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Save 20% off all products in the Inner Calm Audio collection when you subscribe to our free email updates. The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. The Healing Sound Of Divine MatrixThis wonderful and enchanting healing music brings you deep into meditation and into deep contact with the Divine. Quantum Heart - Oneness With LoveBeautiful relaxing music with flute, Native American Flutes, Xiao Flute, Shakuhachi, Caisa, Singing Bowls, Harps, Piano, Orchestra and Percussion.

Quantum Trance MusicThis CD is very good as back-ground music for Quantum Healing sessions. Relax your mind and settle naturally into a creative and contemplative state as the bowls sound together to produce natural soothing harmonies. This relaxing music is rich in overtones and helps you to connect to the Quantum Heart, the place where we are all ONE, one with Creation, one with Mother Earth, one with all Beings.
Trach 2 - 5 are composed in the Moses Code Frequency key and especially good for healing processes.

The instruments monochord, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Flute and Chrystal Bowls are very rich in overtones and take you to a journey to heaven. In addition to this ambient sound and image are combined with user input to produce an individual musical experience.Meditation Music does not claim to teach Music Theory but does provide a simple means for personal expression and involvement with music.

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