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As the world changes around us it can be imperative to not get stuck in a rut with our banking. A few years ago I moved to a new bank because they were ahead of the curve on points 1 and 4. For me, changing a bank account is a another whole level of magnitude on the seismic index. However, as you say, if staying with the current bank is more of a hassle than switching, it’s time to switch. I think the younger generations realize that changing banks isn’t that big of a deal, but the older generations definitely have an issue with it. MY EDIT, the mortal instruments, valentine morgenstern, point of view, tmiedit, clary morgenstern, jonathan morgenstern, jocelyn morgenstern, i don't really like this but i wanted all morgensterns together and playing with archetypes in literature is always fun, i don't like this because of the messages some of these convey in the end, evil incarnates with no chance for redemption and jonathan is so much more than that in my obsessively advocating for reforming, also mother figure?
March 1, 2013 By Problem Bank List Staff 1 Comment The number of banks on the FDIC Problem Bank List declined for the seventh consecutive quarter.  According to the latest FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile, the number of problem banks as of December 31, 2012, declined to 651 from 694 in the previous quarter. During the fourth quarter of 2012, the number of FDIC insured institutions declined by 99 banks due to 8 banking failures and mergers and acquisitions.

The number of banks in the United States has been in a steep decline for over a decade.  In 1996 there were a total of 11,454 FDIC insured institutions compared to only 7,083 at the end of 2012, a decline of over 38%. Due to my job and hectic life I needed to be able to bank on the fly and talk with a bank representative asap. Mainly because of the automatic payments going in and out of my account requiring considerable more effort to switch over. You could have all the perks and benefits but if your customer service is poor then they’ll all leave. I’ve heard some waive their fees if you setup automatic transfers between checking to savings.
When I call I don’t want to talk with a machine or listen to music for more than 3 minutes. When our bank accounts feel “safe” then we don’t worry, but as soon as the smallest thing goes wrong we want and need our banks attention immediately.
The only caveat to swtiching for me is the credit history you’ll lose if you get rid of your oldest card.

And if they aren’t offering you the best service then it’s time to change bank accounts. I was having trouble setting up automatic transfers (I know…easy right) with my old bank and when I called they couldn’t resolve it that day.
If you’ve been feeling that nudge or slight hint that it might be time to switch bank accounts for better benefits then here are a few key points to take home. This is the minimum standard and any deviance should be addressed either by the bank or you should change bank accounts. You might be comfortable today chatting with the Teller or Bank Manager you’ve known for years; but if the bank goes under you won’t be a happy camper with no money. Not everything can be done online or over the phone, so it’s important that their hours are flexible.

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