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And who hasn’t lit some scented candles and hopped into a hot bath with Epsom salts and tried to wash away the stress of the day? Andy knew what he was doing when he went traveling at the age of 22 and made the decision to become a Buddhist monk.
These minimalist wooden pods resembling natural geological formations make it easy for people to zone out and practice meditation. The studio designed the pod as a minimalist structure on the outside, with a machine cut wood interior that forms a curved seat for a single person. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Our professional and personal lives are jam-packed with little niggles that build and build until we cana€™t take any more! Meditation has never been on my radar as a way to relax a€“ I dona€™t get those a€?light the candle and sit cross-leggeda€™ vibes but herea€™s my story of how a little app with a brilliant content marketing strategy attracted, engaged and converted me into a customer in less than 10 days.
One of my daily flicks through my Facebook feed delivered the usual cat-falling-off-a-window-ledge video, a€?AMAZINGa€? goal GIF scored by an Argentine footballer, and, an advert for an app that claimed to relieve stress and release your mind.
With a tempting a€?Free Downloada€? call-to-action and a nice looking graphic (above), I said a€?Ia€™ll give it a goa€? and clicked ready to fire up the app when it had finished downloading. After waiting patiently for a whole 30 seconds for the app to download, I decided to fire it up just before going to bed a€“ usually the time when my head spins with thoughts the most. Andy, through a 10 minute audio clip and cool little video, told me how the mind in a calm state should be like a a€?blue skya€? a€“ my thoughts and feelings are merely clouds that stop us from seeing the blue sky sometimes. At the start, not only was I benefitting from the app itself, but I was getting great little emails that helped me along the way just like the one above. This simple gesture both felt great, because Ia€™d achieved something, and also reminded me to continue the habit Ia€™d done for the past 7 nights a€“ 1 week in and I was still enjoying my calming 10 minutes. Amongst the nicely designed email was a button that offered more tips and advice on the Headspace Daily blog a€“ a free resource for me to pick tips up to improve other parts of my stressful life along the way. As I came to the end of the trial, I received another email from my new-found friends at Headspace. That works out at just A?4.16 per month, a€?less than a fancy sandwich and far fewer crumbs on the carpeta€? I was reliably told by the email. After all, I was sleeping better and not feeling as stressed (especially as the football season had now kicked off!) why would I NOT subscribe to the app?
Sometimes, even as a digital marketer, you need to take your hats off to a company that has fine-tuned its marketing strategy to increase its subscriber database and ultimately the bottom line.
Headspace, through a combination of Facebook adverts, clever emails, free trials and helpful blogs, has created a content marketing strategy that works to convert an un-engaged person to a customer.
Theya€™ve thought about their target market (stressed people in their 20s) and planned out a a€?workflowa€™ to turn me into a customer.
This practice, whether youa€™re working on behalf of a B2B or B2C company, can be utilised to make your digital assets work better.

We are a marketing partner to clients with an appetite for growth who need brand visibility, lead generation and customer acquisition to achieve their aspirations, whether they are commercial, social or cultural in nature.
Robbie is Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Katapult, here to develop compelling content for clients in-between telling the team terrible puns! However, sometimes the other stressors seem to almost drown that tranquility that the music is supposed to provide. Again, I find it provides really fantastic dividends as far as my body is concerned, but not so much for my mind. For the most part I guess it all seemed too hocus pocus and who has time to sit and meditate anyway?
Through his sacrifice and growth of self-awareness he is now revolutionizing the way we can de-stress the mind and improve our moods. Tiny pharaoh-branded amulet may prove fabled military campaign of Sheshonq I The Mystery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy Link feast TLP 087 a€“ Talking Lead the Musicala€¦a€¦.OK Not Really Bodhi Linux is NOT Dead – It is just Changing Hands [VIDEO] Watch as an iPhone 6 Plus gets dunked in liquid nitrogen and shattered by a sledgehammer Is a Gold Moto 360 on the cards in the future? Each of the structures, designed by architecture firm Oyler Wu Collaborative for Headspace, an online and app-based course for guided meditation, features a cozy carved-out spot for a person to sit back, slip on headphones and watch a meditation guide on the screen in front of them. Inspired by natural geological formations, the Headspace Meditation Pod features an organic wooden interior laid on top of a steel structure.
Exercise, binge eating or a good action-packed thriller give some of us the natural break we need from the things that stress us the most. Words of wisdom were followed by breathing techniques and little tips to keep me going until the next 10 minute session.
Can you believe they were offering me 2 FREE months extra if I used the code a€?SLEEPMOREa€? if I subscribed to their annual plan? Whether I completed the app or not, they would have sent me the offer a€“ but the use of emails and great blogs has compelled me further to say a€?yesa€? to purchasing the app on a full time basis. So many people get stressed about meeting their KPIs or showing a good ROI on a brand new website, for example. Ita€™s friendly, ita€™s personable and it works a€“ any business not thinking of taking this approach soon, do it at their own peril. Whether it is crying kids, hectic work schedule or housework that just keeps piling up, it seems that my mind is constantly boggled almost to the place of totally being insane at times. Every once in awhile I splurge and go for a massage, which eases the stress and pain in my body, but really does very little for my mind; especially when the therapist talks the whole hour.
I challenge you to take the 10-day trial offered by Headspace and not have your life completely turned around. Motorola removes suspect watchface on website What Would a Nissan LEAF and Frontier Mashup Look Like? So what else is there which will not only relieve my body, but also cleanse and refresh my mind?
Sometimes we get so busy that we take it for granted and as I learned, not even breathing correctly.

At first I had some fear because I wondered what the two guys who developed it could possibly teach an old crony like me. My mind became completely enthralled with the British voice of Andy Puddicombe (one of the founders) guiding me to listen and be aware of sounds around me.
He also taught me to be aware of any pain I was feeling in my body (which I suffer with on a daily basis). I never imagined in my wildest dreams that meditation would work better as a pain reliever than the narcotics I had been swallowing for years.
It has become so popular that there is even a second version now available with more features than the prior version released two years ago. With roughly six weeks (at the time of writing, now two!) to go until our wedding, and lots of loose ends to be tied and final decisions to be made, it just seems at the moment that there are not enough hours in the day.Matthew and IAs a newly qualified teacher, planning our wedding in under a year and it coinciding with one of the most crucial parts of my career has been pretty tough going at times.
After returning to work from the half term, I envisaged the last seven weeks to be a gradual, stress free wind down to summer and our upcoming wedding day…how wrong was I to think that?I am currently juggling writing reports for my whole class, scheduling meetings for parents evenings, assessing each child, preparing for my performance management meeting, organising an educational visit to the Tate Gallery etc, etc, blah blah blah, the list goes on!So in order not to lose my mind and my sanity, I thought I’d share all my recent thoughts for you lovely readers. Thoughts that have helped me keep my cool at what is possibly one of the most stressful moments in my life.I recommend the Headspace appLooking for suppliers? We recommend these ones.Brilliant businesses who are doing it right!Firstly, I’ve come to realise to stick with your head and your heart and be realistic and true in all areas of wedding planning. I’m not doing the DIY approach, I’m not particularly creative or crafty, I like the thought of it but over the process of this hectic year, it’s just been so much easier to buy pretty things than spend time making them and I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Similarly, I’ve had numerous fresh flowers in my hair wobbles. But in all honestly, this look doesn’t really suit me, or the way I’m wearing my hair and I don’t think they would complement my dress either…another decision easily made and no regrets!Khaki Bedford Photography Via The KnotAnother thing, although Pinterest has been a massive source of inspiration, I’ve come to realise that some of the images, as beautiful as they are, are styled shots that have had so much money thrown at them and realistically, our wedding might just not look like that on the day.
But it will look equally as amazing because we put thought into every detail and that’s good enough for us.Via PinterestFrom the moment we got engaged we had a mutual agreement, almost reading each others minds about under no circumstances to scrimp on food and music.
Our industrial warehouse venue, Camp and Furnace is known for it’s legendary Sunday roasts, Friday night food slams and glamorous Saturday night meat markets with steak and lobster on the menu.With Camp and Furnace also being host to regular gigs and raves, their little black book of music contacts also really impressed us. It’s really important to us to have our guests share the love during our ceremony and we will never lose sight of the commitment we will be making to each other on 6th August. But it is equally important for us for our guests to feel relaxed, be well fed and entertained during the whole celebration.It costs so much to be a guest at a wedding these days that we feel our friends and family deserve to have a fun filled day and night. I daydream about looking out from the top table and seeing our nearest and dearest under one roof, family and friends united, all laughing, dancing, crying and hugging together.Lastly, I’ve discovered that although we had the best intentions to be complete hermits in the run up to the wedding and turn into massive diet and exercise freaks.
Speaking of which, an ace way to de-stress is by meditating.We can thoroughly recommend the Headspace app which provides online guided mediation sessions linked to work, relationships and every day life.
I’ve seriously been out like a light every night and not had any freaky wedding nightmares since investing time in my health and wellbeing through meditation. Good luck with your planning Reply Leave a comment Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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