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If you want to learn how to gain self confidence, think of it like any skill that you have now.
If you want to learn how to gain self confidence, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Profesionales del secretariado que utilicen el ingles en sus relaciones empresariales y deseen reforzar sus conocimientos en esta materia para conseguir fluidez en el uso de esta lengua.
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If you hold the notion of confidence in awe or fear, you are telling yourself that it is a powerful thing that will be difficult to get. While you are doing this, you must set an NLP Anchor - I suggest pressing your left thumbnail into your left index finger in a pulsing motion. Continue to reinforce this anchor, and every time you feel the confidence, press the anchor again. During this step, whenever there is blue text, you should reinforce your confidence anchor.
Take the feeling of confidence and keep it flowing as you put yourself in a new, imaginary setting. Of course, if NLP Confidence doesn't come naturally to you, and you can't be bothered practicing it and mastering it, you can always just act confident instead. Make your neck tall and shoulders relaxed, as if you were trying to see over a wall that was very slightly taller than your eye level.
Don't take yourself too seriously, humour is the most universal language and can help prevent conflict with alpha-male and attention-envy types. If you want to become more self confident, you have to be willing to step beyond your comfort zone into situations that may not feel comfortable.

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Confidence gained by way of NLP is just as powerful as confidence gained through experience. In my opinion, most of the blame can be put on the fact that all humans spend the first dozen years of their life actively attacking the confidence of all around them. That is why once your confidence is damaged, it can be difficult to send it back on the right path.
You need to understand that confidence is just a tiny little emotional loop happening in your brain's limbic system. Maybe reading a good book on the beach, or talking to a close friend in a comfortable setting.
You must associate the emotional feeling of confidence with the physical sensation of the anchor. It can be difficult to do because you'll need to adopt all the correct body language of a confident person. Watch them talk, look at their body language (most importantly) and listen to how their voice sounds. In a nutshell, these MP3s talk to your subconscious directly and teach you how to do all sorts of useful things, without you even realising it. When we see someone that we think is confident, we automatically assume that they were always confident.
Over time, you started to feel more and more confident because you became more familiar with it. Self confidence is what you gain after you do the thing that you fear, not the other way around. Start to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone into situation that may make you a little uncomfortable.
Once this is understood, and you master the ability to gain confidence through NLP, it becomes a snowballing juggernaut of positivity.
But the cat's body language will show to all the other cats that he holds himself in high regard.

Picture yourself at the party, walking up to a group of strangers who are talking amongst themselves. Even though it is imagined, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined memory and a real memory. Look through your own eyes in that confident setting, feel the confidence as strongly as you can, and reinforce the anchor again. Remember that scene from The Matrix where they upload the information for how to do Kung Fu directly into Neo's brain? Most of the people who you consider confident have been through some very trying times in their lives and face their fears to become confident. You do not start off by being good at playing an instrument or playing a sport, you become good at it. You will earn self confidence when you are able to meet the challenges you face, but you have to be willing to face those challenges.
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This is because of the flawed human instinct that you can gain confidence yourself by destroying the confidence of others.
The other cats will think that the lion cat is very sure of himself, and probably for a good reason. Believe it or not, you have complete power over your confidence right now and at all times.
In fact, there have been cases where grown-up children have falsely prosecuted parents for child abuse, when in fact the memories were imagined and developed by the probing of incompetent psychiatrists.
Once you get the hang of this, you'll truly understand that confidence is a tiny little loop in your mind that you can switch on at will. After all, throughout lion cat's childhood, he must have been thoroughly "tested" by all the other kittens - yet he has such confidence!
As soon as you approach, the strangers smile with their eyes, you FEEL they are interested in you. You feel sure of yourself, relaxed, and you have a feeling of knowing that things are going well.
Make this feeling of confidence as strong and vivid as you can before moving to the next step.

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