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Social Media is an important part of many companies’ marketing strategies, and if you’re not correctly implementing social media into your insurance agency’s business, you are missing out on a great device that will drive more referrals.
In this guide, we discuss 4 simple ways that you can use social media to get more referrals and ultimately benefit your insurance agency. The best way to reach out to those who view your social media profiles is to engage with them.
They need to appear as though they are written by an individual rather than a generic company account. If you notice questions from your audience about cheap home insurance, prepare a blog post that helps show them some great ways they can find the cheapest insurance in your area.
While engaging with your customers, don’t be afraid to talk in a style that will keep them comfortable and engaged. However you decide to engage your customers, include subtle references to your company throughout your content, and show them how you can help them directly decrease the cost of their insurance.
One of the most effective ways of driving new referrals to your company is to provide users with useful content that they can read and put into action. Posted content on your insurance agency’s website blog can be linked to your social media profiles.
This provides tidbits in newsfeeds and more detailed content to your audience with just a click of the mouse.
Because users are able to share information on social media sites, you can get some fantastic free advertising from them.
When great content is shared, it will be viewed and shared by users many links down the chain improving your insurance agency’s name recognition.
Sharing good quality content in social media will not only help you get more referrals but will give you a reputation as an expert and help establish loyal clients over time.  It’s a very good thing to have your content show up when a client is searching for answers to a problem or information on a subject. A technique that many companies are now using is contest creation to encourage interaction via social media outlets. Once you’ve decided upon your prize, create a post explaining the competition, and outline the rules.  Tell your users that in order to be entered for the drawing, they must share your post with their friends and like your social media pages. As they share your page, those who follow you and have entered the contest will be conveying their trust in you and your insurance agency to their friends who see the contest they are sharing, which gives those friends the confidence to enter the contest and share as well.
Make sure that you pick a winner when you say you will, and post about the winner when the contest is complete.  Tag your winner so that his or her family and friends will see that you deliver what you promise and can like and share that final post giving you even more momentum and offering an even larger pool of potential clients for your insurance agency. Our last tip for getting more referrals via social media?  Scope out how your competitors are using social media to drive new referrals to their insurance agency’s businesses, and learn from what they are doing.
Study how your competition handles posting content to their social media pages in order to gain referrals. Look at what type of information they offer their readers, how professionally they present themselves, and how their audiences react to their posts.  The goal is to understand how both successful and unsuccessful social media campaigns for other insurance agencies operate. How do you use social media to bring clients to your insurance agency’s door?  Let us know what successes you’ve had with your social media campaigns, and feel free to ask questions about how to make your agency’s social media campaigns all the more successful.
The very first thing to get right from the very start is to actually understand the community you are looking to Tap into. For example doing a little research on Pinterest you will come to find that the majority of users are Women. Does this mean that if your selling products geared towards men then Pinterest is no good ?

Pinterest is Huge, So you can be sure your targeted Niche will be available however it will not be as large as other niches.
After Viewing the demographics we know the majority of users on Pinterest are women so to truly take advantage of the Pinterest community we need to try and tweak our marketing approach so that it works better for the community at large which is women.
If for example you are marketing Mens clothing or even packs to help you stop smoking where the wider audience is men then tweaking your approach will help conversions.
So instead of a Normal approach trying to catch the attention of smokers you would instead try and catch the attention of women who have partners that smoke- So maybe something like " Tired of your partners Bad breath? As marketers we always want to make notes of our products, pitch whenever we get the opportunity and close deals any time we can. Its important you engage with your audience, This would mean commenting, liking, following and even sharing. Once you have built some trust, followers etc then this is the time to slowly try and monetize your social traffic.
Now that you have a Social presence and are engaging with the community you need your brand to make an impact.
Dont forget to customize your profiles and add your branding as this will be a key step to converting your users.
When adding images etc then dont forget to brand each image, this can be done by using text on the image, placing a logo on the image or even watermarking them. We reserve the right to remove any comment we feel is spammy, NSFW, defamatory, rude, or reckless to the community. Use your own words (don't copy and paste from elsewhere), be honest and don't pretend to be someone (or something) you're not. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Alicia Caldwell came to The Denver Post in 2003 as a federal courts and general assignment reporter before joining the editorial board in 2006. The idea log The Denver Post editorial board shares commentary and opinion on issues of interest to Coloradans.
The future of music may very well be free; at least on social networking sites that can sell targeted ads against it. Similar to the other deals in the online music space, Kiwibox’s music endeavor will be ad-supported, with revenue being split between Universal, the artists, the copyright holders, and if there is anything leftover, maybe even the social networking site. I say that not completely in jest – the financial details of the deal are not being disclosed. For mid-tier social networks like Kiwibox, offering free music videos from the likes of Kanye West and Snow Patrol (Universal labelmates) can only help membership – if it’s enough to find a sustainable business model it's something we’ll see play out over the coming months as more sites move to make deals with the record companies. To combat the recent decrease in Facebook page reach, it isn’t just enough if you post at the best time, create and share more visuals and boost posts. More than 50% of small to medium-sized businesses use their social media presence to get referrals and generate new customers, and if you aren’t on the list, you should be. It gives you a chance to interact with those who may well become clients of your insurance agency. You can utilize a number of methods to reach out, and users love it when you offer honest, realistic offers or information by pushing that content out on your social media profiles. Research has shown users tend to trust honest and “real” people posting, and genuine posts can impact the referral rate you want to increase.

Social media is ideal for this, because users tend to browse through their newsfeeds or home screens until they see something that catches their eye.
It’s a great way to get users to your insurance agency’s website and helps increase conversion rates overall. If you push out genuinely interesting and informative content, your customers and users are likely to share this information with their own followers.
The aim of these contests is to increase the exposure of your insurance agency and get users from all of your targeted areas to like your social pages and follow you.
This could be a free product (perhaps a t-shirt or umbrella touting your agency’s logo, a discount on an insurance premium or a gift card to a local restaurant that might help sponsor the contest in the interest of getting their own name out there to your clients and potential clients. This can provide great exposure for your company, and it’s common for contests like this to go viral in a matter of hours. Notice things that you could do differently, and try to learn from the mistakes of your competitors to make your posts even more effective.
In fact Social Media Giant Pinterest alone, caters for more referral traffic then Google, LinkedIn and Youtube combined.
This information alone can help us loads and just before you ask the question then let me ask it for you. When you start following users or liking there posts then they will come and view your work and if they find something they like they could then share, like, comment etc on it and the process go's on.
They get shared much more then anything else and tapping into this latest craze can mean the difference between a trickle of traffic to a boat load of traffic. He has been writing commentary on politics and public policy in Colorado since 1982 and was originally with the Rocky Mountain News, where he was also editor of the editorial pages until that newspaper gave up the ghost in 2009. He's lived in Colorado since 2000, working at the Gazette in Colorado Springs and at the Denver Post since 2004.
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You need to take extra steps to get more page ‘Likes’ so that more people will see your updates with lesser effort. It also gives you the opportunity to show the world what your company is all about.  Go ahead, use social media regularly and love the results. Engaging content can created a significant return on investment and help keep the brand in front of clients and potential clients. Build upon the ideas that they create, and don’t be afraid to tear your competitors’ work apart in order to create something you can use, but always be careful not to plagiarize.  Play fair, and glean everything you can. The idea to take away from this is that we should try and engage with the community at large and tailor our marketing methods to the wider crowd. You will find that working the social communities will not only send direct traffic from the social sites but it will also encourage users to share and be vocal about your product and even increase your social signals which is a must for todays Search Engine Optimization.

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