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Effective for travel from 1 July 2014, the number of Qantas Points and Status credits you earn will change when you fly with Qantas and Jetstar Airlines. Existing bookings made prior to 27 March that date aren’t affected and will earn points at the old rate (though these may take up to four weeks to appear).
Lower minimum points Previously, Qantas guaranteed a minimum earn of 1000 points for any fare on any Qantas flight.
A new set of fares and earning rates Qantas is now grouping its fares into eight tiers, ranked in order of expensiveness: Discount Economy, Economy, Flexible Economy, Premium Economy, Flexible Premium Economy, Business, Flexible Business, First. For discount economy flights, here are the number of points and status credits you’ll earn on various typical journeys, before and after the change.
Changes to status credits As you can see in the table above, you can actually earn status credits slightly faster with the new scheme on really long flights, while our other examples haven’t changed.
The change comes a few days before Qantas launches its new Aqire scheme for businesses to earn points on business expenditure. I like how the headline of the email says "Higher rewards on more flexible fares" which basically says that you're getting less if you're a normal pleb who always buys the cheapest tickets they can. As you say, it's possibly better for business flyers (who probably don't have to pay for their flights out of their own pocket anyway - that's what the company pays for) but for those of us who have to buy our own flights, we now get less. I think that anyone who actually shelled out the $80 fee for their membership (regardless of how long ago that was) has the right to be royally PO'd about this.. Never make your decision of what to pay for your airfares based on Points or Status you might earn. If you fly a lot you'll get plenty of Status anyway, and points are never worth chasing; you're just spending dollars to get back cents. Unless you fly regularly for business purposes then the Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme is pretty useless.
If Virgin was smart it would offer people who switched to their scheme a point for point bonus.
Most people I know are switching to Virgin if available or just getting the cheapest fare on Jetstar or Tiger.
Nobody has mentioned in the media that Qantas also in the past few months increased by 20% the points required for an upgrade from discounted fares - so it's a double whammy for those who purchase discounted tickets. We also have to bear in mind that you are getting less status and points when flying with other oneworld members. As the overseas Qantas network has shrunk over the years to a bear minimum and the recent changes in the frequent flyer product, it is not a sort of a good product anymore at all. It might be best to join a different frequent flyer programme from another oneworld member for free.
As a linguistic phrase, OK is something of a phenomenon, travelling from American English into hundreds of other languages.
Sometimes scientists, the media and the general public inadvertently conspire to oversell science. If you're looking to book first class with either airline, or gunning for an upgrade using your frequent flyer points, how do they compare? When flying out of Sydney, first class passengers of American Airlines and Qantas share access to the award-winning Qantas First Lounge. Restaurant sittings are open to all guests but appointments for the Aurora Day Spa (below) are guaranteed if you're in Qantas first class, as you'll receive a phone call the day before you travel and given priority booking. American Airlines' first class flyers, like those on other airlines, have to take their chances snaring a spot at the spa once they arrive at the lounge. Qantas flights depart from LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal where the airline runs its own first class lounge to mirror that of Sydney or Melbourne, complete with a familiar Rockpool-inspired dining room and waiter service (but sans the day spa). American Airlines adopts a similar suite-based approach to Qantas, although it's less private.
Depending on the timing of your flight and your reason for travel, either could be the winner here: Qantas for sleeping and American Airlines for getting work done.
We’ve found the service in first class much more personalised and refined on Qantas than American Airlines. For starters, Qantas’ head flight attendants (or CSMs) are armed with iPads to keep tabs on your personal preferences from flight to flight, which can sometimes mean a glass of your favourite wine arriving at the perfect moment or a simple note that you prefer to be addressed by your first name. Overall, while AA first class is without doubt a very comfortable way to fly, it’s hard for any airline to match the service and lounges that Qantas offers its own first class passengers. Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine!
While their first class service may not excel against Qantas, I would definitely pick American over Qantas when flying business SYD-LAX. If you've never done it but get the chance, you've got to experience the Qantas 380 1st class beds.
There must have been a miraculous improvement in the food since i last travelled a week ago to get this write up, the crew regulalry get hassled about the appalling food quality and taste in both first and business and i felt for the crew member that got told where he could put the food by the passenger accross the ailse last week. They have improved the wine compared with a couple of years ago but it is now mostly trendy pinot gris and big shiraz rather than the more expensive chardonnays and cabernet.
Within the next few months, a connecting post-security walkway will be completed that will allow AA flyers leaving from LAX Terminal 4 post security access to the TBIT, thus allowing oneworld Emeralds or AA international first class passengers access to the Qantas First LAX lounge without having to deal with security again.
Great comparison - I had wondered what the outcome would be since AA started flying to Sydney. They represent a company that care for the protection of the countryside in Northern Ireland and all who care about it. They are particularly concerned with the impact of planning and building that is increasing in the countryside of N.I.
They first of all would like to extend they're campaign across the whole of Northern Ireland creating a network of groups and individuals.
The also aim in campaigning, to protect any unsustainable and inappropriate developments in the countryside. Contact Database- This will include postcode search function to easily find out who to lobby on planning. Feeds- Facebook, twittter and blog feeds that are automatically updated when a new document has been added. After summaryising there presentation from my notes and there online slides and decided to look further at countryside N.I. The overall colour scheme is fine as we can see they have taken the two main colour's of our countryside (green and blue) and introduced them as the headings and links colours.
To improve the colour scheme I think more colour variations could be used such as other shades of green and blue and maybe introducing a small section of brown colours, as this is another colour that seems to be associated with our countryside. A mind map is where you have been given a topic header and by sketching it down in the centre of the page you then link of like stems everything that you would associate with that topic. A mood board shows is a large image that can show alot of individual images that are associated with a given topic.

To achieve the best results for a mood board you would create a mind map first as this gives you an idea of what to include.
Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, furniture store logos don’t need to show furniture.
Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. As you can see I have taken this Information directly from the website as I think this information is important when creating Logos. From the first tip I think this is the most important because even I have been known to do it in previous projects but the logo does not have to show what the company does, which leaves the design of the logo open to anything and lets the designer experiment. The second point reiterates the point that a logo does not always need to be a symbol and it can be all typography such as Coca-Cola which is one the biggest leading brands in the world. Tip 10 is similar to point 9 as I have allready went on to explain by keeping it simple it allows the viewer, user, or client able to remember one thing. As there was no given task for this week, I decided to look at example brandings and how companies brands were developed.
According to Greek history, a Greek would say " When we go to battle and win, we say it is Nike".
The logo of Qantas has been developed over many years but they've tried keeping the main elements such as the colour red and the kangaroo. The most current logo design for Qantas came in 2007 with the words "Spirit of Australia being removed, the Kangaroo feet not touching the ground they way they did in the previous logo, the tail pointing more upwards, and the name Qantas is selected in italics. Colour: The colour helps determine where the branding is going such as the website colours. The colours are described in more detail on the creative experimentation and n the Brand booklet.
Photography is again another key point to include in Branding guidelines as the imagery can help determine wether the brand will be a sucess or failure. Stationary construction: My job was to be in charge of designing material such as headed paper, compliments slips, business cards and the email template.
In the research section I looked at example business cards, letterheads, and email templates. We had talked about a side bar but to keep it user freindly and less clutered we decided it would be best if we only have a header bar.
Visual Comps: these help the designer view what they hope and want the website to like on the web.
Why is it important?: It is important to look at something's usability level becuase it helps to evaluate how good something will appear to a viewer. Jacob Nielsen Usability findings: looking at Jacob Neilsen's website and what was mentioned in this weeks presenation, I think that Jacob believes that usability is the key to making any website a sucess. Don't make user's think!: This expression says it all as it's saying that by making the website simple an easy to follow then the viewer will navgate around the webiste with easy and want really have to think or guess where to find out about something.
Designing for users: When creating any design one of the key essentials to take into consideration when hoping for a sucessful outcome is the user. Testing:This is another way to enhance the development of a website by having a test run can help improve the outcome of a particular website.
What I found out about when designing websites is to stick to one colour scheme becausse if you dont his can through off the viewer from your site, use templates if they help you with the layout but remember to sketch down any ideas. By creating a flicker account and including this peice of coding "" with Iframe tags it will display the images that you have set up in your flickr account. Though when wanting to create this in wordpress the coding changes slightly and you will need to include object tags etc.
I think I need to improve myself on organistaion of time when completing projects as I seemed to leave some parts to the last minute and I had to rush. Tagged: Airbus A330, aircraft orders, aircraft retirement, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300ER, cabin upgrades, Qantas. Qantas has announced that it will order five more Boeing 737-800s and will upgrade the cabins of all of its Airbus A330s, allowing the airline to retire the final 16 Boeing 767s.
The GE-powered Boeing 767s (which are currently undergoing a cabin revamp) will be retired by mid-2015. The A330 upgrade includes a refit of the economy class cabin, a new entertainment system and new lie-flat premium seats.  The cabin revamp would be undertaken during scheduled heavy maintenance on the A330s. ABOVE: VH-EBM Airbus A330-202 of Qantas, landing on runway 24 at Perth on 13 November 2012. Put simply, these changes will mean that you’ll earn more Qantas Points and Status credits when you choose more flexible fares.
The category your ticket is in will determine the number of points and status credits you can earn.
Basically saying that making decisions based upon the amount of Frequent Flyer points you earn is almost never going to work out in your favour. If you've got a few thousand dollars to shell out for a VR-ready PC and an Oculus Rift headset, you can play in virtual reality right now. American airlines really don't excel unless judged against other American airlines, while Qantas sets the bar so high, especially in meals and service.
I have always said that AA or any US carrier have no clue with regards to service on the finer points expected in premium cabins. Yes, it will be a 10 minute walk, but you'll be sitting for the next 14 hours so why not move a little.
Good to see - QF will be the one that I'll look to use AA points on next time we head stateside. I've tried EK and SQ First both last year (nice) and also EY on the new A380, now that's a game changer.
They're represetnatives that presented to us are Patrick Cross (Chair), Iain Hoy (Secretary) and Will Chambre (Co-ordinator).
Finally they would like to help and assist those who are also having to deal with developments and planning in their local areas.
Design projects are like construction work — you piece lots of little elements together to form a greater whole, and setbacks can crop up at any time.
By creating what they want within the guidlines even if you dont agree with and also creating a design that you think is better lets the client view them beside each other and they can make a descicion. A key way to make the user or viewer to remember the logo or brand is by keepi g it simple. The original logo of the kangaroo was adapted between 1944-1947 for the Australian one penny coin. When creating a new brand or logo the images that you take and use help the designer choose they're colour schemes and other parts of the brnd this is why the imges need o be of good quality and standard if the designer is to get the best results. This will also include how the group logo will look in different template designs for a much more proffesional format.

They all use about three colours maximum in each and any images used are subtle included there are not "in the face" of the viewer. The overall appearance will remain the same throughout the website witht the changes coming in the forms of the information. Lookig at example websites and our group one we have deicded that there will be a transitional header bar a the top of the page with a header link bar below that. Only when the wireframe is created should you go on to create the visual comps because you skip the wireframe ssection this can result in things appearing in the wrong place and not what was first thought.
If a system has not a good usuability then then viewer will look at somehting else and not your system. By using this process it allows the creater to make changes if need so and gain valuable "hands on" feedback from the viewer. I think that users tend to look at and prefer looking at visual descriptions of things.Although many people will argue without the text descriptions then the user would not be able to get ll the information the desire as in a video format they ted to lose some of the information. The designer has to loo at th user needs and how they can go about creating a website that will fulfill all the user needs. I took into consideration the feedback from week 11 and 12 lectures and agree that there is maybe a bit too much wihte space and that improevments could be made on this part.
I liked the lecturer about Dieter Rams and his views on design they will help improve my work. On 11-12 December 2012,  VH-ZXB was flown from Sydney to Honolulu, Hawaii and then  Roswell, New Mexico for desert storage. Qantas has already begun retiring their Rolls-Royce RB211 power Boeing 767s, with two having gone already. The change affects 20 A330-200 in the domestic fleet and 10 A330-300s operating internationally.
But you will have to spend far more money to earn the same number of points in many instances. Customers on flexible economy or premium economy fares now are guaranteed a minimum of 1200 (up from 1000), while business flights are guaranteed 1400 (up from 1250). If you don't, VRidge can let you play those same games on your phone inside a Google Cardboard set. Overselling findings can undermine the authority of scientists as well as the credibility of the sources and ultimately deceive or even endanger the public. I think J is the sweetspot for AA and cant see why you would look to either stump up the cash nor points to jumpt to F with AA.
The QF A380 First suite also looks better than the AA one (have flown QF A380 F but not AA), a lot more comfortable. Lounge was a line ball to QF, although, my goodness, the F lounge in DXB would have to be the biggest in the world, with hardly anyone in it. If that happens, try giving them what they want, then show them what you believe is an improvement, and why. Even though the Nike "tick" or "swoosh" did not not appeal to Phil in the beginning, it was selected anyway due to time restraints. Once again the Kanagroo losts its wings and rather than a circle with red boarder the Kangaroo was placed into a completely red filled right angled triangle. For a brand typography can be shown to enhance a logo in a form of a word or phrase and in come cases it can be the whole logo. We hope to have a simple navigation system that will include a header bar at the top of our home page which will link to various other pages.
For the group project I looked at various websites and how usable they are and the results I kept getting back was that by keeping the website as simple as possible and if all links are working correctly then the website will take a big step in becoming a sucess.
In my opinion I think that there needs to be good standard of usability and a good standard of design.
One of main points I Hve learn't over the course is not to ignore a user needs as this can result in the whole website becoming a failure. Keep any visual effects to a minumal because you dont want the viewer to leave the site because there is too much going on on the site at once. Although the A330-200s and -300s would have common cabins, Qantas plans to keep the two types separate, with the A330-200s operating for Qantas Domestic and the A330-300s with Qantas International.
If you buy a discounted and non-flexible fare, you’ll earn fewer points than before, especially on longer flights.
SQ First was great and I must be honest I have not been able to experience the new SQ First.
Here's a tip to both airlines though; the complimentary massages should be at least half an hour. There are many different types of Typography and they have been created using many different things such as peices of metal arranged to form letters that then spell out words, people arranged in a way to create type, or even which is one of my favourites is google images that seem to show letters, for example the arrangement of hedges or tress, in a sequence to create words. There will also be a footer at the bottom of the page that will include a sitemap to make it more user freidnly again. Also to make sure the text is visible on the background and any links open on a seperate window to make it easy to navigate for which i apoligise if any of mine don't link in the proper way. I didnt see the sheepskin mattress, but I did find the duvet which was essential as the cabin was a little cold. After this the aim is to show the Photograpy and graphics used and then the grids, layout and structures.
To improve the navigation on a website inlcude search features and a sitemap but don't make them the main part of the website.
QF are qualtiy through and through, travel a bit internationally and you're reminded how lucky we are. Once the previous points have been included then the designer can include the overview with examples, any further information, and contacts. Finally make sure there is a good bit of content to keep the user interested and constantly occuppied. If there is free space or the designer feels they need to include, they can cover points like advertising, stationary,signage and merchandising. Not sure if I think it is worth twice as much as business, but a great option for upgrading. I live in the US and lounges are not really something I bother with here, whereas in Australia I get there early for the lounge.

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