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This will allow both devices to synch, and after configuring the device, iTunes will automatically open on your computer, and you can then access your handheld device on the computer where iPhone is shown in the software’s list of devices. On the iTunes window, on the left side you will find the list of applications, choose the stock app you wish to remove. Everyone seems to have their own theory about what does (and doesn’t) affect the battery life of iPads and iPhones. Airplane mode helps preserve your device’s battery life by turning off multiple wireless features, including Wi-Fi, cellular antenna, GPS, Bluetooth, and location services. Calibrating your battery will provide a more accurate estimation of your remaining battery life, but it doesn’t actually help preserve battery life itself. Battery utilities may provide helpful information to help you manage your battery life, they do not do anything themselves to do so.
AirPlay streaming did not take a significant toll on battery life, even though it seems like it should. Turning off equalization during audio playback had little to no affect on battery life (despite Apple’s tip suggesting that it does). Apple has apparently enabled much faster battery charging in the newest iPhone models, but you’d never know it if you only use the included power adapter. Another way to benefit from this new capability is to plug your iPhone directly into a newer-model Mac, which will charge it at the appropriate speed. I know I went from 20% to full charge in under 45 minutes with my 6 plus hooked up to my iPad Air charger.

I have used my iPad Air charger for 11 months now and it charged the iPhone 5 much faster too. Anyone that knows even a little about lithium battery technology knows that rapid charging degrades long-term battery life. If it is not ok to charge the iPhone 6 faster, why would they allow the iPhone 6 to accept the higher amperage?
It seems you’re ignorant because every pre-6 iphone does NOT support more than 1amp charging, so what you think is charging faster is 100% smoke and mirrors. I suppose it saves Apple a dime per $649 unit, so makes a conspicuous addition to their bottom line. A better compression for the S5 is the iPhone 6 which has similar dimensions but a smaller overall screen size.
So you get longer battery life, which is a good thing, but then you have to use the Galaxy S5. So I can use the 2.4 amp 100-240V charger that came with my iPad (2 or 3) without it causing damage to the 6’s battery?
With the built in stock apps, you might need room for your new applications or you just might not want them in your handheld device. If you wish to remove the iPhone app, it can be done from there, and you will be able to permanently remove the app. Your computer will take a few minutes to register the connection when you connect your iPhone to your computer’s USB port.

This article is of note because all previous iPhones were limited in their ability to draw power from the adapter, regardless of whether it was 5w or 12w. They would save a lot of money, through economy of scales, if they just made one charger for all of their devices. I have studied and written about iPhone batteries for a few years, and rapid charging is never a good idea.
It’s like you can get cheaper houses in New Jersey than in California, but the downside is that then you have to live in New Jersey. To add or remove apps, you need to sync with Apple’s iTunes software, which acts as a control panel for Apple’s products. To get your settings, files and folders to show on the computer, your iPhone will also take time to sync with iTunes.
You can also download or remove these applications by using a USB chord and connecting it with your iPhone.
Since the iPad has long supported 2.1A charging, you can grab a charger for the Apple tablet and use that to achieve a much quicker charge. This means that only the iPhone 6 has even a chance of reduced battery life with a 2 amp charger if apple went for a 1C rated battery.

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