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Never miss an update!Simply enter your Email address and I'll inform you whenever I post an update. Founded in 1994, Prosci is a change management firm focused on helping individuals and organizations build change management capabilities. This tool builds upon other risk assessment tools to help you consider not only the impact and likelihood for a selected list of risks, but also help you evaluate the effectiveness of current controls and whether any changes may be required to bring the list of risks within your risk appetite. The purpose of this tool is not to ensure all risks are rated as "Adequately Controlled" but rather to help departments assess their control structure for sufficiency given their environment, resources, and bandwidth. The sample version should allow you to understand how this tool displays information, how to navigate through the steps, and what types of information you will need to complete it.
The full version of this tool is available free of charge as a public service and outreach effort of the UCOP Office of Risk Services. When you open the tool, you may be prompted with a warning indicating some content is unsecured.
Before you begin describing the risks involved and assessing your controls, it is necessary to set some common definitions for the varying degrees of a risk's impact and likelihood. Risk impact and risk likelihood are both weighted at 50% each by default as shown in the following table. In the "Additional Controls" step, if you decide to change the description of a risk or current management and mitigation, return to the Risk Assessment step and make the change there.
Next, apply the scale which most closely matches the impact and likelihood of the risk from the dropdown menus in the next two columns.

Next, describe how your organization is currently managing each risk, and describe any risk mitigation plans or efforts which are already in place. Management should review these risks to determine if controls need to be modified and make changes appropriately. The final column allows you to assign the responsibility for overseeing or implementing changes to controls to an appropriate person or department.
The chart provides a graphical representation of your risk assessment based on your selections for risk likelihood and risk impact.
My name is Robert Maciejewski, I help companies improve their performance, manage their changes and I love sharing my experiences with you. My name is Robert Maciejewski, I help companies to improve their performance, manage their changes and I love sharing my experiences with you. Best practices research acts as the foundation for Proscia€™s world-renowned change management training programs and tools, including the Prosci ADKARA® Model. This tool will not make decisions for you, but it will help you organize your thinking as you consider your organization's risk profile and related enterprise risk management implications. However, we do ask that you provide us with some basic information to assist us in understanding how this tool is being used.
It is also important to set common parameters for evaluating the effectiveness of controls. This allows you to prevent the chart from becoming cluttered with too many points displayed.

Describe any changes to the controls and decide how those changes impact the effectiveness of the controls by selecting from the dropdown in the next column. Prosci has certified over 30,000 change leaders worldwide through the Prosci Change Management Certification program. You will be able to fully utilize the tool even if you do not enable this macro; however, you will not be able to export the data without enabling it. For instance, if you are using this tool to consider risks that could cause workers’ compensation claims, you may weigh risk likelihood higher because there are statutory limits that determine the severity of the claims based on frequency. These selections are used in calculating the risk rating, and they use the scales you created in the previous page. If instead you are considering reputational risks, where small number events may have a significant impact, you may weigh severity higher. Even for cells that are protected, you are able to format cells as you wish (change fonts, styles, colors, widths, heights, alignment, and text wrapping). To change how these factors are weighed, place your cursor in the cell and revise the percentages.

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