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It Would Take Years Of Training To Have Reflexes Such Advanced As The Reflexes From Internet Explorer. On Monday night, the 20-year-old singer took to Twitter to threaten her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, to "tell the truth" or else.
According to AnythingDiz, Miley appears to have accidentally posted a number of drafted tweets, including a couple of promotional ones about her single with Snoop Dogg, as well as a tweet that referenced her recent movie date with Liam Hemsworth, in which she wrote, "#datenight ended early and some stupid f**king paparazzi made alot of $$$".
While Miley may not have intended to send out the "threat" to her father, it comes right after her parents, who filed for divorce earlier this month, were spotted looking friendly during a lunch outing on June 23.
Jennifer Aniston and her mother, Nancy Dow, had been estranged for more than a decade after Dow gave an interview about their relationship in 1996.
According to the Daily Mail, the actress called her mother afterward, and told her that she'd never forgive her for betraying her trust. Now that Windows 10 has Cortana, Microsoft's personal assistant, not only will your computer talk to you, but it will also address you by your name on occasion.

I set my name to a profanity due to MS thinking they have a right to censor my Computer, which she happily says while at the same time she is censoring my computer. If I type a word anywhere on MY PC, I as an adult expect that word not a bunch of asterisks. Miley has since deleted the tweet, but it sounds like she's threatening to expose some sort of affair.
My twitter was just actin all types of cray!" the "We Can't Stop" singer posted after she sent out the drafted tweets, which she proceeded to delete. Dow's 1999 book, "From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir," about their rocky relationship, didn't make things any better.
You can set it to address you however you'd like, from Heisenberg to Beyonce, by following these steps.
If Cortana says it incorrectly, click "That's wrong," and you'll be given the option to say the name aloud.

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