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Server Commands and PropertiesTo see a list of server commands, type in "help" without the " in the Server Application.You will not need to change the server properties at this time unless you want to create a new world, or load from another existing world. TipsUse a whitelist to allow only your friends to log on to your server.Every time there is an update, you will have to download the new server application to replace the old one, but you won't have to do the port forwarding again!Make backups of your worlds often, so you don't lose your progress in case of an accident. In a MapleStory private server development context, a localhost is a MapleStory game client reverse engineered to have the IP Address of the server it connects to easily editable. Methods include displaying the IP Address as an ASCII string when opened in a Hex editor, which can then be easily changed by typing the IP of your choice and saving it.
As the name suggest, localhost refers to hosting the server locally, so you can edit the localhost to connect to your computer instead of the main MapleStory server.

In order to edit the game client to connect to a specified IP, you'll need to learn reverse engineering, since it is impossible to decompile the game client (coded in C++) to easily readable source code, then change the IP constant and compile it again. Reverse engineering the game client is difficult for beginner reversers since the game clients are protected by protectors such as Themida, which is constantly updated. There is also the additional need to remove anti-hack systems such as HackShield and GameGuard, which hampers the connection to your server. Furthermore, there are IP checks in place which causes the simple change of the IP constant to yield undesired results, such as closing the client. This is the reason why available localhosts are usually versions short of the most current MapleStory game client.

This tutorial will teach you how, without having to download Hamachi. The whole process is a lot simpler than you might think, and it will only take a few minutes! Then, you'll be able send to and receive information from the game client freely, thus manipulating the way it works to your liking.

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