-astro year this occurs when the full moon arises closest to the feet of the woman Bethula (Virgo) and no higher than her waist (Revelation 12:1), announcing the New Year will begin the next morning at sunrise. In contrast, since the time of Nimrod and the creation of the sun-cult, the pagan nations of earth have in rebellion to their Creator, proactively changed His ordered arrangement to be opposite.
Although, it is the belief of this website, that the modern Jews are now 180 degrees off from the original New Moon, there remains a remnant of truth in their current tradition of measuring time for the Feast Days by the moon.
No doubt the Testimony also includes the entire Renewed Covenant (NT), revealing the life of the Messiah. In a lunar eclipse the full moon passes through this round shadow made by the earth several times a year, either in a partial eclipse (penumbra) or a total eclipse (umbra).
The following verses are just two of many that identify that the Messiah came to this world to save anyone who calls upon His name. The time beaconed from the Mazzaroth in the shamayim is the very signature of the Eternal, the Creator of all.
For while the full New Moon rules together with the stars by night, the new day always begins at sunrise. They utilize the sun ruling by day as the marker of the stars by day when they are not even visible, announcing the new day to begin at sunset of midnight.  But what does Scripture say?
The Enoch calendar is all about the sun and the vernal equinox with consistent 30 day months. The Messiah has already made a way of escape and is now restoring His divine truths to those who seek to be obedient.
The Torah and the testimony are like a GPS Unit that pinpoints where the truth may be found.
But additionally, each lunar month the full moon arises in the east and marks the ruling constellation for that specific month.
If the Book of Enoch, or any other writings considered to be inspired, come between a person and the TRUTH as found in the Torah and the testimony, then they can no longer claim Scripture as their foundation or guide, and there is NO LIGHT in them. Then an additional day is added on the last day of the year, bringing the total number of days of the year to 365.

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