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Here at Nat Geo Channel, we believe that smarter is better – a belief that is reflected in our Emmy-nominated hit series Brain Games, an interactive show full of illusions, challenges and experiments that showcase the extraordinary nature of the human brain.
Tonight, we kick off a brand new season of Brain Games with a double-dose of all-new episodes.
60 percent of people lie at least once during a 10 minute conversation, and on average, tell two or three lies during that time. Each episode zooms in on a different aspect of how our brains work, in areas such as focus, fear, motion and persuasion.
You might think that everything you see is like high-definition TV, that you perceive the world around you in perfect detail. Your brain fills in the rest on its own, in order to save energy, so everything around you doesn’t immediately jump out and demand focus. Perhaps you have noticed, for instance, that while commuting to work you are thinking about all sorts of things that don’t involve being in the car, train or bus that you ride every day.
Apollo Robbins, a performer and expert in deception, takes advantage of that fact when playing card tricks and engaging in other trickery on the show. In one episode, he gets many volunteers to look through a deck of cards for the card they started with.
The show is particularly relevant now, given recent movements toward advancing brain science, Silva said. Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced a $100 million initiative called Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, or BRAIN. Another major brain research initiative is called the Human Brain Project, based in Europe.
The show’s executive producer, Jerry Kolber, said he wanted to make a game show where the viewer would also be contestants. Kolber said he was personally amazed by the episode on fear, in which the show explores how the stress we feel in modern life about things like an overflowing e-mail inbox are derivative of fear. New research ends age-old debate: Will you spoil your baby if you pick it up each time it cries?

Silva was at the Philadelphia science museum on Tuesday to film an episode of the popular TV show which features fun experiments that puts the brain in focus.
While chatting with "Brain Games" host Jason Silva at The Franklin Institute's restaurant, Franklin Foodworks, a 12-year-old fan of the National Geographic TV show walked by and caught a glimpse of her idol. And lo and behold, the average turns out to be a "very close approximation," to the actual number of gumballs in the jar, Silva said. Silva, who admitted to being science and technology nerd himself, began his TV hosting career on Al Gore's network, Current TV. It was a partnership with National Geographic that helped bring "Brain Games" to the Philadelphia museum, said Larry Dubinksi, Franklin Institute CEO. The film team for "Brain Games" wasn't finished with the City of Brotherly Love after leaving the museum on Tuesday.
Forgetfulness is more common in men than in women Study Hall presents recent studies as described by researchers and their institutions. From swiping our credit cards at the grocery store to feeding our spare quarters to the parking meter, money makes the world go around. And what was once an instinctive response to alert against predators has evolved into something entirely different.
Pleasurable music releases dopamine into the brain, so we hope this playlist activates the reward centers of your brain. First at 9P, we explore the shocking truth that color is just an illusion created by your brain. At least this is true according to a study of 121 college graduate students conducted by University of Massachusetts-Amherst psychologist Robert Feldman.
During each half-hour program, viewers engage in several games that show how our brains might not be operating the way we expect. Your brain has already stored a model of your environment, so you might not notice something unusual right next to you.
There’s a giant X in the middle of the screen and two cheerleaders on either side of it.

Scientists at the Human Brain Project are using supercomputers to simulate the way the brain works in order to understand it better. The fear response is something that evolved in humans, and dates back to when our primitive ancestors had to be on high alert in case of animal attacks.
This particular episode, filmed in the rotunda with the huge Benjamin Franklin statue looming in the background, had a group of 20 volunteers guess how many gumballs were in a jar, said Silva.
He also has his own YouTube channel on the TestTube network called "Shots of Awe" which explores "science, technology and existentialism," he said. And after the opening of the new "Your Brain" permanent exhibit at the museum, the pieces quickly fell into place.
The crew stayed in the City of Brotherly Love all week, Kolber said, hitting Eastern State Penitentiary and Independence Mall next. But money can be complicated – it can create competition, establish status, and cause stress.
A traffic jam or an angry boss isn’t going to kill you, but today it still elicits the same stress response from all those years ago. If you keep your eyes focused on the X, can you tell which one of the cheerleaders is actually a man wearing a skirt and a wig? Henry Markram at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland is leading this effort. The first regular season of the TV show aired last year and the second season is being shown now. When it comes to the group, there's no script, said Jerry Kolber, executive producer of the show. In January, the European Commission awarded this international effort about €1 billion ($1.3 billion).

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