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The woman who quit "the right way" will discover that she lost a boss but found a long-term champion of her success.
Inevitably, however, "a better offer comes along." Reality sets in at the current gig and it's not nearly so dreamy after a few years of bad coffee and cranky customers.
What if, 15 years from now, you are freelancing and looking for some leads from your network?
Your former colleagues and bosses are not to be considered "former" but current members of your extended professional network. Todd Defren is CEO of SHIFT Communications, a national $16 million social media PR firm recently named "Small Agency of the Year." He lives in San Francisco and Boston.
Yet as in all things career-related, there's a right and wrong way, and how you approach these delicate situations could have longer-term impacts than you might consider in the heat of the moment. The oodles of time that a typical millennial spends thinking about the workplace tends to focus on perfecting the resume, the cover letter, the thank-you note, and later, mastering the rocky apprenticeship period, and looking for opportunities to advance.

You should understand why you should plan for your resignation so that your leaving is a positive experience rather than a negative one. If you prepare a formal memo detailing your current to-do's, offering suggestions about the upcoming work assignments, listing out the types and locations of relevant resources, etc., you'll be greeted with a grateful sigh from your shell-shocked boss. Such offers are rarely accepted: most employers don't want a "short timer" lingering for 30 days. I have forged many professional friendships in that time, and include many former employees in my network.
If you quit when the office is in the middle of a huge project or up against a do-or-die deadline, it's going to make your employer's job doubly hard.
That said, your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty will be remembered fondly.
Inevitably, it was the folks who left on good terms whom I tried to help climb the career ladder even after they left.

Quit badly, and you've left a bad taste in your former co-workers and bosses' mouths that will linger -- until they've figuratively spat on your reputation: Say, when a random recruiter comes looking for references or when a colleague asks for a recommendation about your work, years from now.
I am not saying to quit only when it's convenient for your employer, only that it's respectful to consider such factors –- in return for the investment, the training and loyalty your current employer gave you. After spending years here as a friend and colleague, it was a shock when the employee came to the office early, resigned to work for a competitor, and walked out. You want to be remembered as someone who helped solve those problems, not as someone who added to them. Here's a pro tip: if your new employer is pressuring you to beg off the standard two weeks' notice to your old employer, make note of their lack of integrity.

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