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If THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER is an ABC Family institution, Daren Kagasoff (Ricky Underwood) is then certainly a teen-soap icon. Earlier this week, We love Soaps spoke with Daren who shared his thoughts on Ricky and Amy and their relationship, and previewed some upcoming episodes of SECRET LIFE which begins its fifth season on Monday, June 11 at 8 p.m.
WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Could you describe for us, in your own words, Ricky Underwood's current predicament going into the summer?
Because Amy is kind of postponing the wedding, and she hasn't been as thoughtful, or nice, to me, I don't think, as she had been before. Daren Kagasoff: I think he just wants to be the best guy that he can be, now that he's a dad. You know, when the show started, I think Ricky was kind of irresponsible, and he didn't really care about anybody but himself. WE LOVE SOAPS TV: That heartwarming graduation speech--and then the public proposal--really had us thinking Ricky had become a good boy, but then things kind of changed a little and now we hear that he's thinking about possibly eloping--good boys don't elope!
Hopefully he stays the guy that he's been for the past two seasons, where he's trying to be a better person, and, you know--grow up; mature.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: I've been told by a lot of male actors, especially, that they like playing the villian. Daren Kagasoff: I do miss playing the "bad boy" because it was a lot of fun--and not that this isn't fun, because it still is. Daren Kagasoff: Like any actor, I auditioned and I actually was one of the last ones to get casted.
How about any plot lines maybe you wish the show would explore or that you’d be curious to see play out on Secret Life.
Daren Kagasoff: To be honest, I think the writers do a phenomenal job with the storylines. I think the audience is going to be excited about the next episode to see if they say yes, if they go through with the wedding and if we do, how are we going to cope with that - with my being in college and her still being in high school and still being so young. Did you ever see your character developing the way he has - becoming a great father and class valedictorian? Are there any guest stars that you’d really like to see on the show that you haven’t worked with?

Daren Kagasoff: I think in order to get cast in roles, you got to be somewhat similar to the character. Eventually, yes, I would love to have kids, but I don’t think right now, even at 24-years-old, am I ready to have a child.
Since working on the show, what have you learned about yourself that you’re surprised to find out?
I think it’s just always showing up ready to play and knowing your lines and just having good work ethic.

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