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CLASS MEETS AT 362 MAIN STREET IN REISTERSTOWN, MD 21136 AT THE CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING. In “Loving-Kindness”, Sharon Salzberg, a leading American spiritual teacher, explores the ancient traditional Buddhist practice of mindfulness and lovingkindness, which are the foundations of her work. She explains Lovingkindness Meditation as a way to break down artificial mental barriers that we create between ourselves and others. In this profound but simple book, Salzberg shows how this practice of loving kindness is revolutionary because it can bring about radical changes that allow us to overcome our fears of intimacy and develop a genuine sense of compassion for others. The quotations are drawn from beloved writers and thinkers such as the Tao Te Ching, Rumi, Zen Haiku, and the great poets like Wordsworth and Rilke.
These distilled gems of  wisdom can be revisited again and again, bringing  wonder and light into your life. This is a compelling guide to reconciling Buddhist spirituality with the western way of life, written by American psychologist and Buddhist master, Jack Kornfield. In A Path With Heart, Kornfield describes the cycles of the spiritual path, the seeds of wisdom that are contained in difficulties, and the transformational effects of compassion.
This is a beautiful and inspiring little book that distills the experience and wisdom of Zen in an economical guide for beginners. In the first part, he gives instruction on how to meditate and covers the basics like the importance of correct posture to create a state of consciousness, the power of concentration on breathing, and the hara as the spiritual and physical centre of the body, all illustrated with beautiful photographs.
This book is a little gem that captures the essence of Zen in a simple to read manner and can be recommended for beginners or more advanced students alike. Shunryu Suzuki is a most respected Japanese Zen master and founder of the San Francisco Zen Center. Suzuki always returns to the basic concept of the beginner’s mind, which he describes as a recognition of our own true nature and how every moment is a new beginning.
Rob Nairn is one of the world pioneers in presenting Buddhist philosophy and practice in a way that is accessible to the Western mind. Nairn integrates the insights of modern psychology with the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism to explain how our mind works and how to it is possible to tame it to discover happiness and peace. In Diamond Mind, he writes with great simplicity, clarity and humour and helps us understand how we can train our minds to refrain from generating anxiety, desire and anger which obscure our natural happiness. The book is laid out in eight sections with specific practices and question and answer sessions.
This excellent book is suitable for individuals or by groups and has an appendix for group facilitators.
This is beautifully written book by Thich Nhat Hahn, the revered Zen meditation master and Nobel Peace nominee from Vietnam. This slim book is a classic guide, written in a gentle and poetic style, which is very easy to read, yet very deep. In this book Thich Nhat Hanh offers a treasury of gentle anecdotes and precise teachings and techniques that will keep you grounded in the moment amidst the stresses of everyday lives.
Pema Ch?dr?n, the American-born Buddhist nun, is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost instructors in meditation practice. In this book, Ch?dr?n offers the basics of mindfulness awareness practice, including suggestions on proper posture, breathing and relaxation.
Eline Snel’s little book of mindfulness exercises for children (and parents) offers activities and insights on how to help kids focus their attention, calm down, manage challenging behavior and develop patience and self-acceptance.

Snel points out that kids are naturally curious by nature and are capable of intense concentration.
The exercises are accessible and fun, like the simple one to get out of your head by shifting your thoughts out of your head and into your belly where your thoughts cannot get to you and everything is calm.
The book is accompanied by a CD with guided meditations, in the voice of Myla Kabat-Zinn, for the parent and child to practice together. Christophe Andre, French psychiatrist and respected meditation teacher, takes a fresh and innovative approach to mindfulness in this stunningly beautiful book. Andre describes mindfulness as “intensifying our presence to the moment, stilling ourselves to absorb it, instead of escaping it or trying to alter it”.
The book is organized into four areas: Becoming Aware, Living with the Eyes of the Mind Wide Open, Passing through Storms, and Opening and Awakening. Please do and find out about all our events, sales, special notices, and talk to each other! Salzberg is the co-founder of Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and has played a major role in bringing the ancient Asian Buddhist practices of “Vipassana” and “Metta” to the West. Her approach is based on the ancient Buddhist meditation practice, “Metta”, which dates back 2,600 years. Collard gives simple 5 and 10 minute meditations and physical exercises to combat stress and anxiety , cope with fear, eat better, deal with change and, ultimately, experience more joy in life. He outlines the process of inner transformation and the integration of the spiritual dimension into our daily routines. It is written by John Daido Loori, one of America’s leading Zen masters and the celebrated founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in New York. The second part is a talk where Loori imparts Zen teachings on interconnectedness in a vibrant and poetic way. He has a unique ability to explain ancient Buddhist concepts and practices in modern and accessible terms. He offers a psychological perspective to make it easier to understand and apply these ancient Buddhist teaching to our busy 21st century lives. He covers topics like: what is meditation, attitude and expectations, hidden obstacles to practice, the unsettled nature of the mind, practices for stabilizing the mind and more.
He teaches us mindfulness skills to use every day, that will bring you to a place of inner calm, and show you how the small everyday activities can be incredibly rewarding. She is a prominent figure in Tibetan Buddhism and senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, founded by Ch?gyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Her style is gentle, straightforward and humorous, and her guidance in how to develop a steady meditation practice is illuminating for both beginners and experienced practitioners. She gives insights into overcoming common obstacles like physical discomfort, how to work with difficult emotions, wandering attention, drowsiness and more. It contains eleven step-by step practices that give examples, scenarios, anecdotes as well as personal parenting stories from the author. The problem is they become overwhelmed with tiredness and distractions because they have to juggle too many activities at home and in school.
The author also shares stories of her experiences in the classroom where exercises had a positive impact on kids’ stress levels and confidence.
He explores 25 aspects of mindfulness practice through appreciation of classic works of art, by showing us how to open our eyes and perceive the riches in front of us.

In his reflective and poetic style, he guides us to appreciate how works of art embody and capture the essence of mindfulness. To these classes Susan brings her years of experience with many different types of meditation including Vedic, Vipassana, Jewish and Buddhist studies. She guides you through the different meditation practices to dissolve feelings of isolation and awaken your innate sense of compassion. He outlines the key principles of Buddhist teachings and shows their relevance to the unique needs of the contemporary mind. He writes in a simple, warm and direct style that is easy to read as he guides the reader to establish simplicity and balance in all aspects of life.
His book, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, is a great modern spiritual classic, and is a transcription of his talks at the centre. He takes us through simple, practical ways to develop our skills of mindfulness and uses everyday activities like washing dishes or peeling an orange to show us how we can cultivate awareness in the present moment by being fully aware of what is going on around us. He includes 32 mindfulness exercises that can transform our lives, including ones for breathing, walking, making tea, bathing and more. A prolific and inspiring author, she is known around the world, and especially throughout North America, for her meditation retreats and vibrant teachings.
She also gives invaluable advice on bringing the benefits of your practice into your everyday life by learning the art of being truly present. By bringing what she calls “friendly attention” to everything they do, we can foster their understanding of their own inner world as well as the outside world. She describes an exercise to build awareness, where kids had to examine the texture, feel, size and taste of raisons with their eyes closed. This light-hearted group is a perfect sangha (community) for those seeking a place to meditate and meet others along the path. By following this practice, she shows how you will become free from needless suffering, discover happiness in life, and enjoy a greater sense of connection with others. Collard is a mindfulness teacher, psychologist and stress management consultant and she describes mindfulness as an easy way to let go of stress and be fully present in the moment.
His teachings are equally relevant to complete beginners or those with years of experience. Here he discusses a wide range of topics from the details of posture and breathing in meditation, to concepts of transience, emptiness, mindfulness, and enlightenment.
This is an invaluable book for anyone interested in Zen meditation and can be re-read many times by more advanced meditators for inspiration and focus. Kids noticed afterwards that they had never really notices the qualities of a raison before because they had not taken the time to be attentive. She shows how mindfulness is an easy way to manage the stresses of the modern world without having to commit to setting aside hours for meditation each day. This is an easy and colourful guide to simple, yet highly effective ways to slow down and develop a greater awareness of your thoughts and actions. Many people have been able to create a regular meditation practice by anchoring their week with this group meditation.

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