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Let me show you how to configure IP address and other network information in Windows 7 here. When Windows Server 2008 R2 is installed, initially it works as a normal client operating system and does not provide any server specific services to other computers in the network.
Before installing Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2008 R2, the operating system must be prepared accordingly.
Checking if the computer is connected to the network and the entire network is running properly.
Verifying if the computer has sufficient amount of free disk space to hold appropriate services and features along with all the required applications.
On Initial Configuration Tasks window, under Provide computer Information section, click Set time zone. On Time Zone Settings box, from Time zone drop-down list, choose the time zone for the computer as per the location. Back on Initial Configuration Tasks window, under Provide Computer Information section, click Configure networking. On the Network Connections window, right-click the network adapter on which IP address is to be configured. On the same interface, make sure that Use the following DNS server addresses radio button is selected.
Back on Initial Configuration Tasks window, under Provide Computer Information section, click Provide computer name and domain.
On the displayed box, click Restart Now to restart the computer in order to allow the changes to take effect. After the computer is restarted, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) installation process can be initiated using local administrator account.
In this simple article I will show you on configuring IP address and other network information in Windows Vista. IP addresses are required by any network adapter on any computer that needs to connect to the Internet or another computer. DHCP is available on the networks in Logan Hall and Fiji House, but requires authentication by MAC address and PennKey.
Configuring Apple and Microsoft Windows-based computers to use a static IP address is not difficult, but requires the user to log in under an administrative account.

The network applet has a number of options to choose from, but only a couple need modification. Administrative privilege is required to change IP settings on all Microsoft Windows operating systems. IP addresses are a numerical label of individual devices as a way to locate certain devices. Note: When the IP address is changed on the UC device, DHCP, Static Routing and Firewall address information is also changed automatically to reflect the new subnet provided. Note: Wait for this change to occur, do not power off the UC device or disconnect the link between PC and the UC500 Series device. With servers, it’s always best to give them a static IP address when connecting to the network.
As you know IP address must be configured on computer in order to communicate with other computers, because this IP address is the standard address understood by computers and other networking devices in networking world.
Moreover, right after the installation, Windows Server 2008 R2 can be added to the network only as a workgroup client with no additional features installed. The method is almost the same as Windows XP, but the path to access the setting page is different. Addresses are given out to network computers in one of two manners, dynamically or statically.
The server is configured with a database that contains all of the IP addresses available for use on the network. These measures are put in place to prevent unauthorized personel from walking into the building and gaining access to the network. These devices must be in the same number range as another in order to communicate with a different device. Click on the IP Address you would like to change in the Interface Name column and enter the new IP Address.
This means that you have to set the appropriate server IP address as well as default gateway and domain name system.
In such cases, administrators cannot have centrally managed network, thus they must manage each computer in the network individually. A big part of the DHCP server's job is to make sure the same IP address is not given to two different computers.

I configure faculty and grad student laptops to use DHCP for ethernet and all AirSAS wireless connections. A change in the IP address of a UC500 may need to be done when the IP address of the device conflicts with the internal range on the server. After the change is received, you may need to refresh the topology as well as the DCHP info on connected devices in order for them to accept the change as well as to re-establish communication between your PC and the UC device. Therefore, in order to centrally manage the LAN setup, they must install AD DS on Windows Server 2008 R2 which then promotes the network operating system to the domain controller. Fortunatley, all computer operating systems today use DHCP to configure their IP settings as a default.
For more information on VLAN configurations, refer to VLAN Configuration on UC500 Series Devices. This will bring up another box where you can type in the correct details for your server’s address.
Basically, if you plug a modern computer into a network using a wireless connection or traditional Ethernet, it will try to obtain an IP address via DHCP.
If you have a laptop and would like to use a DHCP-provided IP address, or would like to connect to AirSAS wireless, feel free to contact me.
None of the 2 computers in the same network can share same IP address, because it will cause IP address conflict. Note: Default gateway is a router that can route the traffic to the other network or Internet. These types of networks work best with DHCP, and it should not have a static IP address applied unless suggested by the network administrator. Set Obtain an IP address and DNS automatically on General tab as according to what I specified above, so that the notebook will be assigned IP addresses automatically at the office.
After that, click Alternate Configuration tab, select User configured option and key in your home networka€™s static IP and other network information.
By setting this, when there is no IP information assigned due to no DHCP server at home, this alternate configuration will be applied automatically, so that you dona€™t have to spend time on configuring IP manually every time at home.

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