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If you change these settings will give you a better experience, and a few of them will keep you from annoying those around you as you use your iPhone 4S. Do yourself and every other iPhone owner around you a favor and change your default ringtone as soon as possible. Instead of guessing how much battery life is really left on your iPhone, you can turn on the percentage indicator. I prefer this over the default battery information, because you get a more accurate reading. From now on, you’ll know when your battery is getting low, without waiting for a popup notification or the icon to turn red.
I settled on 15 minutes after finding out that I rarely go 15 minutes without picking up my iPhone 4S for the first few days of use. You can change your lock settings at any time, but you will need to remember your Passcode to do so. WiFi sync is great and all, but if you want to have your apps arrive as you purchase them, instead of when you sync, you can enable app auto downloads. From now on, you can purchase and browse the App store from iTunes on your computer, and have what you buy automatically downloaded to your iPhone.
We have a full guide to Setting Up iTunes WiFi Sync, which should take just a minute to enable.
Email notifications are a very personal thing, but if you get a lot of email I suggest turning off the email notification sound effect.

To change your email notification sound, or turn off the sound all together, follow these steps. If you want to turn off the notification on your lock screen, or customize email notifications, learn how to use Notification Center in iOS 5. You’ll need to turn on Home Sharing on your computer and on your iPhone 4S to make this work.
If you are on a college campus or workplace, you may want to add a password so that others cannot see your music selection or access it. If you need to turn off sounds like this when you enter a meeting, you can just flip the mute switch at the top right of your iPhone, but if you don’t need clicks all the time, this is a nice setting to change. Any way to set ringtones by time of day?  I downloaded a silent tone so that only my custom ringtone contacts will be heard off hours.  Problem is, every single night I have to change from default to the silent ringtone.
Set up an exchange email as required by my work today, it made me put in a pass code, now I need to use it all the time and I can’t turn it off?
I definitely won’t bash apple anymore for being conservative or non-open source absolute. Shabba that is something that you need to step on your Mercedes command system not the iPhone. I have my contact numbers on iPhone 4s when any of them call me I just see their number and city name not their names ,if some one help me how to fix that thank you.
This small toggle will add the percent of battery life left to your iPhone 4S’ top bar.

One downside is that you may think your battery is draining quicker, but that’s just your mind playing tricks on you. This will prevent others form accessing your data and using your iPhone without permission.
You also need to be signed in with your Apple ID on the computer you are purchasing from and on your iPhone 4S. You might even want to turn off email notifications all together, and just check your email when you want to know. At the very least, you should know where this setting is, so that you can disable it when you are in a crowd. Without scientific tests, I can’t tell you how much yet, but I do know that it does offer some improvement. I knew all the steps but other people you haven’t had an iphone for long time will find these steps useful. Instead of paying $24.95 a year, you can have your entire catalog of music available when your iPhone and computer are on the same network. I cannot send messages to services like DSTV BOXOFFICE because if I type 37569 it automatically enters as (375)69 and the message is not received on the other end !!!

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