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If you do not currently live in your country of nationality, you can probably obtain your visa for France in the country of your current residence, as long as you can prove that you are a legal resident there and not just a tourist. Visa (for the purpose of working in France, not as a visitor!) and there is NO fee for this. Long-stay visa holders will be allowed to reside in France for up to 12 months according to the validity of their visa and purpose of stay. When you apply for your visa, you will also need to include the OFII form so that the consulate can stamp it.
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Perhaps the most qualified person to answer these and other questions about English usage is Bryan A. In his new book, "Garner's Modern English Usage" (Oxford), Garner has made extensive use of big data to write more precisely than anyone ever before about English usage. Recently, I spoke with Garner about his new book, whether language is really changing much in the age of the internet and social media, his late friend and coauthor Antonin Scalia, and other subjects. Daniel McMahon: This new fourth edition of your main usage book, "Garner's Modern English Usage," replaces the third-edition "Garner's Modern American Usage." Besides the title, which we'll get to, what's different in the new book? If you want to know how often, for example, "between you and I" occurs in comparison with "between you and me" in print sources or current books, that information is now available to us, whereas previous lexicographers and usage writers simply had to guess.
Now that is an extraordinary thing to be able to say with confidence that they emerged in the middle of 17th century and flourished until the mid-19th century.
So often there will be entries that say, "This became standard in American English in 1880 and in British English in the early 1920s," or something like that. That would be a very difficult thing to say with any confidence if you couldn't rely on big data, and that's why no other usage book has ever had statements like that — because you would have had to guess. McMahon: Are there words that you once shunned that have now been accepted or are on their way to being accepted?
There are some words like "nauseous" where the bad form is now in the majority of instances, but it still says Stage 4 — it's not Stage 5 yet. I tried to contextualize all my searches, so if you want to do "home in on" versus "hone in on," you can't do "home in" versus "hone in" because you end up with a lot usages such as "She has a home in Malibu." So you have to use "homed in on" versus "honed in on" and then you get a good read on it.
McMahon: The title of the third edition reads "American Usage," but the new fourth edition reads "English Usage." Why the change? Garner: Well, in a way the title "Modern American Usage" was always slightly misleading because the book dealt heavily with British English as well as American English. With what I was able to do with ngrams and searching World English, British English, and American English, the word "American" was even more misleading to speakers of English around the world. The other thing is that, because of the dual meaning of "English," when you see "American Usage," people don't know what "usage" is, people don't know what usage books are.
And the book now makes all sorts of pronouncements, not only about British English but also about World English, because it's now possible to search that corpus. Garner: The facile answer is that language is changing more rapidly because of the internet and because usage spreads more quickly, people are exposed to new terms, new usages.

This is a very strange political season, and in terms of presidential contests, a very strange linguistic season as well.
If you were judging based on standard English among the frontrunners, Ted Cruz and Clinton are the closest to being standard speakers of English.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Click the orange sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. From Carolyn: Most assistants apply to the consulate that corresponds to the region where their parents live, or to the region where they attended university.
I know assistants coming directly from Taiwan and South Korea have had success in doing this. After your arrival in France, you will need to send it to the OFII along with a copy of your passport and the immigration stamp received at the border. Google gave him license to delve into its Google Books Ngram Viewer, which displays graphs showing how words have occurred in books over centuries. That's why Garner calls the use of ngrams "absolutely revolutionary" in the field of usage lexicography. There's a lot of that empirical evidence spread throughout the book, and in some cases my judgments about terms changed.
Once the ngrams became available, it took me a little time to start playing with ngrams and realize this is absolutely revolutionary in the field of lexicography.
Even the editors of the "Oxford English Dictionary" were having to guess based on the few citation slips in front of them. There was some guesswork involved in deciding whether something was Stage 4, Stage 3, Stage 2, but by doing the ratios I was able to tell that if something were 2-to-1 or 3-to-1, it might be Stage 4.
The reason for it, originally, was some sensitivity about not competing with Burchfield's third edition of Fowler ["Dictionary of Modern English Usage"]. So it's true; it has its origins in North America, and it has North American sensibilities, but it is very inclusive in terms of treating varieties of English throughout the world. One is, when you listen to Donald Trump, he has this very thumping style in which he repeats sentences almost verbatim the second time. I think even people who might be drawn to it will end up being repelled by it if they are thinking critically.
With Cruz, the difficult thing about listening to him is the nasality of his delivery, how nasal his voice is. The visa service generally defines your region of residency as the region where you have lived for the past 6 months, but this rule is not set in stone as there are a number of applicants who have just moved or graduated from college.
However, these long stay visa holders will have to register to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) during the first three months of their stay in France. The 57-year-old Texan has written 25 books, many of them award-winning, and he's the editor-in-chief of "Black's Law Dictionary," said to be the most widely cited law book on the planet. I made extensive use of corpus linguistics, and especially of Google Books and the ngrams, to assess the judgments that I've made in previous editions, and it was a most enlightening process.
I've added about a thousand new entries, a lot of them for connoisseurs — plural forms, some arcane plurals that weren't in the book before. The moment I played with a couple of ngrams, I realized this fundamentally changes the nature of usage lexicography.

But now we can apply big data to English usage and find out what was predominant until what year. One of them has "retributional," but all the others are "retributive," so you guess that "retributive" is the standard term. Every entry has essentially been rewritten using the information to be gleaned from ngrams.
I came up with a whole series of gradations that I was able to verify, based on print sources, what stages we had reached on the Language-Change Index. I think there were problems in bricks-and-mortar bookstores, even figuring out where to put the book. I'm speaking about much more than just grammar and usage now in terms of speaking styles, but the nasality of Cruz makes it difficult for listeners. Actually he had forgotten by the time we were having breakfast for the first time that Wallace’s essay was about my book. Please note that the new regulations applicable to long stay visas will require a longer processing time as they will serve as residence permits.
I've tried to make the book the most comprehensive treatment of English usage ever published.
Look at an old entry from "Modern American Usage" and see which words I added and how it changed in the new book. Burchfield was editor in chief of the Oxford English Dictionary Supplement in the 1970s, he noted that the center of gravity for the English language had shifted to North America. And apart from technological innovations that need new terminology, for the most part, literary English is exceedingly stable and very slow to change. And of course he has a series of about eight favorite adjectives that he uses again and again. He brought up the essay, and when I told him it was about "Modern American Usage," he said, "Well, your stock has just gone way up in my estimation." And we just hit it off over language. Google gave me a written license to use the ngrams in my work fully, to the extent that I wanted to, and I cross-checked as much as possible. Only true connoisseurs know what a usage book is, so the new title is more descriptive as well, to the everyday book person. So apart from technological innovations and new media, such as Twitter and Instagram and things of that kind that come into the popular vocabulary, I don’t think the internet is speeding up change all that much.
But Bernie Sanders is very difficult to listen to because one doesn't expect an educated American to have that kind of accent. Again and again, one sees British English and World English following the lead of American usage, often with a lag time of 10 to 50 years. But, on the whole, I think the fundamentals of language remain very much the way they’ve always been. The required documentation for proof of residency can vary by consulate, so please go to your consulate's website for more detailed information.
Before 1750, it's a little bit shaky because there are some anomalous things, and the optical character-recognition program, OCR, is a little bit tricky with a lot of the older text, so I don't trust the stuff from 1500 to 1750 all that much.

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