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Many a times, malicious software or creepy websites tend to change your homepage setting within your web browser. You could also click Use Current Pages (to start the browser with currently open tabs), Use Bookmark (to select a homepage from among bookmarks), or Restore to Default (to use Firefox’ default homepage). Yahoo won the deal to be the default search engine in Firefox in November; now after losing some search share, Google's fighting back.
Now that Yahoo has gained search share from Google thanks to its Firefox deal, the search giant seems to be finally hitting back with moves to get users to switch to Google.
I’ve been checking each week since the deal was announced in November to see if Google would finally do as I expected, try to prompt those using Firefox to change back from Yahoo to Google. I got this message when using Firefox on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10, a Lenovo desktop running Windows 8.1 and another Search Engine Land editor got it even though his homepage was set to Google Translate. The messages did not appear for me when using Firefox on the Mac, nor when going to Google with Internet Explorer on a PC (though I did get a long-standing message in a different section of the Google home page encouraging me to download Chrome). The tweet leads to what appears to be a new page made up for Firefox users, telling them how to change.
Google does have dedicated pages to encourage IE users to switch either their search engine (see here) or home page (see here).

However, the messages for Firefox users are new — and driven, it would seem, because of the reports that Google has lost search share. I figured it was inevitable Google would do this, if the Firefox-Yahoo deal really did seem to be having an impact.
My response has always been that if Google was worried, it could and would fight back in this type of manner. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Step 2: Press F12 OR right click anywhere in browser window and then click on “Insppect Element” option.
In this section, you could either choose Open the New Tab page, Continue where I left off or Open a specific page or set of pages. But on Twitter, others have told me they’ve seen them within the past two months or so.
He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996.

Then click on use this proxy server for all protocols. Click OK to Apply the settings and then again Press OK to close Mozilla Properties options. In fact, all the major search engines have done campaigns like that at different times going back for years. Certainly, I’ve taken enough calls from various press outlets wondering if the deal and subsequent share loss meant a big problem for Google. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Search Engine Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. So if you installed the Firefox Developer Edition but are not liking the default dark theme, you can change it to light theme as Mozilla allows you to switch between DevTools themes. If proxy change in Firefox is successful Websites will be opened but your IP will be changed.

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