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In this tutorial we are going to cover the steps required to change the device name that appears while discovering bluetooth enabled Apple devices. Follow the same steps mentioned for iPhone (Step 1 to 4) to reach the Name screen on your iPad. A Software developer and blogger who is always looking to provide technical help to the wider community. Get your free copies of the following tech guides by joining the Digital Answers mailing list.
Your iPhone includes Bluetooth technology, and can identify itself to other Bluetooth devices.
Fortunately the iPhone device name can be changed rather easily, and it can be done directly from the device itself.
If you use Bluetooth with your iPhone a lot, then you may eventually encounter a situation where you want to connect more than one Bluetooth device to the iPhone at the same time. If you want to pair Plantronics Bluetooth Headset with Samsung GalaxySIII you have to Turn Bluetooth On or Off at first.
Before beginning, remember that you must be running OS X Yosemite on your Mac and iOS 8.1 or newer on your iOS devices in order for Instant Hotspot to work.
In order to use Instant Hotspot, you need to have a compatible iOS device and a compatible Mac running OS X Yosemite. In order to use Instant Hotspot, you'll need to be using a data plan with your carrier that supports tethering, since that's essentially what Instant Hotspot is. You'll need to make sure you have wifi and Bluetooth enabled on both your Mac and your iPhone or iPad in order for Instant Hotspot to work.

Many times, a simple reboot fixes many problems and for some folks, this is all it'll take to get Instant Hotspot working. For some users, simply changing the name of their iPhone or iPad via the Settings app seems to get Instant Hotspot working. Resetting the network settings on your iPhone or iPad can sometimes clear up issues with how your devices are communicating not only with your cellular carrier, but with other devices. Get a custom feed from your favorites sites and social accounts using Shared Links in Safari.
If you think it's time to break-up with Spotify, we're here to hold your hand as you cut the final chord—ahem—and cancel that subscription. Similarly on iPhone under Bluetooth settings, you should find the MacBook Pro’s name. A pre-defined name of the Bluetooth devices will be saved on your mobile and till now there is no way to change the name of it.
You will have to overwrite the existing file and verify its permission as well (It should have permission as 600). You can follow our guide below to find this setting and change your iPhone’s Bluetooth name to your preferred choice. This is used for other purposes besides Bluetooth device identification, such as identifying your device on a Wi-Fi network.
Press the blue Done button at the bottom-right corner of the keyboard when you have finished entering the new name.
The main appeal is that it can automatically detect all your devices so you don't have to fiddle with tethering settings.

In order to do this, check with your carrier to make sure that you're on a plan that allows tethering. Just remember that this will clear out all wifi hotspot passwords and connected Bluetooth devices as well, so you'll have to re-enter those. I did this a few days ago, among other desperate measures, and now realise that it must have been this that had caused the bottleneck. If you believe the content on this post violates your copyright, please send us a mail for removal.
We provide you with hot technology information, tools, and suggestions that help you to know the ever growing techy world better and better. However, some people have been experiencing connection issues or can't get the feature working at all.
Then reboot your iOS device that you're trying to use Instant Hotspot with by holding down the Power button and Home button until you see the Apple logo.
E779 BH-106, J20i, E2232 etc…The difficulty here is, it is not easy to find out which device the name corresponds to, until and unless the Bluetooth device it self had a meaningful name.
I know it is annoying, but luckily user [email protected] has found a way to change the name of Bluetooth devices in iOS.

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