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You initially begin on the home screen which lists loads of puzzles, each with a title and a brief intro. As there probably isn’t much originality in the puzzles themselves, the benefit of the app is that is gathers all these puzzles together in one useful place. I have to say, I love these kind of puzzles and have found that kids, teenagers and adults alike can be easily be drawn into completing them. There is not need for the accelerometer, there is no vibration and sound consists of small noises when you open a puzzle and when you reveal the answer.

AndroidTapp is the best Android App Reviews, Android Apps, Android News, Android App Recommendations, and Interviews with mobile app developers. You will probably have encountered many of them, but there are plenty that will be new to you. However, if you like to challenge your own logical ability, or that of those around you, this is an app you could open regularly. When you enter a puzzle question screen, you get the full question with three tabs at the bottom. I think because the puzzles themselves can most likely be found elsewhere, I’d think carefully as to whether this is genuinely worth it. These consist of a share button, an answer button and a heart button which saves that puzzle to your favourites.

While there is little in terms of original puzzles here (most are either adapted from various Internet sources or re-worded), it’s nice to have such a collection in your pocket. Additionally, there is a donation option, plus a link to buy a Special Edition which promises more puzzles to solve. My guess would be that most puzzles have been collected from various sources and implemented into the application.

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