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First you are discouraged from changing your name and limited to the frequency you can do so.
Then my Name doesn’t meet their Names Policy (at least they dropped the name violation language). If your business name has changed or you have been living with a misspelled Facebook page name, then there is now a simple way to request a Facebook name change for your Page.
In the past, you were stuck with whatever Facebook name you selected, but now if an organization rebrands, you can rebrand across social media in a much easier way. Having the right name, in particular your company name, as the name of your Facebook Page and URL is important as Facebook extends its use of Open Graph to make the connections and activities of people, pages and apps more prominent.

Monique used to be allergic to all fish and was cured by Chinese medicine doctor Debra Gibson (not the pop singer). We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations.
Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing. Previously, Facebook provided no ability to change the Page name, which left organizations in this situation to rallying and encourage their fans to migrate from one page to another.
Your Facebook Page name is going to show up in more places more often with the new timeline layout.

This is inconsequential to marketing or technology but does mean that she can attend client lunches without being picky about the menu options.
In addition to announcing Facebook timelines for business pages yesterday, Facebook now provides a way to change your Facebook Page name. So, if you have been living with a terrible name, a misspelling or now have a name change, take the opportunity to file your request.

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