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I dona€™t know about you, but Ia€™ve missed a few memos that, apparently, everyone else got.
The next thing I missed was the memo on the little bumps on the f and j home keys of typewriters and computer keyboards.
I was a grown man in my fifties when I discovered another fact of which I alone seemed not to be aware: roadmap distances are measured from post office to post office, not edge of town to edge of town.
Of course, being a high school teacher means I ran into a number of cases of kids missing out on information shared by everyone else. Probably the most embarrassing missing of a memo was when a fellow teacher couldna€™t understand why the balloons she had filled with air, not helium, didna€™t rise as they were released at a school function of which she was in charge.
Speaking of teachers, how many times have I had to explain to first year teachers upon receiving their first payroll checks that the check seems a little smaller than promised because of income tax and and TRS retirement withholding. On another occasion my brother called me to ask how much I had to pay for health insurance. Twice each year, our military services change from winter to summer and from summer to winter uniforms. During President Obamaa€™s campaign for the Presidency, he stated that he had visited 57 states.
Wea€™ve all been present when someone mispronounces a word which everyone else got the standard pronunciation of in a memo which went out to all.
While wea€™re on the subject, Ia€™d like to point out to a great number of folks that you missed the pronunciation memo of a whole bunch of words. And while Ia€™m on a rant about missing the memos on pronunciations, I cana€™t leave out news people who while broadcasting live on television from a location in the field, mispronounce the name of the piece of ground he or she is standing on. I guess in a world that is rapidly changing, missing memos are more common today than ever before. I have a holistic dentist and just love how his methods are so pain free and take into account my overall health. After my pain free extraction, I told him how glad I was to have taken his recommendation to extract the tooth.  Knowing my interest in naturopathic approaches to health, Chris offered a few comments about dentistry.
Chris explained that in general dentists are trained to solve problems, usually by removing it or patching it up.

His comments got me thinking about my own adoption of the working smarter framework in my work with clients.
I think the tide is turning as organizations are discovering that supporting staff to work smarter is the best way to address long term sustainability needs.
After musing on those insights, I thought about my own history of work in in the non profit sector. In larger non profits there is the ongoing cycle of conferences and workshops but these kinds of training experiences are so one time and very little learning is brought back into the organization. With that insight, I understood how closely the holistic dentistry approach parallels the Working Smarter approach that I’m using more and more in my consulting work with organizations.
For example when I begin work with an organization I start by posing questions and listening closely so I can understand what makes the organization tick.
Armed with a solid understanding, I can begin the work of helping the organization integrate social learning, collaboration and supportive leadership activities into the workspace. Chris’s words helped me understand the importance of individuals (me) taking responsibility for their health and adopting life style practices that contributes to long term health.
Similarly, the Working Smarter framework invites leaders to take responsibility in a different way for the long term health (success) of the organization.
When leaders, support staff learning together so they can work and collaborate more effectively, the overall health of the organization is strengthened.  These are two incremental strategies that taken over time that can bring about a shift in workplace culture.
Research tells us it takes us up to two months of continual repetition to bring about a change in behaviour. Like my holistic dentistry analogy, an organization can choose a problem solving approach to strengthen the organization or it can decide that a more long term approach be taken that will change how the organization learns, innovates and creates solutions. Those sustaining factors from the Working Smarter perspective are staff learning, collaboration and leadership. Work is Learning – Learning is the WorkI believe the best way to manage your career in the network economy and the 21st century workplace is to adopt proven frameworks that help you hone your skills and guide your career development. My primary frameworks are: the Seek-Sense-Share (PKM) framework developed by Harold Jarche and the Modern Workplace Learning Framework (MWL) developed by Jane Hart. At a  recent dentist appointment for a tooth extraction, I discovered how the working smarter framework is similar to holistic dentistry.

Chris (my holistic dentist) explained to me that it was very important to remove a dead tooth because that tooth was steadily affecting other parts of my body, particularly the internal stomach organs. That approach calls for a more comprehensive understanding of the organization’s internal and external communications and then implementing a social strategy that supports staff learning and collaboration. The quick fix approach of signing up for a social networking sites without having a plan or even understanding why this might help the organization is coming to a close. My recollections are there is little support for lifelong professional development and sharing, learning and collaboration with colleagues. Another factor in play is that the typical non profit leader is focused on fund development, Board of Director relationships and maintaining important relationships with community partners.
I’m very attentive to the relationship structures and communication patterns inside and outside the organization. With that in mind, I think that if an organization is interested in making deeper cultural changes in how it learns, makes sense of complex issues and create adaptive solutions to difficult business conditions, the Working Smarter framework is a good choice. Chris for removing that poisonous, dead tooth and helping me see the big picture of what’s at stake for my own health. He said that many dentists recommend just leaving the dead tooth and mention nothing of the long term health implications of that option. The end goal of this approach is a stronger, more resilient organization, creating new solutions and deepening relationships with all stakeholders. The typical leader doesn’t invest time in empowering workers to collaborate together on complex problems affecting outcomes of the organization. He also emphasized the importance of asking probing questions to bring underlaying issues to the surface.
Fool me - you can't get fooled again.a€? Ia€™m sure each got the memo, but they plainly didna€™t remember it.

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