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Soul Mate Astrology How To Find And Keep Your Ideal Mate Through The Wisdom Of The Stars, Trish MacGregor.
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Movie Mate Pro, a simple and informative App that helps Android device users to keep track of the entire information about different movies. The App has an excellent user interface and it employs Holo theme by following Google’s instructions for designing Apps.

The search functionality will appear on every screen while you navigate through the App and it was a great move made by the App developer to make searching process bit easier.
The menu icon allow users to remove movies and sort them by taking either release date or movie title as a base. Users can find several screens featuring different movies that includes current films, opening, coming soon and DVD releases.
The menu icon of the App comprises of three items that includes Favourites, Watchlist and Settings.

The first icon present on the screen will allow the users to switch between movie posters with title and movie posters ( comprising titles and ratings).

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