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The first thing I do when hearing about any supplement meant to Make You Healthy? is see what the science-based medicine community has to say about it. Well its specifically magnesium chloride, I don't know whether or not it should be in powder form or not. The only stuff I see regarding magnesium chloride in particular are sites that also use the word 'detox' within the first couple of paragraphs, so I'm immediately wary. Good lord, you were referred to an aquarium supply store for magnesium (presumably for human consumption)?
The only form of magnesium that I know has internal uses over the counter is Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate heptahydrate).
It is used as a supplement in humans because Magnesium is important for nerve and muscle health.
If you’re lacking in cellular magnesium, it can lead to the deterioration of your cellular metabolic function, which in turn can snowball into more serious health problems. This includes migraine headaches,9,10 anxiety and depression (magnesium acts as a catalyst  for mood-regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin), fibromyalgia,11 cardiovascular disease, sudden cardiac death, and even death from all causes. Magnesium also plays a role in your body’s detoxification processes (including the synthesis of glutathione) and is therefore important for minimizing damage from toxic exposures. Perhaps most importantly, magnesium is vital for the optimization of your mitochondria, and this has enormous potential to influence your health, especially the prevention of cancer, but also for general energy and athletic performance. Mounting evidence suggests that most health problems can be traced back to mitochondrial dysfunction, so making sure you get the right nutrients and precursors your mitochondria need for optimal performance is extremely important for health, disease prevention, and exercise performance.
A century ago, people got an estimated 500 milligrams (mg) of magnesium from their diet, courtesy of the nutrient-rich soil in which the food was grown.
Organic unprocessed foods tend to be your best bet, but since the magnesium content of your food depends on the richness of magnesium in the soil in which the plant was grown, even organics are no guarantee you’re getting high magnesium content. Most soils have become severely depleted of nutrients, and for this reason, some magnesium experts believe virtually everyone needs to take supplemental magnesium. When your body has too much magnesium it flushes it out the other end, so in this way you can determine your own individual cutoff point.
If you struggle with headaches or migraines, magnesium threonate may be a good alternative for that reason as well. A primary risk factor for magnesium deficiency is eating a processed food diet, and the reason for this is because magnesium resides at the center of the chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium is also lost through stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and prescription drug use (especially diuretics, statins, fluoride, and fluoride-containing drugs such as fluoroquinolone antibiotics), and tend to decline in the presence of elevated insulin levels.13 These are all factors that affect a large majority of people in the Western world, so it’s not so surprising then that anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of Americans are thought to be deficient in magnesium. Unfortunately, no lab test will give you a truly accurate reading of your magnesium status.
The best way to maintain healthy magnesium levels is to make sure you’re eating plenty of dark-green leafy vegetables. Again, if you eat organic whole foods and show no signs of deficiency, you’re probably getting sufficient amounts from your food.
One ounce (28 grams) or raw cacao nibs contain about 64 milligrams of magnesium, plus many other valuable antioxidants, iron, and prebiotic fiber that help feed healthy bacteria in your gut. One medium avocado contains about 58 mg of magnesium, plus healthy fats and fiber, and other vitamins. Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds score among the highest, with one-quarter cup providing an estimated 48 percent, 32 percent and 28 percent of the RDA of magnesium respectively. Interestingly, fatty fish such as wild caught Alaskan salmon and mackerel are also high in magnesium.
One cup of winter squash provides close to 27 mgs of magnesium; about 7 percent of your RDA. Ranking high for magnesium are: papaya, raspberries, tomato, cantaloupe, strawberries, and watermelon. One of the major benefits of getting your nutrients from a varied whole food diet is that you’re less likely to end up with lopsided nutrient ratios. For example, it’s important to maintain the proper balance between magnesium, calcium, vitamin K2, and vitamin D.
While the ideal or optimal ratios between vitamin D and vitamin K2 have yet to be determined, Dr. As for how much vitamin D you need, I strongly recommend getting your vitamin D level tested twice a year (summer and winter) to help determine your personal dosage.
Remember, your need for magnesium can be magnified by factors such as advancing age, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, insulin resistance and diabetes, prescription drug use, an unbalanced gut microbiome, poor kidney function, and more.
Also remember that while it’s best to get your magnesium from your diet, many foods are likely to be deficient in magnesium and other minerals due to being grown in mineral-depleted soils.  Fertilizers like glyphosate actually act as chelators, effectively blocking the uptake and utilization of minerals. As a result, I believe it would be prudent for most people to consider a magnesium supplement. Personally, even though I eat organic and juice regularly, I still take a magnesium supplement. Recent PostsScientists Now Creating Synthetic Human Genomes May 16, 2016 Understanding Parapsychology May 16, 2016 Is Sulfur Good For Your Body? A journal, Neurology by Xiang Gao, a research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, is reporting a study of Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS.  It turns out that it can kill you. Maybe it would not be listed as ‘cause of death’ on a death certificate, but it is problematic when linked with other conditions.  In a study, Gao found that men with RLS had a 40 percent greater chance of dying, than those without the condition. In their study, Gao and colleagues tracked more than 18,000 men in their late 60s or older for eight years and found that among 690 with restless leg syndrome, 171, or 25% of the men with the disorder, died in that period. He also found that those with heart disease, high blood pressure, or cancer, were 92 percent more likely to suffer an early death if RLS was factored in.
Gao says the next step is to discover the cause of RLS.  It has never received the priority, and this study should move it up on the list. William Ondo, professor of neurology at the University of Texas’ Health Science Center, says that discovering the cause for RLS, and its possible effects on mortality is tricky. It’s the chronic inflammation that is causing the early deaths, not the restless legs.

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Wasn't too comfortable getting it since its for my mom and I wouldn't stomach the fact she would drink something made for a pool. Its easily found in flakes but can carry heavy metals that can be toxic to humans so I'm a bit fearful of buying it. It is digested as a salt because it dissociates and the Magnesium is then absorbed into the body. My mother doesn't tolerate Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Oxide very well, so I think she takes Magnesium Glycinate or something for her Magnesium supplement. This reflects the impact magnesium has on your biochemical processes, many of which are crucial for proper metabolic function. Your organs need energy to function properly, and that energy, known as adenosine triphospate or ATP, is largely produced in the mitochondria.
It is in part dependent on your oxidative capacity, meaning the ability of your muscle cells to consume oxygen, and your oxidative capacity relies on your mitochondria’s ability to produce ATP by consuming oxygen inside the cell.
However, in order for new mitochondria to be created, you must have sufficient amounts of magnesium. Carolyn Dean, author of “The Magnesium Miracle,” suggests using your intestinal reaction as a marker for your ideal dose. It seems to be most efficient at penetrating cell membranes, including your mitochondria, which can help boost your energy level. If you rarely eat leafy greens and other magnesium-rich whole foods (below), you’re likely not getting enough magnesium from your diet. The reason for this is because the vast majority of the magnesium in your body is found in bones and soft tissues. Dean’s book, “The Magnesium Miracle,” contains a far more exhaustive list of signs and symptoms, which can help you determine whether or not you might be deficient. Juicing your greens is an excellent way to increase your magnesium, along with many other important plant-based nutrients.
If you eat well but still exhibit deficiency signs, you may want to consider taking a supplement as well. They’re also a good source of potassium, which helps offset the hypertensive effects of sodium.
One ounce (28-grams) of cashews contains 82 mg of magnesium, which equates to about 20 percent of the RDA.
A half fillet (178 grams) of salmon can provide about 53 mg of magnesium, equal to about 13 percent of the RDA. Some of the most magnesium-rich varieties are coriander, chives, cumin seed, parsley, mustard seeds, fennel, basil and cloves.
Foods in general contain all the cofactors and needed co-nutrients in the proper ratios for optimal health. These four nutrients work together synergistically, and lack of balance between them is why calcium supplements have become associated with increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, and why some people experience vitamin D toxicity.
If you have any of these risk factors, or if you eat a lot of processed foods, you may want to a) reconsider your diet and b) consider taking a magnesium supplement. Alternatively, juice your vegetables, which will allow you to consume FAR more of them than you ever could if you ate them whole. Another strategy that can help improve your magnesium status is to take regular Epsom salt baths or foot baths.
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You've read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. I go on Amazon and barely find any convincing products, mostly in tablets when I'm being asked to get it in powder form. I don't have a lot of information on this and would rather not buy it but I'm kind of at gunpoint right now, metaphorically speaking of course. Start out by taking 200 mg of oral magnesium citrate per day, and gradually increase your dose until you develop slightly loose stools. More chronic magnesium deficiency can lead to far more serious symptoms such as abnormal heart rhythms and coronary spasms, seizures, numbness and tingling, and personality changes.
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That said, some specialty labs do provide an RBC magnesium test that can give you a reasonable estimate. This will also help you gauge how much magnesium you need to resolve your deficiency symptoms. When you rely on supplements, you need to become savvier about how nutrients influence and interact with each other in order to avoid getting yourself into trouble. If no-one is home to take the delivery, the postman should leave you a 'while you were out' card. Orders received after the deadline are dispatched on the next working day and will be delivered within 48 hours. In the event that the buyer prefers not to wait or accept an alternative item, we will gladly issue a full refund for the total amount of the original transaction.
My mom noticed a major difference when she started using a Magnesium supplement that she absorbed better (Oxide didn't work for her). Perhaps the best way to ascertain your status is to carefully evaluate and track your symptoms.
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