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Sometimes, parents merely call customer service at Apple or the Android game maker and ask for a refund. He was forced to take the case to the police because a police complaint was the only way he could make the charges appear unauthorized so that he could get a refund from the credit card company.
When you first turn on your Android or iOS device, you are asked to provide your credit card number so that you can buy paid apps at the store. As you move through various stages in a game, you usually see virtual merchandise up for sale that makes progress through the game easier.
Once on the Restrictions page, you need to change preferences so that the App Store asks for a password each time a purchase is made. Finally, it could be an idea to have a separate device for your child to use and to not put your credit card number in it. Featured Articles - A collection of featured articles that consist of tips and tricks for your phone or tablet.

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For instance, if it’s a car racing game, you could pay ?10 for high-octane (virtual) fuel that helps you beat out competitors. From now on, the makers of games and apps offering in-app purchases need to follow the OFT’s guidelines or face stiff penalties.
In the second case, though, the father with the ?3,700 bill for his son’s unwitting in-app purchases could get no sympathy from Apple. The makers of these apps are able to offer them free, though, because they get to try to make their money in other ways. They actively steal money from the credit cards registered on the devices on which they are installed. To activate the Allowance feature, you need to go to the iTunes store on your computer and look for the iTunes Allowance Program.

Since their mobile devices are already set up with their parents’ credit card numbers, it only takes the child a tap on the screen and a store access password to buy stuff that costs money. If a game tricks a young child into making an in-app purchase, the providers of the app cannot assume informed consent. Parents usually give their children the store passwords necessary because they need them to download new, free games.

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