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Althea and Gabriel played together as children on neighboring estates and she knows him very, very well.
Aware that he can''t resist a challenge, she conceals her identity behind a heavy black veil, pretending to be a mysterious, widowed countess.
For despite her disguise, Gabriel finds the woman alluring and he is powerless to deny her. Intrigued, Gabriel agrees to help her, both because of her plea for help and because the beautiful mystery woman represents a personal challenge that he finds irresistible.
Althea extracts a promise from Gabriel that he will not attempt to discover her identity and will not remove her veil.

Because of their barely polite truce, Althea is unprepared for Gabriel''s wild attraction to her countess persona and she falls more deeply in love with him. Gabriel hasn''t a clue that the mysterious veiled countess is really Althea, for the lady adamantly refuses to remove her veil. He finds himself charmed and seduced by the countess while frustrated beyond belief that she won''t reveal her identity. For Althea, the pressure of maintaining her disguise is great and one evening, she makes a fatal slip.
The ensuing confrontation with Gabriel turns both of their worlds topsy-turvy and complicates solving the mystery of her family fortune.

There is something very intriguing about a hero and heroine who believe they know each other well, yet see each other in a very different light when they come together as intimate strangers. As always, the supporting cast of characters is charming and includes the growing numbers of the Cynster clan.

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